Happy Marriage: 21 Practical Tips For A Blissful Married Life

Honestly, who does not desire a happy marriage? While we all desire and dream of it, little do we know about the steps to achieve that utopia. Think you do?. Take a look at the tips for a happy marriage we have listed below.
See how many check-boxes you tick.

Tip 1: Be Honest!

Happy Marriage - Be Honest!

Yes, that is number one on our ‘happy marriage’ list. This does not mean being critical of everything what your partner does or says. It means being transparent in your actions and emotions without making them convoluted. That way you will have a better understanding of each other, and will know one another better.

Tip 2: Don’t Aim To Change Your Partner

No one is perfect, and therefore there could be some things about your spouse that might not sync with your ideology or way of living. Until or unless it is outright disgusting or disruptive, do not force a change just because you wanted a specific kind of happy marriage. Remember to respect that person for whatever he/she is, and you will soon discover marital bliss.

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Tip 3: Give Each Other Some Privacy

Happy Marriage - Give Each Other Some Privacy

She might be your wife but it is not exactly a cool thing to pick up her phone and surf through her contacts or check her messages/emails. Marriage is not just about sharing, it is also about giving each other personal breathing space and privacy. That way you not just maintain the spark in your relationship but also show that you trust your partner. This brings us to the next tip on happy marriage.

Tip 4: Make Time For Each Other

Weekdays are packed with work and weekends are either spent partying or relaxing. But where does that leave time for you two? Just being together under one roof glued to your phones or getting busy planning and prepping for the week ahead does not translate to spending time together. Break the cycle. Go for a small outing at least once every week no matter what and spend some good quality time with each other or at least play your favourite movie and laze together on the couch. Or do anything that you both like. The effort is what matters (at least for a start). It is the best way to grow close to each other, and make sure the love remains, in a happy marriage.

Tip 5: Touch Each Other… Literally!

This includes everything from hugging each other to sharing a passionate kiss. Often, we get so busy with the monotony of life that we forget to spend some tender intimate moments together. Hug your husband the next time you are back from work. Kiss your wife on the forehead before she goes to bed. These simple things go a long way in making your married life happy.

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Tip 6: Have Some Fun Between The Sheets!
Happy Marriage - Have Some Fun Between The Sheets!

It is a known fact that couples who have an active sex life are the happiest. Sex is good. While there is no prescribed frequency or limit for some bedroom fun, as a couple you should work on a plan. It might seem trivial to those married for a decade or above, but spare some effort, and you will realise why it is important for your happy marriage.

Tip 7: Surprise One Another!

This never gets old and always works. A surprise need not always be grand. In fact, smaller surprises are the best ones. It could be anything from buying your partner’s favourite perfume to cooking that favourite dish.

Tip 8: Trust One Another

Happy Marriage - Trust One Another

So you saw him talking to another woman? Who could she be? Seen her sharing a joke with her colleague? Wonder what they’re joking about? Don’t jump to conclusions. And most importantly, don’t let shows like Cheaters play on your mind too much. You can always ask your partner about things which you may find out of ordinary but do not pounce on him/her with the intention of interrogation. Displaying the fact that you trust your spouse is perhaps one of the best means of showcasing your love towards each other. And trust is important for everyone’s happy marriage.

Tip 9: Take Mutual Decisions On Money Matters

Financial planning is part of married life, so make sure that whenever you take a decision it is something that you have arrived after mutual understanding. Yes, you will have to compromise at some points but realise that you both are in this happy marriage together.

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Tip 10: Don’t Use Your Partner’s Past Mistakes As A Trump Card

Happy Marriage - Don’t Use Your Partner’s Past Mistakes As A Trump Card

In other words, keep your relationship in the present, and do not try to emotionally overrun your partner by mentioning something that he/she did in the past. Emotional shaming of your spouse is one of the worst things to do, and this brings us to the next tip on happy marriage.

