A Budget Wedding In Today’s Age – Yay Or Nay?

Marriages demand a LOT! No, not just making the marriage work but from the very start. Planning a wedding is the most exhausting yet exciting thing to do. From the venue, clothes, food, guest-list, gifts etc., there’s a lot more to it. A wedding is not usually considered an inexpensive affair, especially if you have a lot of customs, traditions, and rituals to follow. An inexpensive wedding is thus almost unimaginable.  For example, in India, a wedding generally includes two or three major functions. Planning and organizing each of these can cost a bomb! But the question is, does it have to be so expensive? Can the wedding costs not be cut down to minimum? Will it in anyway make it less fun?


Budget weddings are really catching on. More and more couples are realizing the need to keep weddings a simple affair and not burn a hole in the pocket. After all, is it really worth it to spend an exorbitant amount of money and keep paying the debts for a long time to come? A newly married couple has a lot to do and set up to start a life, so wouldn’t it be a smarter move to save money right from the start point? Well, you may or may not agree and everyone has their own dream of how their wedding should be, but here are some points that may help you rethink about the whole ‘spending’ part.

Top 5 Benefits Of Having An Inexpensive Wedding:

1. A Personal Affair

A small wedding means a small gathering and that only means only your closest people will be around you. It’s one of the most important days of your life and what better way to celebrate it than having your nearest and dearest ones around you? It also allows you to have personal time and contact with each of your guest.

an inexpensive wedding - Fit-it-all-in

2. Lesser Hassles

The more the number of people, the more the hassle and more the details to work out! You can cut down on immense effort and energy by keeping it a small and simple event. This has to be one of the biggest benefits of an inexpensive wedding.

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3. Well Managed

The smaller the wedding, the easier it is to manage it. There will be lesser things to manage and you can personally look into all the details of the marriage.

an inexpensive wedding - Well-Managed

4. Big Savings Of An Inexpensive Wedding

A budget wedding obviously means big financial saving! You will not have to empty out your pockets and can focus more on your honeymoon and other needs of setting up a new house and starting a new life together.

5. More Creativity

A Smaller and inexpensive wedding has a greater scope for creativity. You can include numerous creative ideas, themes, games, scrapbooks etc. and make your wedding even more special than it already is.

an inexpensive wedding - More-Creativity

Well, if you ask me, these five reasons are enough to convince you to have a budget wedding! You don’t lose out on anything, the most important people are still there and you can start this wonderful new phase of life in the company of your loved ones, without being hassled! Big weddings only account for big tensions, big hassles and BIG MONEY!

Okay, every coin has two sides and if I flip the coin, the cons of having a budget wedding include:

Social Obligations Of An Inexpensive Wedding

Social courtesy and obligations expect you to call certain people, whether close to you or not. You may end up disappointing some people by excluding them from your guest list. Perhaps the biggest drawback of an inexpensive wedding.

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More The Merrier?

Well, more the merrier part does hold true and you’ll just be making merry with a handful! You may miss having certain people who didn’t make it into your ‘closest’ list.

Well, I honestly don’t see any other cons to this.

So, I’m still certain that a budget wedding is a big yay! A wedding is all about exchanging your vows and receiving the blessings of those who really matter. Most people anyway attend weddings for the food and drinks. Well, you can always throw a party for that sometime later.

Ways to make a wedding inexpensive:

Fit it all in!

If you have a number of functions to plan, try combining two or more on the same day. You will save time and energy but you’ll also save money, a key goal in the pursuit of an an inexpensive wedding.

an inexpensive wedding - Fit-it-all-in

Food Files

You don’t need a lavish menu; all you need is a delectable menu that’s scrumptious, tasty, and one which brings in the right flavours.

Minimalistic Décor

The décor calls for more money than you imagine! You don’t need a full Bollywood setting that overshadows you. All you need is some good lighting, subtle décor and your fairy-tale wedding is all set.

an inexpensive wedding - Minimalistic-Décor

Event Managers

You don’t need a professional event manager; you can be one for your own wedding! Also, what are friends and family for? Delegate tasks and responsibilities and sincerely work at it and you have your own well managed event right there.

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Your Own Playlist At Your Inexpensive Wedding

You don’t need a wedding band or DJ. An inexpensive wedding means you can create your own playlist with handpicked favourites. Take in suggestions and fill it up with songs and music that is special to you.

an inexpensive wedding - your-own-playist

Your Wedding Dress

Believe me, you are never going to wear your wedding dress ever again and a super expensive one will pinch you for years to come. Instead of going to a designer store, get creative and get your own dress made. Source the fabric, find someone who can do it and you’ll be spending less than half the money and looking doubly pretty in your own creation. I know of some women who have worn their mother’s wedding dress and I think that’s a beautiful idea too!

I don’t know if you are convinced yet, but really, how can you not be? Why waste your precious money on people who don’t care and blow up all your savings in just a day?! Would you not rather spend the money on something more meaningful, something that adds to the value of your marriage and life? A marriage is a memory for life, it’s not the money but the special moments that make it a treasured memory. So, is it a yay or nay for a budget wedding? Your thoughts?