Heart Mehndi Designs: 15 Beautiful And Splendid Henna Works

The artistic world of mehndi offers so much variety and a splendid array of designs, styles and creativity. Today, with so many heart mehndi designs and styles to choose from, it can be very confusing and a daunting effort to find something unique every time. Well, talking of unique, why not literally wear your heart on your sleeve… ummm I mean hands?

Here is a collection of heart mehndi designs that we are sure you’ll love.

Go on, take a look.

1. Two To Tango

Heart Mehndi Designs - Two To Tango

Well, who said anything about tiny little heart shaped mehndi designs on one hand? This gorgeous henna design uses both hands as a canvas to display a lovely heart surrounded by simple but stunning patterns. It’s a very unique and splendid heart mehndi design that is a definite must try.

2. An Elaborate Spread Of Heart Mehndi Designs

Heart Mehndi Designs - An Elaborate Spread

This elaborate and intricate heart mehndi design can be a great bridal design choice and it would work well for special occasions too. All the varied elements and patterns combined together making it one outstanding design. This particular choice has multiple spade and heart mehndi designs put together.

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3. Uber Trendy Heart Mehndi Designs

Heart Mehndi Designs - Uber Trendy Heart Mehndi Design

An uber stylish and trendy heart mehndi design that will make you stand out and be a trend-setter. This simple henna shape is beautiful and will complement all attires. Ready to try this one?

4. Heart And Art

Heart Mehndi Designs - Heart And Art

Negative space heart mehndi designs are quite lovely. This stunning design is all about the little heart that steals the show. It’s great how the whole hand is beautifully designed just to highlight a pretty little heart.

5. All My Heart!

Heart Mehndi Designs - All My Heart!

The focus of this henna design is all on the heart. There are two beautiful hearts, each uniquely highlighted and intricately designed. It’s a very beautiful design that only speaks of love and a lovely style.

6. Stylishly Yours

Heart Mehndi Designs - Stylishly Yours

A great heart design that flows in a beautiful pattern and makes it a minimalist stylish option in heart mehndi designs. This shape will look absolutely stunning with flowy gowns or ethnic attire and also go well with casual dressing. This is one design that works well for any and every occasion.

7. Persian Delight Heart Mehndi Designs

Heart Mehndi Designs - Persian Delight

This beautiful henna design has a Persian look to it that makes it exotic and splendid. It’s a very intricate and delicate design that adds oodles of style and grace, complementing all kinds of occasions and attires.

8. Arabic Art

Heart Mehndi Designs - Arabic Art

This is a spectacular Arabic style mehndi design highlighted with an adorable little heart right in the centre. It’s one of the more unique heart shaped mehndi designs, that make it look absolutely terrific and stunning!

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9. Pink N’ Glitter

Heart Mehndi Designs - Pink N’ Glitter

Why not go with casual 90’s oldschool cool heart mehndi designs? We all love pink, we all love glitter and we all love mehndi… so this design just becomes the most love-ly design to try this season. It’s the mix of all the wonderful elements that come together in a splendid design.

10. Heart All The Way

Heart Mehndi Designs - Heart All The Way

Well, if we are talking about heart mehndi designs, could there be a cuter one? It’s beautiful trails of hearts all the way and it looks so adorable and absolutely unique! Such a simple, stylish and trendy look too, right?

11. Tattoo Style Heart Mehndi Design

Heart Mehndi Designs - Tattoo Style Heart Mehndi Design

Mehndi designs are not just restricted to the hands and feet. Today, people flaunt beautiful tattoo mehndi designs on different parts of the body, and heart mehndi designs are no exception. This design is one such tattoo style design that looks absolutely splendid and lovely.

12. Beautifully Bold Heart Mehndi Designs

Heart Mehndi Designs - Beautifully Bold

A beautiful and bold heart mehndi design that looks simply stunning. It’s an artistic mix of henna patterns and design elements shaped together to make it a stunning work of art. It is one of the more bridal heart mehndi designs on our list.

13. Tiny Little LOVE!

Heart Mehndi Designs - Tiny Little LOVE!

Awww… a tiny little heart shape going with the all new finger mehndi trend. It’s a very trendy and stylish design and the tiny little heart just highlights its beauty and cuteness. A great, simple design to try.

14. Trendy To The Core

Heart Mehndi Designs - Trendy To The Core

Black heart mehndi designs are very sleek and sexy. If you like to set trends, try this heart mehndi design and make heads turn. Such a powerful and stylish henna design that is perfect for the divas and modern day fashionistas.

15. Simply Stunning Heart Mehndi Designs

Heart Mehndi Designs - Simply Stunning!

Well, if it’s the heart you want… here you go! A beautiful heart with a simple design and patterns that accentuate the look and beauty of this simple but stunning heart right in your palm.

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This seems to be a great trend that is soon catching on amongst the trendy and the stylish. We love hearts and all fashion elements – clothes, jewellery, accessories etc. – have adopted these heart mehndi designs, so how could the splendid world of mehndi be left behind? What say ladies, ready to flaunt your heart?

Images Source: Google, Pinterest