Heart Touching Love SMS:Top 25 To Rekindle Your Romance

A heart touching love sms could be something you would want to receive and read or send to your partner – but one thing is for sure, here are the best you will find on the internet. In our fast paced lives, there is very little quality time for couples to spend together. So the long walks in the parks have turned into hurried chats on treadmills, the romantic long drives – thankfully are still long drives but now aren’t a joy, it is more of getting stuck in unending rows of traffic. So here are 25 of the most romantic and heart touching love sms to keep the flame of love bright.


Heart Touching Love Sms

A heart touching love sms that is all about the love you share as a couple and how your partner swept you off your feet in your first meeting itself. A romantic message of love, one that is personal and straight from the heart. Tell your partner how cool he or she is and how much you enjoy his or her companionship everyday with this beautiful love sms.


Heart Touching Love Sms - Posy Roberts

Posy Roberts is a well know author of many realistic love novels. This is from one of Posy’s books called the Spark. This beautiful quote that is about how you can never actually fall in love when you are already deeply involved with a person. A simplistic message of love that talks of being in love for a long time, and how brilliant it is to not know when and how you’ve have actually fallen in love, because you were always in it.

3. A Heart Touching Love Quote By Plato

Heart Touching Love Sms - Plato

Plato is one of the most respected and well-acknowledged minds ever, and here he beautifully talks about love, romance and this is a heart touching love quote that is deep and timeless. A quote you cannot go wrong with.

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Heart Touching Love Sms - 4

It is said that love is a beautiful feeling, but being loved is the greater experience that life offers. Share your love and express that beautiful feeling that’s taken over your mind and your soul with this one liner, one that finds a place for itself on our list.


Heart Touching Love Sms - 5

Do more of what you love and love more of what you do because after all, love is the best feeling and the most realistic experience that life offers.


Heart Touching Love Sms - 6

Another beautiful quote that tells you that love isn’t actually blind but actually chooses to overlook shortcomings. Love isn’t logical, love isn’t a calculation and love for sure isn’t blind. You choose to love a person because you love him or her, and want to be together – through the highs and lows of life together. An sms on love that you ought to share with your partner.

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Heart Touching Love Sms - 7

A light-hearted love quote that sums up your feelings for your partner, quite literally. A message of love that tells your partner that you really love him or her with all your heart.


Heart Touching Love Sms - 8

A heart touching love sms on how blessed and happy you feel to have your partner in your life. There is no better expression of love than being honest and acknowledging someone’s awesomeness, and this love quote does exactly that. A love quote that you must share with your loved one because he or she is truly the One.

9.A heart touching love sms for boyfriend by Dr.Suess!

Heart Touching Love Sms - Dr. Seuss

A beautiful message of love that is romantic and kind of lets you express how wonderful it is to have your partner in your life. A quote on love by none other than Dr. Theodor Seuss Geisel himself.


Heart Touching Love Sms - 10

A sensual love sms that talks about your feeling and the love you have for your partner. It is beautiful to tell your partner that the world is all smile when he or she is by your side, and this love sms does exactly that. Share love and express your deepest feelings for your partner with this heart touching love sms.

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Heart Touching Love Sms - 11

A heart touching love sms that talks of how much you care, love and think about your partner. Telling somebody that you think about them more that you think about yourself is not just beautiful but also personal, and shows how much you love him or her. An sms every person in love would want to receive.


Heart Touching Love Sms - 12

A sensual and personal love quote, one that isn’t just honest but also real and straight from the heart. Tell your love how much you cherish every moment you spend, how it is the best feeling ever, to be there for him or her and to find yourself in their soul.


Heart Touching Love Sms - 13

A magical message of love, one that will surely make your partner feel good about himself or herself. Tell your lover how your heart always skips a beat when he or she utters your name. It surely is love, and you ought to share how special it is with one who is the reason for it all, your partner.


Heart Touching Love Sms - 14

A short and simple love sms that is sweet and straight to the point. Tell your partner how special he or she is, how much you enjoy the companionship and all the things you do together. Being in love is a pleasure but realising the fact that he or she is always going to be there for you is pure bliss. You truly are blessed to have a partner like that, and you ought to share your feelings with him or her.

15. A Beautiful Love Message In One Simple Line

Heart Touching Love Sms - 15

It always feels good when you know there is somebody in your life that actually cares for you, thinks about you and loves you unconditionally. Telling your partner that you are the one who does all that and more would surely make him or her feel good, about the relationship, about you and definitely about him or herself too!


Heart Touching Love Sms - 16

A beautiful and a personal message of love that rightly expresses how you feel about your partner. Tell him or her that they are a part of your prayers and the subject of your dreams with this heart touching love sms.


Heart Touching Love Sms - 17

A romantic love quote that will surely bring you two closer. Sharing your feelings and telling your partner that loving him or her was inevitable and completely beyond your control is definitely romantic. Express your feelings with this heart touching love sms.


Heart Touching Love Sms - 18

“You are the answer to every prayer I’ve offered. You are a song, a dream, a whisper, and I don’t know how I could have lived without you for as long as I have” is a very romantic love quote written by Nicholas Sparks (the author of many bestsellers including “A Walk to Remember”). So we’re sure you’ll not go wrong with this one and we guess this is that intimately warm and lovely sms that you can share with your partner.

19. A Romantic Love Message For Your Partner

19 Heart Touching Love Sms


This is a heartfelt love sms that holds the promise of a lifetime. A love message that everyone in a relationship would love to hear. This line is a winner for sure in our books. Don’t you think?


Heart Touching Love Sms - 20

A quote about the unique bond lovers share and how distance is a must, to really realise the full potential of your love. You will know how strong your relationship is, how much you long for each other’s company and truly know the depth of your love for each other. A quote that is for every couple who are staying apart or are in a long distance relationship.

21.Heart Touching Love Sms For Boyfriend

Heart Touching Love Sms - 21

A quote that is a spin-off of a famous love quote, you are my only strength and you are only my weakness. This quote is emotional, real and very natural, a quote that tells your partner how important and special he or she is in life. A quote about the strength of love and how it makes people better and stronger, everyday.


Heart Touching Love Sms - 22

This quote by original love guru – Osho says you should love an individual as a whole, and like the positives and try changing what you feel are their negatives.


Heart Touching Love Sms - 23

A beautiful love sms on how you should fight, work and sacrifice all that you can to have the one you love. A realistic and honest message on how “everything’s worth it” when it comes to love. In love it is sometimes good to be selfish to look after your needs, and those of your loved ones – because in your lover’s happiness lies your peace and contentment. Share it with him or her and they will surely feel loved and cared for.


Heart Touching Love Sms - George Sand

Amantine Lucile Aurore Dupin who is best known to the literary world by her pseudonym George Sand, was a French novelist, writer and a celebrated memoirist. Surprise your partner and make him or her feel special with this beautiful love quote.


Heart Touching Love Sms - Roy Croft

It is a very interesting message of love. One where you are telling your partner that you love him or her not just for what he or she is as an individual but how they make you feel good, and how you’ve become a better person in his or her companionship.

It is said that that mobile data and messaging services have overtaken the number of calls being made through cell phones which is a testament to the fact that messaging is indeed the most popular way of communicating. We hope you liked these heart touching sms messages will help you express your love and let your partner know that he or she is always on your mind. We hope you like these quotes and we’d be happy to hear from you.