Heavy Bag Workout – What Is It And What Are Its Benefits?

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Gyms look incomplete without a heavy bag. The heavy bag has always been one of the oldest, surest ways to get powerfully fit. There are many reasons why it should remain a part of your fitness routine; maybe even a part of your home. Let me show you why.

Get Ready For A Full Body Cardio Workout

Rippling muscles are not made in a day. I’m sure real fighters and kick boxers just focused on hitting the heavy bag. The workout simply happened to give them a defined, incredible looking body. I found that punching the heavy bag also,

  • Burns fat and calories quickly,
  • Improves metabolism,
  • Engages muscles of both hands and legs,
  • Enhances punching power,
  • Builds strength and stamina,
  • Builds co-ordination,
  • Consequently develops self-defense skills.

The heavy bag workout involves punching a stuffed bag weighing between 40-100 pounds. Ten rounds of high-intensity exercises and 45 seconds of rest between rounds make up the routine. Sounds tough? It better be, if you want to look and feel like a kick boxer.

Basic Heavy Bag Exercises

A heavy bag can be propped up anywhere, which is why it can be a part of your living space or outside (1).

Basic punches include,

  • Straight right or cross right
  • Straight left or cross left
  • Right overhand or jab
  • Left overhand or jab
  • Right and left hook
  • Right and left uppercut
  • Low kick right leg
  • Low kick left leg
  • High kick right leg
  • High kick left leg
  • Knee strike

The Workout

Follow this calorie burning cardio routine twice a week; enjoy the benefits of racing metabolism for days afterwards.

  1. Warm-up your body with light stretches
  2. Ensure you perform joint rotations as well, targeting ankles, wrists, shoulders, and hips
  3. Now start off with basic punches
  4. Include 25 jabs, 25 cross punches, 25 hooks and 25 high kicks
  5. Ensure you throw punches with strength instead of pushing away the bag; for this you must maintain correct distance
  6. After basic punches, raise the intensity by combining the punches (2)
  7. Keep your balance as you kick and hit the bag with power
  8. Each round must last for at least 2 minutes
  9. Complete 10 rounds of boxing while alternating each punch and direction
  10. Rest for very short intervals in between rounds
  11. Keep moving around even while resting
  12. Once you complete all rounds, cool down with light stretches

For me, it sounds formidable. That is a lot of cardio in a short time. But, from what I hear, if you build your stamina slowly, there is no better workout than this.

Why Heavy Bag Workout Works

  1. Punching your heart out literally enhances its stamina as this workout increases your cardiac and respiratory fitness. In time, you would be able to stay on your feet and move faster, for longer periods.
  2. Besides coordinating your limbs, this routine allows you to develop core stability. Mixing punches, shifting weight and balancing through it all helps to tone the core.
  3. With a heavy bag, you’re not focusing on building muscle. However, the high-fat burning moves bring about the formation of hard muscles underneath. They give a graceful and defined appearance to the body, which is a happy side-effect.
  4. The cost for this routine is minimal. A heavy bag, little space, gloves and a good pair of shoes – and you’re all set. No equipment is required.
  5. One good reason to motivate yourself to get the bag is, it is literally a punching bag. De-stress with a heavy bag and lose plenty of calories while at it. Express any negativity with a few well-thrown punches, channeling your frustration towards the bag that will not hit you back.

Tips To Make It Worthwhile

1. Focus On The Bag

Not just focus, but think of the bag as an opponent who is about to attack you. Use your hands to target the upper half like aiming for the head, while the legs can beat the form out of the lower half. Pay attention to the bag so that you see where you punch.

2. Do Not Stare

While it is important to focus, it will not do well to stare constantly at one spot. A heavy bag workout requires you to move around constantly, throwing a mix of kicks and punches. Staring at one spot would only serve to lose your balance.

3. Balance, Then Punch

Plant your feet, find your balance and then land the punch. Your hooks and jabs should have the power of your muscle behind them. If you fall on to the bag, you are not working the muscle. Also, the workout calls for a punch, not a push. Balanced footwork around the bag offers higher punching power.

4. Judge The Distance

To land punches effectively, judge the distance between you and the bag during the routine. Stand too close and you hit too slow. Stand too far and you don’t reach the heavy bag. So move with the bag, following it, or moving back swiftly while you plant those intense punches.

5. Hit Correctly

Without risking injury, hit with your wrist kept straight at all times (3). Never bend your wrist during a punch. Kick with the ball of the foot for front kicks and heel for side kicks. Technique is necessary for an effective heavy bag workout routine. Wear protective gloves and footwear during the workout.

6. Breathe Properly

Do not hold your breath just because you’re concentrating on the power of the punch. Every time you throw a punch, exhale. This ensures proper oxygen supply to your blood, muscles, and brain. With every exhalation, you can also maximize the punching power.

These steps will ensure you have a safe workout routine. To make it amazing, consider you’re a boxer and throw all kicks and punches from a fighting position. Concentrate on your body movements completely for this time duration and there would be a feeling of exhilaration waiting on the other side.

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