9 Heart Touching Love Stories That'll Leave You Teary Eyed

1. The Call

A Heart Touching Love Story About Crying Softly.

Heart Touching Love Stories - The Call

A boy and a girl were the best of friends. They could talk and talk for what seemed like hours, spending all their time on the phone.

And when they were speaking to each other it was like there was nothing wrong in the world, they could never be unhappy or sad in those moments.

One day, the girl texted the boy and he didn’t reply which was most unusual. She tried again but to no avail. Finally, she called him but there was no answer.

An entire day passed and the boy was not available through phone or text. The girl started getting worried that something was definitely wrong.

That second night, the girl couldn’t sleep and stayed up all night worrying and crying. It was then she realized just how much the boy actually meant to her.

The next morning however, she received a call. It was the boy! She was so happy and as soon as she picked up the call…

Boy: Hey!

Girl: I’m so glad to hear from you, what happened?

Boy: I… I was… busy.

[The girl knew that something was off but she couldn’t ask.]


Boy: You know what, we should stop this. We shouldn’t talk any more.

Girl: [stunned silence] What? Why?

Boy: Sorry. Bye.

[Boy cuts the call. The girl cannot believe it, it’s as if she has lost a part of her.]

All their past conversations started flashing in front of her eyes.
She started crying, tears were streaming down her face.
She was lost and confused.
She felt broken, sad and alone.
She was standing on the roof and wanted to jump.
He was the one for her, why had he done that?
“Why?!” she yelled as loudly as she could from the roof.

Then she decided she was going to try and win him back.

[She dialled his number]

Girl: Hey

Boy: What did you call me for?

Girl: I need to say something.

Boy: Go ahead.

Girl: I wanted to say just one thing…

[Her voice choked. “He doesn’t care about me,” she thought.]

Boy: Say it!

Girl: Are you okay?


The tears were streaming down her face again. She hung up, and decided to write a note and ran out of the house with it.

[Six hours passed]

[Phone rings in boy’s room]

It’s the girls mom. She tells him that the girl got hit by a car when she was on her way to see the boy and that she’s admitted in the hospital.

The boy rushed to see her.

He reached and took her name, she opened her eyes.

Boy: Please be okay, I’m so sorry.

Girl: Why did you do that?

Boy: I have a heart condition and I don’t have many days to live. I didn’t want to hurt you.

Girl closes her eyes, never to wake up again.

Boy could not believe this has happened because of him.

10 minutes later, the boy gets a heart attack and dies from grief.

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2. Happy Birthday!

A Heart Touching Love Story About Eternal Love.

Heart Touching Love Stories - Happy Birthday!

GF: Happy birthday baby!

BF: Thank you sweetheart :)

GF: I’ll be there to wish you at 8!

BF: Okay sweetheart, do you promise?

GF: Of course, I’ll be there no matter what happens. I love you.

BF: I love you baby, I’m going to prepare dinner for us now!

GF: Yay! C’ya.

[8:00 pm. No sign of the girl. Boy waits. One hour passes. No sign still. Finally she comes at 9:30]

BF: Hi babe. So good to see you. What kept you so long?

GF: *gives him a bear hug* Sorry sweetheart, there was a lot of traffic.

BF: That’s fine, I’m so happy to see you.

They were both hungry, so they chatted for a bit and then had the food.

[Boy’s cellphone rings. He answers. It’s his GF’s mom]

BF: Hi

Girl’s mom: (She’s in tears. Her voice is shaking.) Hi son, I’m so sorry to say that I’m in the hospital and my girl just passed out *weeps*

BF: Wha.. what are you talking about?

Girls mom: (sobbing) She was in an accident… she did not make it… (Her voice tails off)

Boy turns to the girl… sees she is holding a candle.

GF: I told you I would be there. Never worry baby, I’m always with you.

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3. The Unread Message

A Heart Touching Love Story About The Faults In Star Charts.

Heart Touching Love Stories - The Unread Message

A boy who was suffering from cancer had lived his whole life inside the house being taken care of by his mother.

One day he wanted to go outside,. His mother was hesitant but reluctantly agreed. He was sick of always being at home and she knew that. She let him go for a walk down the street.

He walked past a lot of stores and came across one particular one that sold CDs. He went inside. He saw the prettiest girl he had ever seen there and he knew immediately that he loved her. It was a classic case of love at first sight.

He walked up to the desk behind which she was working. He could not seem to notice anything else except her. She looked up at him and smiled. “Can I help you?” said she in the sweetest voice ever. He just wanted to kiss her right then and there, but he managed to think of something.

“I, uh, I want to buy a CD,” he said. He picked up a random one and paid the girl.
“Would you like that wrapped?” she asked him, flashing him the cutest smile once again.

He nodded, and she went to get the supplies she needed.

She came back, wrapped the CD, and he took it and left.

The next day the boy went back and bought another CD, got it wrapped same as usual. He really wanted to ask her out but he didn’t have the courage. The boy repeated the same thing for the next few weeks. He put every CD in his closet.

The mom found out about this and asked him to just ask her out, so the next day when he went to buy the CD, while the girl went to get the wrapping paper, he wrote his number and left.

[A few days later, the phone rings]

Boy’s mom picked up, it was the girl. She wanted to speak to the boy. The mom (sobbing) told the girl that he passed away last week.

Later, the mom wanted to remember her son so she went to his room and opened his closet. There she found all the unopened CDs. She opened one and it had a note. It was from the girl. “Hi, I think you’re really cute, do you want to go out?”

