4 Heart Melting Love Poems For Him When He Is Miles Away

By Shilpa ShahShilpa Shah  • 

Distance may bring two souls together, but the heart aches for the bodies to come closer. His absence is overwhelming, and the restless heart never stops fluttering. If only magic wands and flying carpets existed, you would have sought to them as a sweet balm for your wounded heart. Alas! Only in dreams you cover miles to be together. However, distances sometimes can do good as well. Remember — absence makes the heart grow fonder.

Till you find the embrace of his loving arms and the warmth of his heart, share with him these four beautiful poetry pieces that aptly describe your love and your heartache. Here are the best love poems for him when he is a long distance away!

1. Love’s Coming By Ella Wheeler Wilcox

Here Ella Wheeler Wilcox awaits her lover to return to her in his shining armour. She expected merry celebration for his arrival. But he showed up as a surprise. She thought he would come riding a white horse like a charming prince, to claim his bride. But in the sweet dim lights of the night she found him by her side. She thought that his arrival would stir her soul like a storm over an ocean. But his presence was like the sweet balm that calmed her down and brought crown of peace in her life. This is what every woman dreams of. A sweet surprise. A gentle touch to calm the restlessness dwelling inside the heart. One of the very best long distance love poems for him.

2. Thinking About You By Gary R. Hess

How beautifully the poet expresses his longing to see the one he loves dearly. How smallest of things reminds him of her — be it her soft giggles or her gentle touch. Her absence is very overwhelming, and he cannot take the pain of being away from her. He ponders over the things they did, and couldn’t do together. She is the best thing that has ever happened to him. He has no words to express how much he misses her. Even those sweet moments when she made him laugh when he was sad and lost, all remind him of her. If the feeling is mutual, and you miss every moment spent with him, there is nothing better than this poem that will remind him of those days you two spent together.

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3. 4000 Miles By Lang Leav

All those who are struggling to bridge the physical gap between their beloved can easily relate to this poem. Penned down with simple words, but yet they are so deep and profound. How words can easily reflect the emotions stirring in one’s heart, can be seen in this poem. How distance divides him and her, and how much she longs to see him. And only if she could unravel and tear away the distance between them, she would, only to be with him.

4. Emotions By Liza Marie

Liza beautifully describes how her love makes her feel. How he makes her blush. How his touch gives her goose bumps. How he embraces her with his love. She now knows what’s keeping her heart beating — his touch, and kiss on her lips. How she refuses to let him go. How she longs to have him by her side. She wishes time to standstill. So that he doesn’t have to leave. For his absence will drive her crazy. For she knows how much she will miss him. In such lonely times she knows he’s only a phone call away. That thought eases her mind and puts her heart at peace. This poem is for all those women who want to dedicate that last moment she spent with her loved one before he said goodbye. He may be only a phone call away, but she still can’t get over the fact that he is not by side.

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