50 Hate Love Quotes: When You Just Want To Let It All Out

Love is not only about things being rosy all the time. Pain, hurt, despair, anger are also offshoots of love gone wrong. If you are reading this, chances are that you are angry, hurt and the very mention of the word ‘love’ makes you cringe. If you are looking for words, here is a list of 50 hate love quotes that help make venting out a bit more easy.


Hate Love Quotes - Taken

Simple isn’t it? The simplest way to get your act of breakup done through a simple hate love quote.


Hate Love Quotes - I Hate You

Another crispy hate love quote that sends the message in as few words as possible.

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Hate Love Quotes - I Don't Care About You

Best feeling ever. No better hate love quote to express that sadistic bliss than the image below.

Hate Love Quotes - That Moment


Hate Love Quotes - When You're Heart Can't

Something that we all experience when we can’t just let go off that person with whom we spent the best moments of our lives.


Hate Love Quotes - Iced Tea And Hot Coffee

Yes, they don’t get along well and so can’t you after a breakup, or after you have developed some bitter feelings for that person.



Hate Love Quotes - Nasty Things

That plays all along in your head until you realise that it is your inner voice trying to tell you that you should be saying goodbye.


Hate Love Quotes - Why Can't You?

If you have that confused crush who is not sure whether he/she loves you or not, and keeps you hanging all the time, then this hate love quote is apt to put the message across.

Hate Love Quotes - Like What?


Hate Love Quotes - Liking It

Now this hate love quote has that nasty tone to it and there’s no sugar-coating words whatsoever.


Hate Love Quotes - All Worth It

Ah, you just can go wrong with this one. Most times, people are hated because they don’t fake emotions.


Hate Love Quotes - We Just Became Strangers

It is exactly like saying that, “We loved each other once but now you are history.” Just in case you were wondering, the “knowing really well” covers all the not-so-nice things about the person too.

Hate Love Quotes - Keep Calm

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Hate Love Quotes - Waste Time Thinking

When it is time to move on, you leave all the baggage behind and bury it once and for all.


Hate Love Quotes - You Push

Nice hate love quote to share when you don’t really intend to hate someone but feel that the foundation for that is being laid.


Hate Love Quotes - Pretending

When things get too far that your tolerance and patience in love is tested, it is time to sit and down and think about the choices that you have made.


Hate Love Quotes - Your Face

Sometimes when you feel the strong urge to just…


Hate Love Quotes - Not Acceptable

Trust is foundation for love. It is that feeling that definitely has to be shared mutually. A loss of it from one end can suffice to transform a relationship into a debacle.


Hate Love Quotes - You Instead

The easy way. You remove the thorn, the wound automatically begins to heal.


Hate Love Quotes - I Was Wrong

Some nice words with a harsh undertone. A good quote to share with someone who has outright disappointed you by doing whatever that they did.


Hate Love Quotes - Have A Nice Life

It is the digital era and significant number of breakups happen online. Makes a good hate love quote to share when you want to go the Twitter way for a breakup.

Do you remember this song?



Hate Love Quotes - Seriously

Time that you can spend on yourself. Perhaps that will help you make better decisions in the future.


Hate Love Quotes - Please Don't Come Back

There are times when people realise their mistakes too late and by then the damage is done. You can seldom accept such people back again in your life. Nice hate love quote that reflects that sentiment.
“Time to shut the door at you!”



Hate Love Quotes - Broke My Heart

A single sentence hate love quote that shares your heart’s most poignant feelings when you realise all that you spent your time on was no love, but a farce.

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Hate Love Quotes - No Excuses

Some nice words to share when you start seeing the cracks appearing in your relationship and you would like to raise a red flag.


Hate Love Quotes - Repulsion

Another great hate love quote that captures the sensation of frustration you feel when the person that you thought you loved stabbed you in the back and just left you there.


Hate Love Quotes - Not Toys

A stern hate love quote that does not beat around the bush, and comes straight to the point that playing with someone’s emotions is not cool at all.


Hate Love Quotes - Time To Say Goodbye

Makes a great text to draw the curtains on your relationship. And when he/she pleads to come back then? Read quote #20.