She opened one more. There was one more piece of paper, and the same thing in the next CD and so on…

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4. Can’t Stop Loving You

A Heart Touching Love Story About Chasing Jamie.

Heart Touching Love Stories - Can't Stop Loving You

A guy meets a girl. They date for a year and for some reason the guy breaks-up with her. One fine day, they bump into each other on the street.

Guy: Hi, you look prettier than before.

Girl: Many people think I’m beautiful.

Guy: Yes, I know that. You’re pretty, very kind and wonderful. Who’s the lucky guy?

Girl: I’m single.

Guy: Why? Don’t you want to be in a relationship?

Girl: Yes, I want to.

Guy: So, what’s the problem? Don’t tell me no one loves you?

Girl: A few guys do.

Guy: Are they bad?

Girl: No, they are fine. Very sweet.

Guy: Then what’s the problem?

Girl: It’s you. I can’t stop loving you.

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5. Sacrifice

A Heart Touching Love Story About The Boy Who Could See Ghosts.

Heart Touching Love Stories - Sacrifice

A boy meets a ghost. The ghost is also a young man.

Little boy: How did you die?

Ghost: I got hit by a car.

Little boy: Were you trying to cross the road?

Ghost: Something like that.

Little boy: What do you mean?

Ghost: I was trying to save someone.

Little boy: But why?

Ghost: I didn’t want her to get hurt.

Little boy: You sacrificed your life for the one you loved? I bet she’s sad now because she lost you.

Ghost: No, she’s happy, because the one I saved was her boyfriend…

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6. The One And Only

A Heart Touching Love Story About An Ex.

Heart Touching Love Stories - The One And Only

A couple decided to end their relationship. The boy wasn’t ready, but he eventually agreed to it.

Years later, the boy got married.

Later, his ex-girlfriend approached him and she wasn’t happy.

“How dare you use my favourite colour for your wedding theme, my favourite flower as the decorations and the date of our anniversary as the date of your wedding? How could you do such a thing?”

The boy started to cry and said with a certain sadness in his voice, “This is the only way… it’s the only way I could pretend to myself… that you are still my bride.”

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7. The SMS

A Heart Touching Love Story About Almost Failing An Exam.

Heart Touching Love Stories - The SMS

A boyfriend texts his girlfriend:

Boy: Hi sweetheart! How are you?

Girl: Wait for sometime, I’m busy with my thesis, I’ll text you later.

Boy: Babe, can you get back to it? I really wanted to talk.

Girl: I have a deadline to keep, don’t you know that?

Boy: Just once babe, please? Do you think we can chat for a while?

Girl: Don’t you know that this thesis is everything to me? Why are you disturbing me? I have my own life!!!

Boy: Sorry honey, I’ll text in a bit.

[After a while…]

Boy: Hey darling, I can’t stay away from you too long… how is your thesis coming along?

[No response]

Boy: Babe, it’s 11 now. Why aren’t you responding? I’m worried!

Girl: Didn’t I tell you I’m busy with my thesis? I’ll text you after it’s done. Okay? It’s not like we can’t talk tomorrow… just go to sleep, okay?

Boy: Sorry honey. Goodnight. Take care of yourself always okay.

[Next day]

Girl: I’m sorry sweetheart, I was so busy yesterday. Wake up! You have classes. Text me soon.

[No response]

Girl: Hey, why no text? Do you not have balance, it’s almost lunch time. Where are you? Why aren’t you in class?

[Message beep]

Boy: He’s not with us any more. My son is no more. We tried to wake him but… the doctor confirmed he’s no more.

The doctor had given him 2 years and this is the 3rd year he made it. It seems his heart couldn’t make it any more.

He had a message typed in his phone for you but he wasn’t able to send it…

“Take care of yourself sweetheart. I’ll be happy where I’m going, and I want you to be the same here. I’m sorry I didn’t tell you about my condition, but I didn’t want to burden you. I know how busy you have been all this time and how much it means to you. I love you so much, I regret that we were not able to talk for longer today, but I understand you might fail your thesis and I never want that to happen. I love you very much. Promise me you’ll be strong and remember I’ll always be by your side.”

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8. The Final Ride

A Heart Touching Love Story About A Biker Boyfriend.

Heart Touching Love Stories - The Final Ride

A boy and his girlfriend were going home at night. They were speeding on a motorcycle.

Girl: Will you please slow down? This is scary.

Guy: Come on… It’s fun!

Girl: It’s absolutely not. Please slow down. I’m really scared.

Guy: Tell me you love me if you want me to slow down.

Girl: Okay, I love you. Slow down now please!

Guy: Hug me too!

(She hugs him tight)

Guy: Please take off my helmet and wear it, it’s irritating me.

Next day, the newspaper ran the following story:

“Two persons on a motorbike crashed into a building. It was a case of the brakes having failed. One of the persons escaped unhurt but the other one succumbed to injuries.”

The boy knew during the ride that the brakes had failed, so he asked his GF to tell him one final time that she loved him.

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9. The Parting Note

A Heart Touching Love Story About The Last Time.

Heart Touching Love Stories - The Parting Note

One night, a girl and a boy were driving home in absolute silence.

More time passed and not a word was said by both of them.

Finally, the girl slipped the boy a note. He did not read it. Instead, he told her he wanted to end the relationship.

Suddenly a speeding car came the wrong way and crashed into the passenger’s side, killing the girl.

The boy could not believe it. He cried and cried and called his parents… and then he noticed the note. He picked it up and opened it. It read, “If you leave me, I will die.”

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