Tip 11: Respect Your Spouse

It is not the lack of love that leads to failure of most marriages. It is the lack of respect towards each other. Respect does not mean just addressing your spouse with reverent words, it is about being considerate to the decisions and opinions of your spouse. This goes hand-in-hand with tip four, and is surely one of the many secrets of leading a happy married life. It’s give and take.

Tip 12: Do Not Drag Differences And Arguments

If a married couple ever said that they never had an argument, then that is definitely a joke. When two individuals live together for life, there are bound to be some differences in opinion, which can lead to some bickering. While differences can be a good thing since you learn to find a common path, make it a point to never drag an argument to a heated quarrel. At the same time, don’t leave matters hanging. Sort it out and move ahead. Do not come back to it again. Remember tip 10.

Tip 13: Help Each Other

Happy Marriage - Help Each Other

If you feel your wife is having a hard time configuring her laptop, offer to do it for her. If he is busy cooking then offer to do the dishes after the meal. Helping each other is perhaps one of the subtle yet best ways of displaying that you care for each other. It will also leave your spouse impressed by your ability to see and detect whether he/she needs any help.

Tip 14: Spend Some Independent Time

You need to have your own space as well, which means doing your own things while letting your partner do the same. This means pursuing your own hobby, interest or business interest. Spending some independent time will help you be a better individual than you are today. And a better spouse is what your partner deserves, isn’t it? Also, spending some time by yourself is a great way to learn to appreciate all the moments you spend together. Giving yourself time alone every once in a while makes a big difference to your happy marriage.

Tip 15: Be There For Each Other

Happy Marriage - Be There For Each Other

This means being by each other’s side no matter what, all through your life after marriage. Things are not always rosy, and there could be times when life would hit a rough patch. Remember to always stand by your spouse, and you will know that even he/she will be there for you when things get a bit rough for you.

Tip 16: Accept Each Other’s Family

This is a great way to win the heart of your partner. Remember, when you marry someone you also tie relations with that individual’s family. No matter how flawed they might seem, you have to remember that you are now family. It is okay to voice your opinion politely, in private, about some relative that you do not like. But you must always ensure that you are at your cordial best in front of them. It is one way of showing respect towards your partner, and making sure you do your best for a happy marriage.

Tip 17: Do Not Complain About Compromises

Happy Marriage - Do Not Complain About Compromises

Marriage brings its own share of compromises and you have to be ready to face them. The best compromise is the one that you attain by discussion. No matter how you arrive at that compromise, make sure you never initiate a blame-game or emotional manipulation on the basis of the compromises you make. Always remember, you are life partners. What impacts him/her will impact you as well. So maintain the happy marriage bonhomie even in the face of such compromises.

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Tip 18: Raise The Children Together

Remember, it is always ‘our children’ and not ‘your son’ or ‘your daughter.’ As parents, you should learn to share the responsibility of raising your children. It makes a big difference to the kids, when they hear that from you. So if one works on getting the child ready, the other can take the responsibility of dropping the child to school. That way you will also be setting a good example for your children. And show then that life after marriage can be happy and filled with love.

Tip 19: Compliment… And Compliment Again!

Happy Marriage - Compliment… And Compliment Again!

Complimenting each other is the best way to maintain the spice in your relationship. It could be some simple words of admiration towards your partner. Being appreciative towards each other will surely go a long way in maintaining the zing in your happy marriage.

Tip 20: Delegate Work And Do It Responsibly

Living together means sharing the responsibility of running the household, and this means clearly identifying and taking ownership of your respective responsibilities and fulfilling them too. So if it is your duty to bring groceries every Friday, do it without your spouse ever having to remind you about it. They’ll be grateful, and return the favour, and then you can and then they can, and that’s a great loop to keep in your life after marriage.

Tip 21: Keep The Love And Romance Alive

Happy Marriage - Keep The Love And Romance Alive

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It is about doing the small things for each other. You need not always go for a candle-light dinner together to be romantic. Eventually, marriage is all about the love it has. The stronger your love, the merrier your happy marriage will be.

Hope you found this helpful. Have anything to share? Do leave a comment.

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