30 Happy Love Status Messages To Spread Smiles All Around

When we’re in love, we often look for ways to express our joy and happiness. And with everyone hooked on to some social media platform or the other, professing love for your partner online with a happy love status is no big deal. Be it a status update on Facebook, WhatsApp or a simple tweet, almost everyone is hooked to the trend of dedicating love messages or sharing them online. If you are looking for the right words to share your feelings then we are here to guide you through. Here are some cute messages that you can use in happy love status updates to put your feelings across when you’re happy in love.

1. Happy Love Status Messages - My Favourite Part

The happiest person is the one who gets to see their loved one every day.

2. Happy Love Status Messages - You

You don’t feel the need for another soul when you have your lover by your side. Your life is complete and that’s all that matters.

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3. Happy Love Status Messages - My Favourite Song

Every relationship feels like a musical journey of high notes when you’re in love. And your lover becomes your most favourite note of all.

4. Happy Love Status Messages - Like Heaven

A place full of happiness and no sorrows, a place where you know it is all perfect with no defects.

5. Happy Love Status Messages - Just Another Wide Eyed Girl

Deeply, madly and crazily is what we mean when we’re in love with the one who makes us feel like everything is just right.

6. Happy Love Status Messages - I'm Happy It Happened

Most love stories are unexpected stories of two lost souls finding each other. But in the end, they’re glad that the universe made them come together.

7. Happy Love Status Messages - Ours

True, we go all mushy every time we hear of someone else falling in love. But still our most favourite story remains the one that features us.

8. Happy Love Status Messages - Like A Dream

A dream of always seeing the best in everything. Being in love makes us see all our dreams come true.

9. Happy Love Status Messages - That's All That Matters

They say you should see the face of the one you love the first thing in the morning. Your day starts on a happy note and you spend the day positively.

10. Happy Love Status Messages - Magic

Love makes everyone believe in the true power of magic – the magic of happiness and dreams.

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11. Happy Love Status Messages - The Universe

People often compare their happiness and emotions to the greatness of the oceans. It is the idea of loving someone so much that makes one fall deeper in love.

12. Happy Love Status Messages - Daily

Each day brings with it the joy of knowing that you’re in love with the most perfect person in the world and hence you fall in love deeper every day.

13. Happy Love Status Messages - Reason In Madness

And that reason is the one you love. Their presence in your life makes you go crazy in love every day.

14. Happy Love Status Messages - More Tomorrow

Because love is one thing that goes on increasing by the day and no matter how much you love them today, it will always be lesser than tomorrow.

15. Happy Love Status Messages - You Make Me Smile

Isn’t this the sweetest feeling? When you keep smiling for no apparent reason and always find yourself thanking your stars for having them in your life.

16. Happy Love Status Messages - Envy

When you have the best of the best, you have every right to flaunt it. And yes, the envy and jealousy will always follow.

17. Happy Love Status Messages - My Keeper

And happiness. Where there is love, there is never any shortage of happiness and smiles.

18. Happy Love Status Messages - All About You

Because that’s just how wonderful you feel when you have them in your life. All you can ever think about is being with them and in their arms.

19. Happy Love Status Messages - Even Better

When you find your Mr. Right you cant seem to think of anything else you ever wanted. All the fairy tales seem wrong because you believe that it is your tale which is the truest.

20. Happy Love Status Messages - Awesome

Sometimes you don’t need rosy words to tell the truth. Direct and simple words help you crack the deal, don’t they?

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21. Happy Love Status Messages - The Luckiest

This is one of the chirpiest statuses that you can put up as it directly speaks of how happy you are to have your man in your life.

22. Happy Love Status Messages - Insomnia

Your life takes a different turn when you meet the one who means the world to you. You start doing things you never imagined yourself doing.

23. Happy Love Status Messages - My Happy Place

It is the place that makes you feel like there’s no bad thing in the world and that everything is just perfect.

24. Happy Love Status Messages - The Little Things

When you’re in love, you don’t need big gestures and the tiniest things they do can bring a certain calmness to your life.

25. Happy Love Status Messages - Forever 21

A heart that loves races for the lover, beats for the one it longs for and thus always stays young because it is forever filled with love and happiness.

26. Happy Love Status Messages - The First

They say when something is the reason behind your happiness, it stays on your mind for as long as you breathe.

27. Happy Love Status Messages - Amazing

Crazy stupid love is one of the best kinds of love as it gives you the freedom to be childish with the faith of being supported by them forever.

28. Happy Love Status Messages - Every Dream

This is the story of most lovers. They spend years searching for ‘the one’ and when they find them it feels like their life’s greatest desire has been fulfilled.

29. Happy Love Status Messages - The Stars

In his/her smile you see the reason for your existence and that is the most beautiful feeling you can ever have.

30. Happy Love Status Messages - Roses

There are no thorns in this garden of roses where you can walk forever without the threat of ever being pricked.

So you see, words are never scarce when it comes to expressing your true emotions. When you’re in love, it is the feeling of being grateful that makes you happy for having what you have. You hope and pray that the time stops and you can live each moment to the fullest.