Heart Touching Love Quotes For Him: 20 Most Romantic Quotes Ever

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Being together, happy and madly in love is reason enough to share a love quote with him. Here are 20 heart touching love quotes for him that will definitely bring a smile. Go on, try one and we’re pretty sure you’ll come back for more.


One of the most heart touching love quotes that tells him that you will love him forever! A timeless love quote that will let him know how special he is.


A beautiful quote on love, and how much you miss him every moment he is away. A quote that will move him and something that is very cute and real. This love quote is heart-touching in the truest sense of the word.


A cute love quote for him, one that will pleasantly surprise your partner. If you really love your boyfriend or husband so much, then this is one simple yet sexy love quote that you must share.


A true love quote that is all about the love you have for him and how you don’t see yourself living life without him in tow. An honest and heart-felt love quote that will surely make him smile, hug, kiss and say “I love you.” That was your secret agenda anyway, right?


A love quote for a couple in a long distance relationship, or a couple who are staying apart. A quote that is honest and emotional; something which talks of how he showed you what love meant and how and the physical distance made you realise what true love really is. A love quote which he will understand and appreciate, for he truly loves you too.


A timeless love quote that is amazing and from the heart. A quote that tells him how much you have always loved him, and how you always will.


A heart-touching love quote that is especially for him; one that thanks him for being so awesome. A beautiful quote that is not just about love, but a promise, a hope and an assurance. An expression of true love.


A simple and straight forward love quote that is emotional, real and romantic. A quote that tells your man how well he’s taken care of you and how he has always surprised you with his ever-flowing love. A quote that is not just an “I Love You” but also a big “Thank You”. Something every woman should share with the man of her dreams.

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A very wonderful love quote that is as real as love can get. A quote that he would love to hear; we bet he would love you even more for sharing your thoughts and feelings so beautifully. A must-share love quote for him.


My favourite from this list of heart touching love quotes for him, this is straight from the heart. A beautiful quote that is romantic and real. A quote that talks of love till the end of time, a heart touching message of love that literally uses the heart as a metaphor for your life and the heart beat as his existence.


An emotional love quote that is all about “him”, about how he has been your source of strength and how he has loved you more than you ever wished to be. A quote that calls him and your relationship a beautiful dream. Now that’s something every man would love to hear. This is one quote that will really make him feel special and love you even more.


This pick from our collection of heart touching love quotes for him actually is a beautiful line from John Green’s hot selling 2012 novel The Fault In Our Stars. Green’s story of undying love was such a big hit that the novel was adapted into a feature film with the same title in the year 2014.


A quote about love and how your lover’s smile makes your day, literally. A perfect love quote that you could share with him in the morning or as you begin your day. A classic quote by F. Scott Fitzgerald.


A timeless love quote and one of the most popular lines from Ian McEwan’s novel Atonement. A quote that is both romantic and heart touchingly emotional. A very beautiful love quotes for him that you must share with your lover.


Anais Nin is a Cuban origin American author who made a name for herself in the 70s. This is one of Anais Nin’s famous quotes on love and it talks of how love cannot be planned or be found. It has to find you, and that it is written in our stars. A quote that talks of love and destiny – something you could put in perspective while you share it with your partner. Because there is a good reason why you two are together and one that is called destiny.

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A love quote for the bookworm boyfriend or husband. One of Leo Tolstoy’s famous lines from War and Peace. A quote your partner will surely understand, because it’s a veiled message having both an “I love you” and a big “thank you” for making you a better person.


A naughty pick from our list of heart touching love quotes for him, that is all about romance and the rapport you share as a couple. A quote from one of the best movies of all time Gone With The Wind, this line from the movie made a name for itself, one that is as popular as the movie itself. A pretty line that you must share with your partner, and this time maybe he’ll be the one who’s turning pink.


Let the secret out, tell him what drives a woman crazy. It’s love baby and let him know that he’s hit home. One of the simplest and sensuous heart touching quotes by the American actress and Golden Globe winner Melanie Griffith.


A simple, romantic haiku by the best-selling author and poet Tyler Knott Gregson. One of the best heart touching love quotes for him about the all-consuming love that a couple share.


Beautiful and heart touching love quotes for him like this one tell him that you don’t want him to change and how you like every single trait, character, idea and thought that shapes up his personality. A quote that is written like a romantic haiku by the best-selling author and poet Tyler Knott Gregson. Something you should share with your partner.

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