10 Heart-Warming Marriage Wishes Greetings To Be Unique!

Your dear ones are getting married and you obviously want to wish them well. Wish the newlyweds all the health, happiness, prosperity and life-long togetherness with these unique and innovative marriage wishes greetings. Marriage Wishes Greetings-Wedding greetings

1. The Floral

Wish them well with this DIY floral greeting card with a hand made heart design from Kraft paper and cloth. Not a run-of-the-mill kinds, this card is personal and simple and with your personal touch – extra special. This will be a classy marriage wishes greetings card for the newly-weds.

2. Paper Love Birds

A card that is all about the festivities, happiness and the celebratory mood that reflects the excitement associated with a wedding. This custom made greeting with a “celebrate today” heading can be made into a wedding card or even double up as a framed picture greeting for the couple. Another DIY idea that is very cute, pretty, personal and definitely very special as it is hand made by you.

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3. Love And Happiness

A greetings pad or notebook or even a card idea that’s done with a rustic theme. It can be a hanging note pad with your personalized wedding greeting or just a card with a “love & happiness” message – it reminds me of those lines from the famous hit love song “All You Need is Love” by the Beatles. A wedding greeting that is off beat and memorable, spread “Love and Happiness” all around.

4. The Vintage

A blast from the past, these greetings were very famous in the late ’50 with the “Hi Newlyweds” turning into a conversation starter at most weddings at the time. This card is a vintage card design witha charming theme of its own, you can add a personal message or a greeting on the inside which will surely make this card a keepsake for the newlyweds.

5. The Floral Bouquet

A beautiful marriage greeting idea that can be made into a card, a picture frame or even an embroidered pillow cover. Another DIY idea made with Kraft art tools, this wedding greeting is delicate and classic in style. This design theme doesn’t have any printed text on top or as a heading – but you can add something if you wish to – like a memorable line from the couple’s favorite movie or song or even the title of a romantic poem that you think would define them. Marriage Wishes Greetings-wedding greeting wishes

6. Stick Figures

This age is different, the music is different but there was a time when the rock scene was actually very real and very innovative. Billy idol was one of the pioneers of pop rock who later became a legend of that time. He had a lot of ardent followers and if the newlyweds are one of them, then this DIY Billy Idol – 80’s superhit “white wedding” inspired stick figures greeting card is the coolest thing you can gift a rock music loving couple on their wedding day. Surprisingly British and funnily, and still very, very cool.

7. The Mustache & The Lipstick

What defines a man and his wife on their big day? A very old school answer in the 60s America was something that started off like this “his mustache and her lipstick…” This card is a humorous greeting which you can gift a newlywed couple. It’s happy and straight to the point – your “Love & Best Wishes to the new Mister and Missus” that is.

8. The Blessing

Love is all about the heart, and wedding’s are an equally intimate affair. There’s the family, the relations and all that, that defined you through the years at play. So get sentimental, be open and cry like a happy teary baby! Show ’em your love, the way it really moves you – and we promise, you’ll be the hero at the wedding, though we cannot assure the same at the after-party. A sentimental message that you can write as a letter, make into a greeting card or frame up as a poster. This is a typical wedding greeting that’s like a blessing from the older folk. Sentimental, real and heart-touching.

9. You Are The Roots

A very sensible and a surprisingly light hearted greeting that can be gifted in different forms. As a stitched pillow, sweater, greeting card or a frame. Whatever form it takes, the message is loud and clear – kids, you are the roots, hope you branch out and have a lotta fruits.

10. The Journey

Everyone loves a beautiful, from-the-heart message. Gifting one on his/her wedding day only makes it extra-special. A beautiful DIY greeting card that can also be a wall hanger. This wedding message is soul stirringly real and warm. A must do for your dear ones – this is something they will cherish forever.