50 Heart Touching Love Quotes That Say It Just Right

If you’re anything like me, most times you wish to say something nice but mess it up. For times like those, here’s a cute list of 50 heart touching love quotes to your rescue. So next time you don’t know how to say what you want to, just send them a bunch of these!


He means everything to you. He’s your everything. He’s your best buddy, your crime partner, your strictest teacher, your favourite kid, your toughest bodyguard. He’s your person, the one you think of when you read heart touching love quotes.

Heart Touching Love Quotes - You're My Compass


Loving her changed you. You’re a better person with them around. You strive to do good and be good because you feel good when you’re with them.

Heart Touching Love Quotes - For What I Am

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When you know he loves you, you can feel it everywhere. In the running water or the flowery garden or in strawberries and chocolate. You know you are loved. You know you love him too.

Heart Touching Love Quotes - Can You Feel The Love?


He loves you and you know it. You love him and he knows it. And every time you talk, walk, meet, kiss, you feel at ease. You are one true self with him. It feels like you are both just two parts of one whole thing.

Heart Touching Love Quotes - What Our Souls Are Made Of


Often, you wonder if he is still in love with you, if he still loves you or if it’s all in your head. And he’s probably had these questions too. But have faith.

Heart Touching Love Quotes - The Sun Is Always Round


He has touched your soul and influenced your life. He holds you up when you stumble, catches you when you fall. And you want him to always be there for you. So tell him so with a heart touching love quote.

Heart Touching Love Quotes - Because I Feel Your Grip


It’s amazing to have the opportunity to spend time with someone who gets you and understands you completely. And you’re doubly lucky if that someone is someone you can spend your eternity with.

Heart Touching Love Quotes - To The Inevitable End


We are often plagued with the idea of who thinks what of our imperfections and how we are always being disliked for our choices and decisions. So what would you do if someone told you they love you, imperfections and all? Why, you take them up for it and let them love you!

Heart Touching Love Quotes - Warp You Up In A Blanket Of Sunshine

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You think of him day in and day out. Your thoughts are all filled with him and the little things he does, and doesn’t even know it. And these little thoughts make you happy.

Heart Touching Love Quotes - I Don't Complain


You loved him enough to let him in. You were scared of being pushed away, but instead he only loved you more.

Heart Touching Love Quotes - Gold


When you love, you love them with all you have and all that you’ve got. There is no in-betweens, no doubts, no maybes. Just love them all out.

Heart Touching Love Quotes - All Or Nothing


You didn’t know you could smile like that. You did not know you liked cuddles that much. You didn’t know that that thing from three years ago still hurt you until you told him about it. He showed you sides of yourself, you didn’t know existed. So maybe this heart touching love quote is meant for you.

Heart Touching Love Quotes - You Showed Me


It’s only when you break do you know what hurt is, it’s only when you hurt do you appreciate being lifted up.

Heart Touching Love Quotes - A Rare Fit


Their very thought makes you happy. They don’t even need to be around or say anything. Just their thought can make you happy.

Heart Touching Love Quotes - My Heart Flutters


When he’s away, you can’t help but miss him. Every little thing that you do or see reminds you of him and you can’t wait for him to get back.

Heart Touching Love Quotes - I Miss You

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They enter your life and turn it upside down, you start appreciating the little things. You notice things you didn’t before and you are always feeling things you couldn’t put in words.

Heart Touching Love Quotes - Something About You


Every time you kiss, you get this feeling which starts from the curling of your toes to the crinkling of your nose and wells up your heart till you think you’ll burst and even time stops running and sits on the bench to watch you kiss. Maybe words don’t cut it but this heart touching love quote comes pretty close.

Heart Touching Love Quotes - Nothing Compares


Of course you’ve fought, of course you’ve hated it, and of course you’ve wished you hadn’t fought. Because you can’t be at peace whilst being mad at each other and not being able to talk to them kills you.

