Marriage Wishes : Top 148 Beautiful Messages To Share Your Joy

Weddings, specially of those close to you, are meant to be attended. But there may be times when you genuinely can’t make it to a wedding even though you badly want to. What do you do then? How can you wish the couple and still personalize the message? Don’t worry, we have a heartfelt marriage wishes list just for you

Marriage Wishes - Two Special Persons

You know that together you are stronger, together you are one. Have a wonderful married life!”


Marriage Wishes SMS - To A Very Handsome Couple

So you want to wish the good looking couple something short and sweet on their wedding day? Then this message is just for you. This wedding greeting talks of their passion and love for each other as you wish them a beautiful future of togetherness.


Marriage Wishes SMS - I Wish I Were There

A good luck message for the couple as your couldn’t attend their wedding and take part in the celebrations. A message that is positive and a promise that you shall make up to them for not attending their wedding. A message that is personal and a promise that is real, something you should send if your are away for your dear ones wedding celebrations.


Marriage Wishes SMS - Secrets, Aspirations And Dreams

A beautiful marriage wishes sms that is all about the promises, wishes and dreams that your now share as a couple. It is a message that is personal and real; something the newlyweds will definitely appreciate.

5. Happy Life Ahead: Marriage Wishes Sms

Marriage Wishes SMS - Cherish The Wonderful Memories

A message that is simple and straight forward, wishing the couple a life full of beautiful memories and a happy marriage. A marriage wishes sms that is for everyone, so you can share it with your newly married boss, acquaintance or even your best friend.


Marriage Wishes SMS - An Eternal Wish

A positive and precious message about love, celebration and a life full of happiness and togetherness. This sms is for every couple that is newlywed or getting married. A message that will be memorable and real, something the couple will cherish.


Marriage Wishes SMS - On This Auspicious Day

A marriage wishes sms that is in fact a simple poem on love and is a message of congratulations and good wishes. Something the newlyweds will like and cherish. A simple sms that is unique, it talks of joys in life and having a beautiful nest of your own.


Marriage Wishes SMS - 2 People, 2 Lives, 1 Love

Two people, two hearts and two souls meet, to make the union called marriage a celebration of everlasting love and understanding. It is a message that is personal, warm and real, something the newlyweds will like to read.


Marriage Wishes SMS - Congratulations

A wedding greeting that talks of love and togetherness, of union of two souls and two people united as one. A crisp marriage wish sms that is bound to make the couple happy as your share your congratulatory message.

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Marriage Wishes SMS - May You Always Find Love

I would say this is the best marriage wishes sms. A message of hope, happiness and love that wishes the newlyweds a fulfilling life of understanding and happiness as your congratulate them on their union – the wedding.


Marriage Wishes SMS - This New Journey

A beautiful marriage greeting about experiences, reminding the newlyweds that every day is different and through thick and thin you hope they stay strong and together. A meaningful message that the newlywed couple will truly appreciate.


Marriage Wishes SMS - The Meeting Of Two Hearts

Two beautiful people and two loving hearts meet, to make this union called marriage a celebration of everlasting love and understanding. A message that is personal, warm and real, something the newlyweds will like to read or hear.


Marriage Wishes SMS - Wedding Wishes To My Dear Friend

A loving congratulatory message to a dear friend as he or she is beginning a joyous journey called love and togetherness. Marriage is precious and your personal wishes would really be appreciated. An sms that will make the couple feel special and loved.


Marriage Wishes SMS - To The Happy Couple

Wishing the newlyweds the best in life, this sms is both personal and very positive. A congratulatory marriage wishes sms that they will love and cherish as you wish them happiness and the best of times for years to come.

15. Good Luck! Marriage Wishes Sms

Marriage Wishes SMS - Thanks For Inviting Us All

A good luck marriage wishes sms that is also an acknowledgement of the invite you’ve got for the wedding. A perfect blend of thankfulness and good wishes for the couple as they get married.


Marriage Wishes SMS - All The Best

A message that is all about spreading love and good wishes, as your dear ones get married. Wish them a memorable and a wonderful wedding with this warm sms or private message.


Marriage Wishes SMS - Joy And Happiness

A marriage wishes sms about joy, happiness and the special event that a marriage is. Send your good wishes and love with this sms that is sure to stir the couple on their wedding day.


Marriage Wishes SMS - The Start Of A Long And Happy Life

A marriage wishes sms about a life full of love and togetherness. Make the newlyweds feel special with this heart warming message on their wedding day.


