12 Heart Broken Love Quotes For Her That Will Soothe The Soul

Written by Tejaswi Bhagavatula

Heart breaks are probably the best teachers in life. It is not something that has happened just to you, dear girl. Everyone on this planet who has got a heart has been in love and must have failed in it at least once. So if you are going through a heart break or a lean phase in love, be strong and most importantly believe in what you are – everything else will fall in place, eventually. Things might just work out or you might find somebody who actually deserves you and loves you for who you are. Till then, here are 12 broken love quotes for her aching heart, but remember – this is just a phase, this too shall pass.


Broken Love Quotes For Her

A quote that is spin off of the famous quote “never make the same mistake, twice.” If you are done with a relationship, it means it over- once and for all. Don’t let an old flame burn you twice is a sensible, and one of the broken love quotes for her to always keep in mind.


Broken Love Quotes For Her 2

A quote that is for an irresponsible lover. Somebody who has left you in lurch. If your partner has left without a reason, there is no justifiable excuse that they could give if they ever come back. A quote that is a statement and a strong message for them to just stay away, which is something you’ve decided on – that you will never entertain them again.

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Broken Love Quotes For Her 3

One of the saddest broken love quotes for her, reflecting on shattered hope and the painful disappointment that ensues. A quote that is a clear reflection of your thoughts and your pain – when someone you’ve loved, and looked up to has turned into something or someone they promised they would never be.


Broken Love Quotes For Her 4

A quote that is for a lover who has had enough – be it a painful relationship or a untrustworthy partner – it tells her to move on, as being in that relationship is really never going to help her in any way. A harsh, but oh so true reminder, truly one of the broken love quotes for her that bears repeating!


Broken Love Quotes For Her 5

A sad quote on true love and how it could change your life forever, if and when you give in one too many times. When we lose ourselves in a relationship, it is not just the relationship that is dead when it doesn’t work out.


Broken Love Quotes For Her 6

A quote on honest one-sided love. A quote that tells you that you can clap only when two hands come together, and a relationship can happen when there is love and affection from both the people involved. So, if you are someone who has always loved and got nothing in return, then exit, that’s the least you could do for your own good. Loving is important, but to be loved back is what keeps it all together.

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Broken Love Quotes For Her 7

A quote about a selfish partner. An opportunist who will use you, mentally, physically and emotionally. A one-sided relationship always hurts and it is for your own good that you should step away from it and stay away from them.


Broken Love Quotes For Her 8

A quote that tells you not be a second-fiddle in a relationship. If your partner is your priority, there is nothing wrong in expecting at least as much as you give in to the relationship. They is no place for love in a relationship where one person is ignored or not valued. The best thing to do is to step aside and move on with life.


Broken Love Quotes For Her 9

Two souls in love, know what it means to have each other. They value their partners and respect them for what they are. If there comes a time when you need to convince your partner that you’re the one for him/her, its not worth it anymore. A true lover would never let his/her partner feel the need to explain one’s value.


Broken Love Quotes For Her 10

A sensible quote on being brave and positive. It is sad, painful and hard to let go, but always be positive, be hopeful because you never really know what’s on the other side of the mountain. Never ever be afraid in love or to get out of it, ’cause being brave will make you stronger and always better.


Broken Love Quotes For Her 11

A kick-ass quote on breaking free if you aren’t respected and valued in your relationship. Dear girl, you are beautiful inside-out, and there is no need to stay one with someone who doesn’t care. Move on and you’ll surely find somebody better.

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Broken Love Quotes For Her 12

A quote on how to be brave and be cool. Just let it and forgive yourself for loving a moron, and by the way – it isn’t worth thinking about your partner or even remembering them. Let it go Girl, and you’ll be fine in a while.

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