Heart Touching Love Quotes - We've Got No Time


It’s the most obvious thing that those who are most oblivious cannot miss it either. You love them, you’re in love with them, completely and truly in love. But even then, it’s probably good to voice it every once in a while when ‘I love you’ gets monotonous.

Heart Touching Love Quotes - I Believe In You


Oh, you forgot how many times the whistle went off on the cooker? Or did you forget to fold your laundry? Or did you forget to lock the door when you ran down to see him? Chances are you did forget, coz you were busy dreaming about him.

Heart Touching Love Quotes - I Dream Of You


You both are sitting under a tree and he’s laying down in your lap as you read and you look at him to see what he’s up to, but he’s already looking at you, smiling. It’s kinda one of cutest things guys do.

Heart Touching Love Quotes - When I Look At You


Nights are the times when you’ve shared the most with him. Through late night calls and 3 A.M. confessions, you’ve bared your soul and so has he. The nights are a memoir of your love.

Heart Touching Love Quotes - The Stars Shine


When you’re in love with the right person, you grow. You don’t need flowers everyday or PDA to show your love, a smile or a look does the job. You don’t pretend to be someone they’d like; instead they accept you, pajama/XL tees and all. And this short concise heart touching love quote is your status.

Heart Touching Love Quotes - I'm Not Dying To Love You

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You’ve dated and courted and now you’re ready to hitch your wagon to his, and you can’t wait to feel his breath when he says good morning and to be on the same bed when he kisses you good night.

Heart Touching Love Quotes - Only Good Night


There is so much commitment and trust between the swans. That kinda love is imperative in a relationship that’s meant to last. That dedication will only increase your love and better your understanding for each other.

Heart Touching Love Quotes - Will You Be My Swan?


You meet and have the best time of your life. You make memories and share them and then suddenly it’s time to part. But you can’t, because then you’ll have to wait for another time to meet him, and that sucks, so instead you want to hold them close and never let go.

Heart Touching Love Quotes - Every Time You Leave


You look at her and think, ‘What is an angel like that doing with a person like me?’ ‘She is worth so much more!’ And then she looks at you and smiles and you realize that she’s so out of your league and you couldn’t be happy that this dream is in-fact your reality. Well, this heart touching love quote is for you two, huh?

Heart Touching Love Quotes - One Of The Most Amazing Feelings In The World


You don’t need words to express. A look, a smile, a touch says it all. You can sit, hours on end, without uttering a word and yet you share moments of such delight that even the silence sounds meaningful.

Heart Touching Love Quotes - How Beautiful It Is


They take your thoughts and problems and add a different perspective. Discussing your troubles with them often ends in finding clear solutions and relieving all your worries and stresses.

Heart Touching Love Quotes - An Angle Where Everything Is Perfect


You can’t help it. Every single time they smile, your heart flutters and you feel like you’re looking at the most heavenly sight ever seen by mankind. You fall in love, every time they smile.

Heart Touching Love Quotes - Every Time You Smile


Your love knows no bounds. It’s immeasurable and unconditional. Unquantifiable and non-material. And there is nothing that will stop it from growing.

Heart Touching Love Quotes - Like The Endless Sky


You may have had the worst day one could have, but a single smile that she gives your way will overpower all your sadness. Their thought itself makes you smile and their touch rids you of all your wariness. She is like magic; she’s this heart touching love quote poem combo in the living flesh.

Heart Touching Love Quotes - For Your Love


They are perfect but they don’t know it. You tell them, but they won’t believe it. They are as good as it gets and more, but they just don’t see it. They don’t get it, that you love them, all of them.

Heart Touching Love Quotes - A Poem Breathed Into Existance


They are always in your thoughts, day in and day out. And everything reverts back to them. Their likes, dislikes, obsessions and pet peeves is all you can notice around you. And you know that you like them a little too much.