Marriage Wishes SMS - Man And Wife

Wishing the newlyweds the best in life as they begin their journey as man and wife. This sms is both personal and very positive. A congratulatory message that wishes them happiness and the best of times for years to come.


Marriage Wishes SMS - The Only Thing That Matters

A philosophical message about love and the institution of marriage. A message that is sensible and real in what it wishes to convey, something that will surely appeal to newlyweds. Wish the newlyweds with this meaningful sms on love and union as man and wife.


Marriage Wishes SMS - Smiles For Every Mile You Cross

A happy marriage wishes sms about life and love that is sure to appeal to a newly wed couple. A personal sms that they would love to read and cherish as they begin a new chapter in life as a newlyweds.


Marriage Wishes SMS - Lock Your Love In KIsses

One of the marriage wishes sms that keeps it honest and warm. A message that talks about your happiness as they bond as man and wife and one which talks of love, peace and prosperity for years to come. A congratulatory sms that they will surely love.


Marriage Wishes SMS - The Soft Whispers Of Your Love

A pleasing marriage wishes sms that is both personal and positive. A message that talks of bonding and intimate understanding; something a newlywed couple would love to read or hear.


Marriage Wishes SMS - Light As Air, Deep As The Ocean

An sms that wishes the newlyweds a life full of love and success in everything they do. A message that is not just for today, but for everyday of their life as a happily wed couple.


Marriage Wishes SMS - Hoping The Best For You

A message about love, trust, faith, belief and hope. Something every newlywed couple will realize as the cornerstones of their relationship and as the threads that bind their union. A personal message that is meaningful and something that will make your presence felt even if it is an sms.

26. Too hot and super cool!

Casual Wedding Day Wishes - Too Hot And Super Cool!

27. Spread the joy

Casual Wedding Day Wishes - Spread The Joy

28. All formal eh?

Casual Wedding Day Wishes - All Formal

29. Stay Blessed

Casual Wedding Day Wishes - Stay Blessed

30. The ever-so-popular pick from “wedding wishes” all over

Casual Wedding Day Wishes - The Usual Wedding Wishes

31. Love you loads

Casual Wedding Day Wishes - Sweet And Simple

32. On your big day

Casual Wedding Day Wishes - It's Their Big Day

33. Goes with a gift

Casual Wedding Day Wishes - Goes With The Gift

A beautiful message if you’re including a gift

34. To our most fav couple!

Casual Wedding Day Wishes - To The Favourite Couple

35. Sweet and simple

Casual Wedding Day Wishes - Sweet and simple

36. Blessed, be cool

Casual Wedding Day Wishes - Blessed, be cool

37. She said yes!

Casual Wedding Day Wishes - She Said Yes!

38. Celebrating it together

Casual Wedding Day Wishes - Celebrating It Together

39. Everyone’s happy

Casual Wedding Day Wishes - Everyone's Happy


Funny Wedding Wishes - Be Excellent


Funny Wedding Wishes - The Freeloader Party


Funny Wedding Wishes - Lots Of Sex

Granted, you have to have known the couple a long time for this one to fly.


Funny Wedding Wishes - The Three Rules

Or give any other funny advice that you might have.


Funny Wedding Wishes - Stick With It

Again, this is okay if they know you and your sense of humour.


Funny Wedding Wishes - Hockey Lovers


Funny Wedding Wishes - Booze And Best Wishes


Funny Wedding Wishes - May There Be More Comedy


Funny Wedding Wishes - No Such Thing As A Floordrobe


Formal Wedding Day Wishes - Super Simple


Formal Wedding Day Wishes - May Your Love Forever Grow


Formal Wedding Day Wishes - The Journey


Formal Wedding Day Wishes - Lasting Joy


Formal Wedding Day Wishes - Grow Old Together


Formal Wedding Day Wishes - More Joy Than You Can Imagine


Formal Wedding Day Wishes - The Long Happy Life


Formal Wedding Day Wishes - Thank You For Sharing And Caring


Formal Wedding Day Wishes - Properly Polite Wishes


Formal Wedding Day Wishes - Shine On


Personal Wedding Wishes - Welcome To The Family


Personal Wedding Wishes - Welcoming And Personal


Personal Wedding Wishes - Found The One


Personal Wedding Wishes - True Love Is Celebrating Together Also


Personal Wedding Wishes - A Wonderful Day


Personal Wedding Wishes - We Couldn't Be Happier


Personal Wedding Wishes - A Wonderful Addition To The Family


Personal Wedding Wishes - Happy To Call You Family


Personal Wedding Wishes - We Love You Both


Personal Wedding Wishes - Hugs!!


