9 Amazing Health Benefits And Uses Of Pequi Oil

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Do you want your eyes to stay healthy even as you age? And do you want your skin and hair to be at their radiant best at all times? If you are wondering what this is all about, well, here comes the point – there is one magic oil that can give you all these benefits, plus many others!

We are talking about Pequi oil here! Want to know what are the amazing benefits it can offer? Go ahead and give a read!

Health Benefits And Uses Of Pequi Oil

1. Cardiovascular Health

Pequi oil is excellent for your heart! It is full of mono-saturated fatty acids that decrease high levels of cholesterol in the blood, and it protects your heart too. Pequi oil also builds up artery walls and blood vessels, thereby preventing heart attacks, coronary heart diseases, and strokes.

2. Blood Pressure

Another benefit of pequi oil is its ability to control high blood pressure. It has nutrients like potassium, and also possesses anti-inflammatory properties. Inflammation could lead to the tightening of blood clots that would further exacerbate heart issues and lead to complications. It also relieves stress from your blood vessels and helps them relax.

3. Improves Eye Health

Pequi oil can also improve your vision. It contains Vitamin A in abundance, which is rich in carotenoids that act as antioxidants. This means that by using pequi oil or by eating pequi fruit, you can prevent macular degeneration and boost clarity in your vision. Pequi oil damages free radicals and improves your eye health to a great extent.

4. Healthy For Digestion

Pequi oil is also good for your digestive system. It contains fiber in abundance that improves your digestive health, reduces constipation, bloating, diarrhea and cramps. Fiber is also good when it comes to getting rid of bad cholesterol from the system. This also promotes and improves your heart health.

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5. Makes Your Hair Smooth

Looking for the right hair oil that will make your hair smooth and silky? Try pequi oil for hair! It is often used in serums that make your hair soft, shiny and radiant. Massage your hair with pequi oil thrice a week and wash off with a good quality shampoo and conditioner in order to maximize the results.

6. Fights Brittle Hair

Pequi oil also fights brittle, rough and damaged hair. You can use pequi oil for a deep conditioning treatment in order to moisturize your tresses and remove all split ends effectively.

7. Skin

You can also use pequi oil for your skin. It effectively fights skin infections like eczema and other chronic dry skin conditions. Pequi oil contains fatty acids that moisturize your skin and keep it nourished and hydrated.

8. Body Moisturizer

Pequi oil can also be used to moisturize your skin. It speeds up the wound healing process and increases hydration. This oil specializes in keeping your skin nourished, smooth and young! Apply it twice a day, especially before going to sleep at night in order to see the results!

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9. Best For Body Massage

If a nice body massage is what you want, then pequi oil is what you should use! Simply mix coconut oil, rosemary oil and extra virgin oil with some pequi oil. Now use this mixture for a body massage. You can also apply this on the face with cotton. Remember to wash off after 20 minutes.

These are the wonderful health benefits of pequi oil. Did you enjoy reading the article? Have you tried pequi oil yet? Let us know your ideas and experiences in the comment box given below. We love to hear from you and your ideas and thoughts are always welcome!

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