Hate Love Quotes - Total Time Wasted

Brilliant quote that says so much in so little words. It is a nice way of communicating that all that you both stood for has been dissolved, thanks to the selfishness and callousness of the one you loved.


Hate Love Quotes - Thank You

Tons of sarcasm here. Best use it on that partner who has trouble understanding more ‘docile’ messages and some sarcasm will work great as a whiplash.


Hate Love Quotes - A Reflection

Guess Adele rolling her eyes nicely sums this one up. Here you go…



Hate Love Quotes - No Regrets

Suffix that hate love quote with a smiley and send it out as a message. You might as well see some fumes coming out of your phone. :)


Hate Love Quotes - I've Stopped Too

Love is a feeling that is best experienced when it is mutual. It is when this attribute begins to fade that it feels so futile and worthless.


Hate Love Quotes - Yes I'm Smiling

This hate love quote is gonna hit them right where it should and then you can do this:



Hate Love Quotes - Consent

Sometimes, the best way to make someone realise your value is by walking away from their life. If they still don’t get it then it is best to walk away forever for your own good. An apt hate love quote to sum that up.


Hate Love Quotes - Ugh, People!

There are certain people who love it when love is served cold. So let them have that so that you can have your peace of mind.


Hate Love Quotes - Evolution

Once you send this hate love quote, the one at the receiving end will get the message crystal clear that it time to move on.

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Hate Love Quotes - Your Opinion

You still stuck in that WhatsApp group where you get bugged by your ex’s viewpoint on your thoughts? Share it out loud and you will surely push that ex-flame away forever.


Hate Love Quotes - I Can't Pretend

Since you can’t pretend to love any more, it is time to dump that person and move on to greener pastures.



Hate Love Quotes - But Honestly

Some people have it all but then they play around with others so much that by the time they realise anything, it is too late. I feel that it is utter abuse of love.


Hate Love Quotes - No Need To Prove Anything Anymore

The reason is simple. It is because that person does not matter any more, and you are done being Mr./Mrs. Sweet. A nice hate love quote, which works great as an embodiment of that point.


Hate Love Quotes - A House Of Cards

If that is how delicate your love is then surely you should be reconsidering your definition of love and expectations from it.


Hate Love Quotes - Realistic Expectations

A wise hate love quote that would work great to open your own eyes. The higher you soar, the harder you fall. The same thing is true with expectations and people.


Yeah, sort of this ‘Let it go’


Hate Love Quotes - If I Delete Your Number

Hits the bull’s eye when it comes to saying it all in as few words as possible. Having someone out of your life means having them out in complete totality, which of course includes having their number out of your contacts list.


Hate Love Quotes - Taking Back My Love

Has a silly tone to it but trust us it is one of those hate love quotes that is quite deep. You see, there is that word selfish in it and then there is something about taking back. Now you got to just piece it all together and voila! You have figured it out.



Hate Love Quotes - Bucketloads

That means you really loathe that person. And by truckloads, we mean really a lot. Not this truck by the way:



Hate Love Quotes - It Feels Good

This one is a contemporary hate love quote since it packs some rhetoric speech that works great in the context of modern breakups.


Hate Love Quotes - Sorry

It is best used on those who think they can waltz back into your life even after brutally wounding your heart.




Hate Love Quotes - So Convenient

When you know that the cause for all that mayhem is your partner, then it is time to spill it out with the well articulated hate love quote.

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Hate Love Quotes - Moving On

A nice extension of the previous hate love quote, and a great way to close that failed love chapter with that person who now deserves nothing but your disdain.


Hate Love Quotes - I'm Not Perfect

Best to share with someone who befriended you for selfish reasons and for the same reason betrayed you.


Your ideal reaction when approached again


Hate Love Quotes - One Day

And that day will be the best day you would have experienced in a very long time. Surely delightful.


Hate Love Quotes - In A Minute

Let’s close it all at a positive hate love quote. Don’t let a moment’s madness destroy all that your relationship stood for, and can stand for. Give it time and see how your love blossoms.

Having read all the hate love quotes, how do you feel now? Relate to something on the list or planning to use one?