10 Heart Wedding Invitations Sure To Spread The Love

What is a wedding if not the celebration of the union of two souls! It is a grand celebration of love and commitment at its finest. If you are tired of the common wedding invitation cards that we see every day, then you have definitely come to the right place.

If you are a romantic soul, then a heart-themed wedding invitation might just be the perfect thing for you. You will be surprised at the wide variety of cards that are available in the market today. There are also several card designers who would create custom designs just for your big day. We have curated for you, some of the most creative heart-themed heart wedding invitations for you to steal.

1. Fingerprint Hearts Invite

There is nothing as unique as one’s fingerprint. This stunning wedding invite makes a very creative use of fingerprints by combining two of them to form a heart; definitely one of the most understated heart wedding invitations you’ll see. Indeed, what a beautiful metaphor for two souls coming together! This idea would definitely be a hit with everyone involved.

2. The Heart Tree Invite

This creative wedding invite features a tree that is in the shape of a heart. As two hearts beat as one, this heart tree would be the perfect symbol for your love. This invite is also elegant and simple, with a plain white background.

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3. Balloon Heart Invites


Image: Shutterstock

There is something so simple and heart-warming about balloons, which take us back to our pristine childhood days. This balloon heart wedding invite features two cute animated figures holding up heart-shaped balloons. This cute animation is sure to bring a smile when your guests receive it.

4. DIY Origami Heart Invites

This card uses the ancient Japanese art of paper folding or origami. Not only are these cost effective, simple, creative and cute, these can be made in your home. You can also feature a quote on the mystery of love by your favourite authors. For a step-by-step guide to making these beautiful heart shaped origami invites, click here.

5. Rustic Heart Invites

This simple brown invite looks very cute. A red heart beats at the centre of the invite design. The simple background makes sure that we notice the heart before anything else. The rustic look is completed with a beautiful burlap string that ties the card together. For a more classy look, you can always add some lace decorations.

6. Ace Of Hearts Wedding Invite

When you think of heart-themed wedding cards, the playing cards may not first strike the mind. However, this Ace of Hearts wedding invite is classy and very cool. The caption too is very creative. You could come up with other wording relevant to the theme, like ‘Bet on us’.

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7. Lovebirds And Hearts Invite

Lovebirds and hearts – what a classic and timeless symbol of love everlasting! And this stunning wedding invite combines the two to give you a card that is just bursting with love. You cannot go wrong with this cute and touching wedding invite.

8. Medical Heart Wedding Invites

This is a tongue-in-cheek look at the concept of a heart. This card would be perfect if you or your would-be is a doctor. We are all familiar with the shape of the heart, but this anatomically correct heart is sure to bring a smile to your guests’ faces.

9. Heart Laser Cut Out Invitation

This exquisite laser cut wedding invite features a beautiful, delicate heart at the centre. The soft ivory colour with a pearly finish on the outside makes for a very classic and gorgeous design. The golden gloss finish, though, is really what makes this stand out from the rest.

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10. Vintage Video Game Heart Invitation

This creative heart-theme wedding invitation makes use of vintage video game graphics. If you or your spouse have been a fan of those 8 bit games, then you are sure to love this. Let the nerd in you shine through with this heart wedding invite.

There are so many creative designers and ideas out there today that people prefer out-of-the -box ideas when it comes to their wedding invitations. The key is to make sure that whatever theme you choose, your card truly reflects the two of you as a couple. And a heart-theme wedding invitation might just be the answer you are looking for.