Hard Love Quotes: 15 Quotes Coz Beautiful Things Never Come Easy!

Hard love quotes are all about hard love; no, no, before you go sneering into the sunset, hear me out. Love is not all that patient, love is no selflessly kind. It so~oo does envy, it boasts (I got a Boyfriend!), it is happily proud. It does dishonor others (you know exactly what I mean), it is self-seeking, coz nothing like a night of hard love. it is easily angered, it keeps complete record of wrongs, with back up files. Love delights in pure evil, and the truth is sometimes terrifying. It protects, and trusts, depending on how blind love is, always hopes(when will she/he notice me), always perseveres (read stalks).

But, despite all that love is not a fleeting thing.

Despite all this, love is beautiful; and anything as beautiful and precious as love does not come easy. There are moments and days that may be filled with sadness and despair, there may be times when the love of your life seems to have drifted or faded. It’s times like these when all you want is love to help you get back up. Yes, love is hard but in the end it’s all worth it.

And So Say These Hard Love Quotes!

Keeping your emotions and feelings bottled up inside may suffocate you and force you to explode when you least expect it. For moments when you just want to vent out and feel light, here’s a collection of hard love quotes.

1. Hard Love Quotes - It's Hard To Wait

Ouch! Talk about hard love quotes! Every word and the whole quote together bring out such a pain that only those who have felt true love can understand. There are many different kinds of love relationships, but no matter the type, giving up on love is the hardest thing to do.

2. Hard Love Quotes - It's Hard To Tell Your Mind

Well, hard love quotes or not, the heart and the mind never seem to be in sync when it comes to matters of love. Every single analytical part of your brain may tell you to let go but unless your heart is ready, you never really will.

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3. Hard Love Quotes - It's Very Easy To Understand

That is the hardest part. It seems easier to hold on, even though it causes more pain. Accepting the loss of love takes a lot of courage and time, and maybe, just maybe, a few hard love quotes too.

4. Hard Love Quotes - How Hard Is It To Stop Your Heart?

It’s as natural as that and yes it is probably something you cannot completely control. It takes time, so give it time.

5. Hard Love Quotes - So Much To Remember

Getting over love is hard because everything and everyone around you reminds you of the love you once had. You have a bundle of memories that keep coming back and trouble you, and a bunch of hard love quotes to cry over. It’s not easy; it’s a love addiction.

6. Hard Love Quotes - The Problem Is Not Everyone

Falling in love is really not an enjoyable experience if the other person is not willing to reciprocate your love. Then that’s a hard fall. Heed the words of these hard love quotes. Be careful as to who you fall for.

7. Hard Love Quotes - The Difficult Part

Oh and how it hurts to be in a one sided love thingy! Love is a give and take, unless you find someone who gives love and not just takes, you will never be truly happy. Period!

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8. Hard Love Quotes - You Can't Be Together

Now hard love quotes really describe the most hurtful situations. Sometimes life can be so unfair for two lovers…

9. Hard Love Quotes - Hard To Pretend

You never know what life has in store for you. The pretending part is hard and terrifying; depends which side of the court you are on.

10. Hard Love Quotes - Walk Away Or Try Harder

Well, it stands true for almost everything in life but even more so for moving on from love. It’s a tough decision but sometimes you just gotta make it.

11. Hard Love Quotes - Hart To Keep And Hard To Forget

And yes, hard love quotes are true, just everything about love is hard! From the start, to everything in between, and even the end.

12. Hard Love Quotes - Everyone Else Does

When love and life get tough, all you need is your love to stay; seeing them leave your side is harder than the situation itself. And if you’re that worried about the future, here’re some love questions to ask your boyfriend that will help you out.

13. Hard Love Quotes - Love And Sex

These are sad but true hard love quotes! Most people these days are looking for meaningless relationships and in the process they end up hurting people who actually fall for them.

14. Hard Love Quotes - I Still Believe

Why stop believing in love? It’s people who give love a bad name, isn’t it?

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15. Hard Love Quotes - I Realized

When love walks out, life becomes so hard!

Were you able to relate to any of the above mentioned hard love quotes? Here’s hoping that none of you go through a hard time in love. But if things are rough, don’t bottle it up! The more you keep the hard feelings and emotions all bundled up inside, the harder it gets. Let it out, let it flow, and let it take its own time to ease the pain.