Heart Touching Love Quotes - I Can't Seem To Stop

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You love them too much and just when you think you can’t top your love, you love them a little more. Every little thing that they do makes you fall in love with them all over again.

Heart Touching Love Quotes - I Think So


When you love someone unconditionally, your life revolves around theirs as theirs around yours. You want to spend all your moments with them, the happy, the sad, the good and bad. You want them to be a part of everything.

Heart Touching Love Quotes - You're My Person


When you say ‘I love you,’ you mean much more than just that. You mean to say that you like them, want to spend time with them, that they seem perfect to you and they mean the world to you. Sometimes, all of these translate back to ‘I love you.’ But that doesn’t cut it; so try this heart touching love quote out instead.

Heart Touching Love Quotes - Just Right


Every time they smile, the world seems a little brighter and when they laugh you can feel the warmth in your heart and their eyes seem like a portal to lands lost.

Heart Touching Love Quotes - Your Eyes


You spend the best time together, he’s a part of your good times and the bad. He’s been there when no one else was, and he’s there with everyone else. His thoughts bring a smile to your lips and fighting with him makes you really sad. Well, you are in trouble, coz you love him.

Heart Touching Love Quotes - Oh Dammit!


Before they walked into your life, you were doing just fine. You had happy days and sad days. But when they came in, you realized that there’s so much more to life! To live in waiting of a special someone, to yearn for them and to feel loved were all new and amazing experiences.

Heart Touching Love Quotes - What I've Been Missing


They seem to see right through you. They see your pain through your smiles and your hardships and through your happiness. They accept you for what you are and make you feel good about yourself. So if you’re feeling particularly intense, this heart touching love quote will do the job.

Heart Touching Love Quotes - You Touched My Heart


You feel like you’re on the top of the world every time you’re with them. They make you feel special, important, wanted. You feel like you’re in heaven, every time they smile because of you. And you can’t help but hope that you too could make them feel the same.

Heart Touching Love Quotes - To The Ends Of The Earth


The way she plays with her hair, or the way her laugh rings in your ears, or the way she bites her lips. That time she helped an old man cross the road, or the time when she cried when she saw a dead sparrow or when she scolded you for staying up late. She probably doesn’t remember, but these little things make you fall in love with her, all over again.

Heart Touching Love Quotes - Because Of A Million Things


You are the version of you that you yourself didn’t know existed. You’re fun and naughty and always laughing when you’re with them. And you feel a crazy liveliness surge through your pores when you’re closest to them.

Heart Touching Love Quotes - Never Insane


Being with him made you realize your real worth. He made you believe in yourself and your capabilities. He made sure you see yourself for what you really are and he never let you let yourself down. And that is why you love him the most. This may be your heart touching love quote.

Heart Touching Love Quotes - She Was A Butterfly


You can rant to them, bitch to them, whine to them, talk absolute gibberish and be understood by them, and they’d sit through patiently, not judging you. You can share your worries, doubts, thoughts, ideas and problems and they’d always listen. They are always there for you.

Heart Touching Love Quotes - My Favourite Person To Talk To

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You’re meticulous and each decision you take is calculated. You always make sure you finish what you start, but this time you don’t want to end the beautiful thing that you have.

Heart Touching Love Quotes - Something I Don't Want To Finish


The moment you see them, your heart is put at ease. You dream of being with them always as it makes you feel safe. And you see yourself relax around them. They give you a sense of peace and security. This three-word quip is the perfect heart touching love quote for you.

Heart Touching Love Quotes - My Home


You love them a whole lot more than you should, you love them a whole lot more than you could, and you love them a whole lot more than anyone thought you would. You probably love them more than anything in the world. Probably.

Heart Touching Love Quotes - I Might Even Share My Nutella With You


You have a lot of flaws and you both know it. But that didn’t make them turn away. Sure you have fights, but in the end you’re still together and very much in love.

Heart Touching Love Quotes - Telling Stories