27 Hate Love Status Messages For WhatsApp And Facebook

It’s not a bed of roses for everyone who gets into a relationship. Initially yes, it’s all beautiful and dream-like, but for some couples situations take a ‘U-turn’ when things begin to turn sour. They start hating each other and find it difficult to be together in a closed space. However ‘hate’ is a word that isn’t always used negatively. It is a word that describes the most painful emotion, but that emotion can also be a result of being in deep-rooted love that makes you feel like you’re hooked and booked with no escape. Being in love can be a scary feeling after all! If you’ve heard Rihanna’s hit song Hate That I Love You, you’ll know what I’m talking about. So to express the good, the bad and the ugly emotions of the hate-love relationship, we’re here to present you with some appropriate hate love status messages which will help you put your thoughts across much more clearly.


Hate Love Status - I Hate You

Sometimes we feel like we have no control over how we feel about people and the way we love them makes us feel helpless and dependent. An apt hate love status to put up if you are feeling that way.


Hate Love Status - With The Same Amount Of Passion

It is believed that passion always comes with the same intensity – whether its towards love or hatred. One who has loved with know that for sure.

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Hate Love Status - But I Can't Stop

Many people often face this dilemma where they know that they hate the person they once loved but also can’t help loving them somewhere deep down inside. Often, it takes good time before those feelings subside for good. But some carry that feeling for a lifetime. Maybe acknowledging it in a one-time-only hate love status message will help you get it off your chest.


Hate Love Status - The Sacrifices

When you see your partner make all the sacrifices and take all initiatives to be with you, that also can bring a negative feeling in your heart which is mostly driven by guilt. More so, if you are the one who called off the relationship, whatever the reasons for doing so might have been.


Hate Love Status - You Know That

It is often believed that loves drive people to do crazy things, hatred is only an emotion that comes with it. But when the feeling of hatred takes over, things seldom get back to normal except in some rare instances.


Hate Love Status - I Hate Myself

When we’re in love but the other person moves on, it sure hurts like hell. But what hurts more is the fact that they could move on so easily while you are still stuck battling your emotions. Talking about it with a hate love status message might not be a bad option.


Hate Love Status - It Hurts More

Such realizations are always heartbreaking when you know you can’t have what you’ve always dreamed of. And they often bring in the feeling of hate.


Hate Love Status - It Hurts For It To Heal

There are people who have their reasons to love the feeling of love but then there are those who hate the feeling of love for all the pain and chaos it brings. This hate love status message has an added bonus; it let’s you make your point without pointing a finger.


Hate Love Status - It Brings Me Down

Love doesn’t always make you chirpy and happy. There are moments when it brings you down and make you feel helpless too. And being in that situation is dreadful.


Hate Love Status - Memories

After a breakup, the memories of happier times come rushing to the mind and cause a lot of pain and anguish. Some people get over it quick while some struggle to deal with those memories and pain; let it hang with a hate love status message barrage.


Hate Love Status - I Hate Love

Where there’s love, there’s always some pain. In the puppy love phase, everything seems rosy. But then it is but natural for arguments, misunderstandings which sometimes get blown out of proportion and that is when the madness starts. As they say, life is a balance of the good, the bad, and the ugly.

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Hate Love Status - I Loved You

When we place our faith in love and have our hearts broken, it won’t really be possible to love the emotion, would it? For those nursing a broken heart, the very mention of the word ‘love’ can be irritating. This hate love status message is a bold shot, but totally worth it.


Hate Love Status - Never Want It To Happen

Think of the first breakup. If you haven’t had one then you are lucky. But for those who have loved and lost, the above hate love status message would ring a bell. Then there comes the time when you wish for it to stop. You wish that you never fall in love again simply to avoid getting hurt again and again.


Hate Love Status - I Care

We secretly end up loving and caring for people who couldn’t care less. And that makes us more and more miserable to know that we’re caring for someone who doesn’t even know it.


Hate Love Status - Still Waiting

But sometimes you really cant help it, can you? Your mind always loses its battle with the heart. And there you are, hoping against hope that the one you loved would come back…


Hate Love Status - The Things You Do

Sometimes it is not about the person, it is about the things that they did knowingly or unknowingly that are terrible. But yes, a hate love status update like this one will tell a tale.


Hate Love Status - I Thought You Were The One

You hate the fact that you’ve read a person wrong. And it often happens. For whatever reasons, sometimes we only see what we want to see in a person. But that’s the thing about love. And you learn from mistakes and try not to repeat them again.


Hate Love Status - True Colours

True, isn’t it? The mask eventually wears off and you see who they really are. And when that happens, everything that you had envisioned or planned breaks into a million pieces and disappears into thin air. Not a good feeling; but it sure makes for one heck of a hate love status update.


Hate Love Status - Why Did You Bother?

When you trust a person, you believe in them completely. You share your secrets and innermost feelings with that person knowing/trusting that they wouldn’t disclose them or discuss them with anyone. But when the opposite of that happens, and they do let you down, you will never be able to trust anyone else again. And that really hurts.


Hate Love Status - I Just Want To Punch A Wall

A little bit of humour mixed with anger never hurt anyone! It is also probably one of the best ways to let out the frustration.


Hate Love Status - Every Atom In Your Soul

You wonder why you keep moving towards them when your mind constantly reminds you of why you hate them. And before you know it, you are there looking into their eyes not knowing what just happened or how you got there. And the cycle repeats; hate love status updates by the gazillion happen, on both sides, but you just can’t stop.


Hate Love Status - A Bed Of Rocks

Imagine walking on a bed of rocks! But isn’t love supposed to be a bed of roses? Well, not every journey is smooth. In the company of the wrong person, even love can be painful and something that you would come to hate.


Hate Love Status - Now I Realised

You start getting the feeling like it’s only thorns along the way and you only have to make your way through it alone if you wish to survive. And when you do make it out of the mess, you will be much more stronger.


Hate Love Status - It Changes

One of the things that happen when you’re in love is that you start changing and adapting to suit the needs of your lover. Somewhere down the line, you end up losing your own identity. And that’s not good. You never quite like it but can somehow never stop. But maybe, just maybe, talking about it, with a hate love status update, one that you share with those you love, will help fix that.


Hate Love Status - I Hate Fighting With You

When things go sour, arguments and fights increase by the day. The only thing that keeps you sane through it is how you keep your cool and avoid the tiffs. But then you also sound a warning that if things continue the same way then…

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Hate Love Status - This Crossroad

Movies and TV shows often lead us to believe that love is a beautiful time where nothing goes wrong. But when in reality things begin to deteriorate, we only hate it more and more.


Hate Love Status - An Umbrella With Holes

Madly in love at first and then mad at each other. How can you possibly stay positive after such experiences of love? Disillusionment will find its voice in this hate love status update.

So you see, love can either make it or break it. We either love someone passionately or hate them passionately because love and hate are two sides of the same coin which come into play at different phases of life.