Warm Wedding Day Wishes - It Seems Like Yesterday


Warm Wedding Day Wishes - The Sibling You Always Wanted


Warm Wedding Day Wishes - Best Wishes


Warm Wedding Day Wishes - More In The Family


Warm Wedding Day Wishes - Lots Of Love And Happiness


Warm Wedding Day Wishes - The Perfect Pair


Warm Wedding Day Wishes - Loads Of Love


Warm Wedding Day Wishes - All Your Love


Warm Wedding Day Wishes - Happy You Are My Family


Warm Wedding Day Wishes - Deepest Love


Best Wedding Wishes - From Parents To Their Children - We're So Happy


Best Wedding Wishes - From Parents To Their Children - A LifeTime


Best Wedding Wishes - From Parents To Their Children - Add One More


Best Wedding Wishes - From Parents To Their Children


Best Wedding Wishes - From Parents To Their Children - We Couldn't Be Happier


Best Wedding Wishes - From Parents To Their Children - This Is A Joyous Day


Best Wedding Wishes - From Parents To Their Children - The Regular Wishes


Best Wedding Wishes - From Parents To Their Children - Many Emotions


Best Wedding Wishes - From Parents To Their Children - Gaining More Family


Wedding Wishes For A Friend - Two For One


Wedding Wishes For A Friend - What Happened In Vegas


Wedding Wishes For A Friend - Today Tops The List


Wedding Wishes For A Friend - Many Thanks


Wedding Wishes For A Friend - Thrilled To Bits


Wedding Wishes For A Friend - The Casual Choice


Wedding Wishes For A Friend - Of Love And Friendship


Wedding Wishes For A Friend - Laughter And Love


Wedding Wishes For A Friend - Have A Good One


Wedding Wishes For A Friend - Congratulations

So you still want to try your hand and create a message of your own? Well, here is a guide to writing that perfect wedding wish.


Marriage Wishes For Friends

So true!


Marriage Wishes For Friends - 99

One finds that a sense of humour is essential to surviving not only marriage, but life itself.


Marriage Wishes For Friends - 100

Enough said!


Marriage Wishes For Friends - 101

The above two lines are filled with innate wisdom that any smart man should carefully consider. After all, one has to consider, is it really worth it to prove who is wrong?


Marriage Wishes For Friends - 102

You have no idea how many brownie points this will earn you, trust us on this. No one likes to deal with the dirty dishes, except for those rare OCD people who even then don’t clean because they want to, though there are those few who actually like cleaning dishes.


Marriage Wishes For Friends - 103

But that eventually leads to a lot of make-up sex, that more than makes up for this minor inconvenience. The trick is to talk it all out, and get to the sex part sooner than later. It helps in blowing off a lot of the steam and tension, as the pent up stress almost literally drains out of your body.


Marriage Wishes For Friends - 104

There is no place for ego in a relationship, and what smatterings do remain must be forged into a collective one.


Marriage Wishes For Friends - 105

Truer words were never spoken.


Marriage Wishes For Friends - 106

Refer to #4. Is winning the argument really that important?


Marriage Wishes For Friends - 107

An astounding leap of logic, this statement still however rings with some resonance. It is very possible that this may indeed be a fact.


Marriage Wishes For Friends - 108

A variant of the ‘who wears the pants in the relationship’ category, this one is still a classic.


Marriage Wishes For Friends - 109

Don’t try and pretend like you don’t know what a floordrobe is either, it’s not working boss.


Marriage Wishes For Friends - 110

Wait a second…


Marriage Wishes For Friends - 111

This is more true than you’d think, at least for a lot of couples, who are individually constantly wavering between deciding on kissing the other one or throwing the toaster at them.


Marriage Wishes For Friends - 112

Ah, the words of wisdom from a true hard-boiled cynic. So nice, no?


Marriage Wishes For Friends - 113

We feel that inserting a smiley at the end will really tie this wish together. In fact, you can’t write this without one, otherwise you’ll definitely be the recipient of more than one dirty look.


Marriage Wishes For Friends - 114

We are considering whether it is sexist to consider if this was first iterated by a man or a woman. We’ve decided to go for pizza.


Marriage Wishes For Friends - 115

With it, shall you deal!


Marriage Wishes For Friends - 116

This is probably something that should be taken up with our minister for education, the bang up job they’re doing with sex education speaks highly of their ability to professionally handle an important and sensitive subject.


