4 Heart Touching Love Poems To Enslave The Soul

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Poetry is the equivalent of a long range sniper in the repertoire of a lover, to put it in overly militaristic manner. But then Cupid had his arrows, and as effective as they are, we live in today’s day and age. We prefer the more seemingly solid persona of a gun, a reflection on our times in more ways than one.

Getting back to the point, heart touching love poems have always been a standalone option for accessing someone’s heart. It has been used to calculated effect by cunning linguists and silver tongues to allude to the heat and passion that love brings to the warm, moist corners of their lovers’, hmmm, souls. If you have someone who you’d like to whisper sweet words and little nothings to, then how about taking a look at some people who were at the top of their game, at the very pinnacle of skill. Let’s go through some heart touching love poems that will enslave your partner’s affections.




One of the most recognizable and classic heart touching love poems, A Poet to his Beloved was written by the inimitable W.B. Yeats, an Irish poet of ‘Tread softly because you tread on my dreams’ fame. Of course he was limited to interaction with only women of fairer complexions, so he never had the opportunity to love a dusky dark beauty, sadly. So you can replace white in your head with anything, go on be adventurous. In this poem he speaks of something that seems so fleeting in our modern age, when we seem to take a lot of things and people in our life for granted. There almost no sense of reverence in today’s world, and what little of it is left is reserved for gods and film stars. Have you never caught yourself looking at your partner in wonder? Do you not feel your being resonate with a sense of reverence that they have chosen to grace your life with their sometimes still bemusing presence in it? Ah, then you have our sympathy and empathy either way. Check out the poems here..


Heart Touching Love Poems To Enslave

This heart touching love poem is an unnamed composition from the master Sufi poet and spiritualist Rumi, who also said ‘Lovers don’t finally meet somewhere, they’re in each other all along’, this is a poem that speaks of essentialism. It is up to a person to decide their own wants and needs, and then further learn to distinguish between the two. But sometimes in love, your wants and needs are sometimes limited to a single fulcrum – the existence of your lover is all that matters. So, if you must make a choice between love and anything else, and if you know the love is worth it, then you know what decision to make. Without any hesitation.Check out the poems here..

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3 Heart Touching Love Poems To Enslave

Now, in a sense, this one is a bit of a cheat seeing as it’s not strictly a poem. But we challenge you to find a piece of prose that rivals the poetic nature of this one, which as a piece of prose is already more poetic than a lot of poems. An excerpt from a seeringly raunchy and intense exchange of letters between the authors Anais Nin and Henry Miller, this bit of prose is perfect to share with any lover. This bit is from one of the fabulously enticing mind of the sultry Anais Nin as she intoxicates one of her then lovers, Henry Miller who was another celebrated author of the time. She is sure to have been a simply captivating woman, as she is also rumoured to have had something going on with Miller’s wife, June, at the same time. Hmmm. Check out the poems here..


4 Heart Touching Love Poems To Enslave

These are the words to one of the great heart touching love poems  of all time, Love Song by Rainer Maria Rilke. These lines explore the inevitability and ineffably sweet beauty of love. And it also notes that the sweetest music is always made when you and your partner act as one. Check out the poems here..

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