10 Amazing Health Benefits Of Snake Gourd

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How often do you include snake gourd in your diet? And did you know that snake gourd can help you control diabetes and even get rid of fever? Not just these two, the super-vegetable does offer a plethora of other health benefits as well!

Wondering what those are? Read this post to find out!

Snake Gourd Benefits – Top 10

1. Fever

Snake gourd, which is also known as Trichosanthes cucumerina has been found to help reduce bilious fever. If you add a bit of chiretta and honey, the efficacy of snake gourd is increased and it will be able to treat bilious fever quickly and effectively. Many cases have been recorded where snake gourd is used along with coriander leaves, where this mixture was found to be more effective in treating bilious fever. This juice has been used as an emetic to induce vomiting. It has been found to be effective in treating malarial fever as well (1).

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2. Diabetes

Snake gourd has been mooted to help lessen the effects of diabetes. Although Chinese therapy regularly includes snake gourd in the treatment of diabetes, the vegetable is generally a low-calorie food. This makes it the ideal food to help keep weight under control, yet provide the proper nutrition to people with Type-II diabetics (2).

3. Heart Problems

Snake gourd extract is one of the best remedies for arterial disorders like palpitation and other conditions like pain and stress on the heart. The extract has been known to help improve circulation, which in turn ensures that you suffer less from heart problems. To get the best results, have at least two cups of snake gourd extract every day (3).

4. Jaundice

Snake gourd leaves have been found to be effective in combating diseases like jaundice. You can ingest 30-60 gram doses of the leaves, crushed along with corianders seeds thrice every day to avail the benefits of snake gourd (4).

5. Purgative

Snake gourd juice is a strong purgative which helps flush toxins from the body. The vegetable can also be dried, but this method isn’t usually as good as juicing the snake gourd. It is a good digestive, which aids in the digestive process. The leaves act as an emetic, ridding the body of toxins and also help cleanse the bowels. You can ingest 1-2 teaspoons of snake gourd juice every morning to get the benefits of this vegetable. Snake gourd seeds are also used as a moistening agent for treating severe cases of dry constipation (5).

6. Cures Dandruff

One of the most popular uses of snake gourd is its effectiveness in dealing with dandruff. Not only can topical application help rid you of dandruff, the vegetable can also help reduce symptoms of the condition. Simply rub a healthy amount of this juice into your scalp and let it remain for half an hour, before you wash it off. Snake gourd juice usually stimulates the body to boost fluid production and moisturizes the scalp. You can also consider using this extract topically, as the treatment will work on ingestion or topical application as well (6).

7. Low In Calories

Snake gourd is a low-calorie food. It provides most of the needed nutrients without adding any fat to the body. In fact, it is quite low in calories, so you can rest assured that you wouldn’t be putting on extra weight by gorging on this vegetable (7).

8. Alopecia

The extract from the snake gourd leaves is quite effective in dealing with the treatment of hair and scalp disorders like alopecia, which usually leads to partial and sometimes even complete hair loss. For this specific treatment, you need to apply the juice topically to the affected area (8).

9. Rich In Minerals

Snake gourd is one of the healthiest vegetables as it is rich in essential minerals like magnesium, calcium and phosphorous. These minerals improve bodily functions and promote stronger bones and teeth.

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10. Cures Constipation

Snake gourd is rich in dietary fiber, which makes it one of the best cures for softening stools and reducing the effects of bloating and constipation (9).

So, why wait? Now that you know of the many health benefits of snake gourd, think about including this vegetable in your diet. Tell us what your experiences with snake gourd were. Leave a comment below!

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