Marriage Wishes For Friends - 117

Pure elementary math, this reminds us of why we needed to learn algebra in school, because we find so many uses for it.


Marriage Wishes For Friends - 118

This is true. You’ll be left wondering where the hell they all came from; but you’ll certainly know why they are now regarded as vices, that is at least almost guaranteed. Or if you don’t, then you’ll just have to sit through another patient lecture as to why it is so, and you will end up deeply regretting the fact that you forgot in the first place.


Marriage Wishes For Friends - 119

Ah sarcasm, the fall-back of the inveterate cynic. These are the sort of people who’d die after being crushed by a falling anvil while concentrating on maintaining a wry smile.


Marriage Wishes For Friends - 120

Ah sarcasm, the fall-back of the inveterate cynic. These are the sort of people who’d die after being crushed by a falling anvil while concentrating on maintaining a wry smile.


Marriage Wishes For Friends - 121

This is clearly from the mouth of someone who has been through the whole gambit of marriage a couple of times, and is a veteran of the potentially hazardous obstacle course that it makes life into.


Marriage Wishes For Friends - 122

Whoever came up with this one must have a lot of fun on the weekends, at least if they remember what they did, or maybe not.


Marriage Wishes For Friends - 123

Pfft! Okay, we can’t stop smirking. This is a good one. Maybe you could provide the couple with the props in question, perhaps they could put it in one of those boxes with the glass that reads “Break In Case Of Emergency.”


Marriage Wishes For Friends - 124

After reading this quote, we are sure you wouldn’t be looking for any more funny marriage wishes for friend. This is it. Teetering at the edge of black humour, wavering over the fall into tragic oblivion, this joke hits closer to the truth than we’d like to admit. Though, of course, like everything in life, it depends on the delivery and the context. So make it happen.


Marriage Wishes For Friends - 125

And as you inevitably found out when you were growing up as a little kid, you can hurt yourself with a magnifying glass. An equal opportunity assaulter, it burns whatever is being focused on, but also causes a blinding burn in the cornea of the person who watches the flaming spot of incandescent light.


Marriage Wishes For Friends - 126

True story.


Marriage Wishes For Friends - 127

A stunningly insightful comment, it shows that whoever came up with it has a truly discerning eye, able to observe the hidden truth of things.


Marriage Wishes For Friends - 128

Well, if there’s a nice roost to go home to with something delectable to nibble on and nice bowl of crystal, clear water to lap up, then why not?


Marriage Wishes For Friends - 129

But then you might not be having so much of some other things as well, if you had stayed single.


Marriage Wishes For Friends - 130

Sadly, many consider this to be the most succinct summation of what is required for happiness in marriage.


Marriage Wishes For Friends - 131

This must be from someone whose life is full of life, laughter, magic and eternally young kittens.


Marriage Wishes For Friends - 132



Marriage Wishes For Friends - 133

This might prove excellent advice to some people, not as much to others. Also, take care of your toes.


Marriage Wishes For Friends - 134

From somebody who might have possibly been too smart for his own good, this one is a corker.


Marriage Wishes For Friends - 135

If you are a sexist individual, then certainly.


Marriage Wishes For Friends - 136

Think, think hard for a questionable God’s sake! What are they talking about? What did you forget this time? PANIC!!!!


Marriage Wishes For Friends - 137

Again, something that all smart men instinctually know and prepare for.


Marriage Wishes For Friends - 138

Troll face.


Marriage Wishes For Friends - 139

Pffft! *tries to smother the snigger*


Marriage Wishes For Friends - 140



Marriage Wishes For Friends - 141

The above two quotes are for those with a more literary persuasion and who would like to show off their knowledge of Wren and Martin.


Marriage Wishes For Friends - 142



Marriage Wishes For Friends - 143

This one made our heads hurt a little bit.


Marriage Wishes For Friends - 144

Uh uh, now pull the other one.


Marriage Wishes For Friends - 145

We would try and argue with it, but you really can’t. This is a universal truth.


Marriage Wishes For Friends - 146

This is a true story, in every relationship ever.


Marriage Wishes For Friends - 147

Ah, the joy of properly getting to know someone. In only a rare few cases do you actually find people avoiding wanting to inflict bodily harm on their partners.

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Marriage Wishes For Friends - 148

Always consult. Remember. Always!

Hope you enjoyed going through them. I was LMAO as long as I was reading them. Cheers!

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