7 Perfectly Delicious Sweet Heart Shaped Wedding Cakes For Your Big Day

After a delightful experience of cake tasting with your fiancé, you look at him taking the last bite of the cake you liked, and you wonder — ”Is it possible to express my love for him through this delicious cake?” Love is sweet, but cakes are delicious. And you want your wedding cake to symbolize both these divine nectars of life — the sweetness of love and the deliciousness of a cake. Today, wedding cakes have a whole new meaning. They reflect creativity, are a true form of art, make a perfect show piece and a memorable decoration at the wedding receptions. There so many different kinds of shapes and sizes, cake decoration and types. But heart shaped cakes are personal.

Lucky you. Below are seven ways of expressing your love through the deliciousness of one perfectly sweet heart shaped cake for your wedding.

1. Cupid’s Love, White Heart Shaped Cake

Cupid's Love, White Heart Shaped Cake

Image: Istock

This white heart shaped cake, decorated with silver cupid, pretty pearls, and pink and coral roses simply look like a cake sent from heaven. This cake not only looks delicious, but also looks very romantic with a cupid resting in between the flowers; like he were blessing the newly wedded.

2. Romantic 3-Tier Wedding Cake

This three-tier cake made with white fondant icing, and dainty daisies decorating the cake, looks absolutely romantic and delicious. The daisies on the cake symbolize the innocence of pure love that the two — the bride and the groom, happily smiling and sitting on the cake share. Although this cake looks very simple, and nothing too extravagant, but it ought to make everybody have that ‘awww-ing’ moment when they would feel how cute the couple looks on that beautiful cake.

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3. White-Laced Heart-Shaped Cake

If the theme of your wedding is very vintage, or if you are wearing your mother’s lacy wedding dress, then this delectable 4-tier, pink, heart-shaped cake, decorated with edible lace and white rose, and covered in pale pink gum fondant icing is just perfect.

4. Pink And Coral Roses, Heart-Shaped Cake

When the guest list for the wedding is limited and restricted to only a few close family members and friends, then you should ditch the tiered cake and go for a simple, yet extravagant looking cake that not only looks beautiful, but also conveys the message of the beauty of love to everybody. This heart-shaped cake, decorated with dainty pink and coral roses looks more than just perfect for your warm wedding reception.

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5. Tower Of Heart-Shaped Mini Cakes

Tower Of Heart Shaped Cupcakes

Decorated with white and black fondant icing, this tower of heart-shaped cakes looks very contemporary, sophisticated and very pretty. And it ought to impress the guests. Each mini heart-shaped cake serves two. It is economical, and you also make sure that the cake is finished by the end, and does not go wasted.

6. Chocolate Heart-Shaped Cake

Chocolate Heart Cakes

Chocolate is a favourite of many. And when your wedding cake screams of hearts and chocolate, who would not love it? This three-tier Cadbury chocolate flake bars cake is a weakness of many. This crumbly and delicious chocolate cake has been decorated with shimmering ribbons, and golden spirals. Keeping it simple, the beauty of the cake lies in the delicious chocolate flake bars, and the soft, creamy chocolate cake inside.

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7. Blue Butterfly Heart-Shaped Wedding Cake

Ain’t this just beautiful? This cake reflects just about how you feel while cutting the cake — butterflies in your stomach and lots of love in your heart. This three-tiered white fondant icing, heart-shaped cake’s only attraction is the handmade, and hand painted kaleidoscope of butterflies. They look like they fluttered out of a fairytale story, and sat on your wedding cake. The spellbinding appeal of the cake will make you think twice before you and cut into it. It is not just perfect for you wedding reception, but also for your wedding album.