Happy Love Quotes – 50 Best Ones That'll Make You Smile

It is said that when in love, people experience all sorts of emotions ranging from happiness, excitement, jealousy, anger, sadness etc. For now, let’s leave everything aside and just focus on the ‘happiness’ part. You see people in love and they radiate happiness, don’t they? There’s that smile plastered on their faces 24/7. So when you are head over heels in love, why not share some happy love quotes with that special someone?

Happy Love Quotes For You, Me, Her And Him Too!

The first happy love quote on our list is something that reflects the most dominant feeling in love – that of joy and happiness. Once you are in love, it is like someone has just emptied a big bag full of happiness on you. And that’s a wonderful feeling, isn’t it?

2. Happy Love Quotes - It Just Happens

When you are in love, happiness just comes around naturally like a breeze and brings a smile on your face. Just look at any two people in love and you would know what this happy love quote implies.

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3. Happy Love Quotes - You Know It's Love

A powerful happy love quote from one of the most loved actresses of all times. A nice one that connotes that love is not all about receiving but also about giving. It is that feeling which makes love stand out.

4. Happy Love Quotes - Only One Happiness In This Love

It is not always about the happiness of being loved but it is also the joy of sharing your love with someone else. This one is kind of a splendid extension of the previous happy love quotes.

5. Happy Love Quotes - That Happy Place

An adorable happy love quote that actually makes a great message to share with your special someone. Just suffix it with a smiley and a kiss emoji and your happy love message for the day is ready.

6. Happy Love Quotes - The Power Of Love

Did it ever happen to you that you were feeling low and then you received that one text or call from your loved one and your mood just changed instantly? We are sure there have been multiple instances like that. Well, that feeling is exactly what this quote conveys.

7. Happy Love Quotes - Happiness Is A Feeling

A charming happy love quote that will surely pull the strings of the heart of the one who reads it. After all, love is what brings a smile on your face, and that is what you would like to experience all the time, isn’t it?

8. Happy Love Quotes - Happiness Beyond Your Dreams

When dreams of bliss become a reality, you know that you have been touched by love. Yeah, we are talking about the ‘when you are in love you will know it’ feeling.

9. Happy Love Quotes - I Never Knew

Some people just don’t smile often. Not that they don’t want to, it’s just… And one day they fall in love. And then they just can’t stop smiling. That’s the power of love. So if you find yourself smiling more often and the reason for it is that special someone then you have truly found someone ‘special’ indeed; and just like that, all these happy love quotes have meaning.

10. Happy Love Quotes - Being In Love With A Person LIke You

Here we have a perfect extension of the previous happy love quote. The aforementioned quote and this one would make a swell happy love quote combo, perfect to be sent out to the one whom you love from the bottom of your heart.

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11. Happy Love Quotes - Truly, Completely And Sincerely Happy

The happiness that stays on with you from the moment you meet the love of your life, and continues to elate you every day and in every moment.

12. Happy Love Quotes - That Is Love

A simple and adorable happy love quote about happiness that says it the way it should be said. Still need proof? Just share this with that special someone and we are pretty sure that you will come back home smiling with joy.

13. Happy Love Quotes - Even With Your Flaws

Isn’t that the best feeling ever? The feeling of being accepted in spite of being a odd ball? That should just make your day, for all 365 days a year, and the many more after.

14. Happy Love Quotes - Feeling Joy In My Heart

Simple and impactful in a sweet way. Guess happy love quote #12 makes the appropriate explanation for this one.

15. Happy Love Quotes - Happiness Is A Journey

It is surely the journey that is worth taking for it shall take you a destination that would hold the key to the ultimate contentment.

16. Happy Love Quotes - Exactly Like Being Found

Damn, this happy love quote right her; that is exactly the kind of person you should be spending the rest of your life with. Don’t waste any time. Just grab that person’s hand and take a vow to be together forever.

17. Happy Love Quotes - I Smile A Lot More

If talent is what you would like to call it, then making someone happy in love is surely one talent that is in immense demand.

18. Happy-Love-Quotes-18

It is like you have the found the entrance to the portal that leads to eternal happiness. The next happy love quote works as a nice extension to this one.

19. Happy Love Quotes - You Are The Only Reason For It

A nice charming happy love quote that can easily qualify as a fun happy love message for someone whom you love dearly. It is also a subtle of way saying ‘I love you’.

20. Happy Love Quotes - The Happily Ever After

This one could imply different things to different people but the best way to take this one is to say that love full of elements of joy will only lead you to one destination – happiness.

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21. Happy Love Quotes - So Many Beautiful Reasons

Reasons that are hard to comprehend but you know they exist since you feel them every day. Yes, it might sound a bit filmy, but hey then that is how you really feel right?

22. Happy Love Quotes - Go Back To Sleep

Guess most of us who have been head over heels in love have definitely experienced this happy love quote at some point. Happiness becomes something that’s involuntary at this point.

23. Happy Love Quotes - The True Meaning Of Happiness

It is the serendipity called glee that you found with that special person. This happy love quote makes a decent message to acknowledge that fact and thank that person.

24. Happy Love Quotes - The Happiest Feeling

Always liked that guy/girl next door yet felt it would be silly to express your feelings out? And one fine day you realise that the feeling is mutual. And that’s the best feeling ever.

25. Happy Love Quotes - The Beat To My Heart

A simple one-liner happy love quote that definitely works great as a text message that you can send to the one you love. You can suffix it with some emoticon or some funky emoji to make it more catchy and memorable.

26. Happy Love Quotes - Special In Every Possible Way

Special in a way that only you can sense it. Happy in a way that only you can feel it. That is the kind of feeling most of us seek, and when we find someone who does that we know that we have found our partner.

27. Happy Love Quotes - Anytime Anywhere

Now that person has some serious skills, and if he/she is able to do that, you are most probably already in love with that person. That is a good thing actually, just like this happy love quote that made a valid point.


Happy Love Quotes - Happiness Is Easy

It is as if saying that special person has demystified happiness, and you find it lot easier to feel happy, more often in life. A nice and adorable happy love quote.

29. Happy Love Quotes - Your Love Is My Garden

Flowers that are always there because they are nurtured by the feeling of your perennial love.

30. Happy Love Quotes - Comprehensible

Now here is a one that is touching and impactful at the same time. If you always felt that happiness was a figment of imagination until you met someone who made actually made you feel happiness in its purest form, then here is a happy love quote that would make for a great ‘thank you’ message.

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31. Happy Love Quotes - I Always Choose To Be Happy

A really sweet happy love quote that would make the day of the person to whom you dedicate this one. So why should you share this? Well, check out quote #12.

32. Happy Love Quotes - Even When We're Not Talking

It is when you are just sitting on the bench holding each other’s hands, looking at the horizon and yet have that silly but cute smile stuck on to your faces. That is when you know that you have found the true meaning of happiness.

33. Happy Love Quotes - The First Bite

And that is just so cute. It might be a small gesture, but trust this happy love quote; it would be an experience that would stay with you for a really long long time.

34. Happy Love Quotes - Just Because Of You

Guess this is what your beau would be thinking after he has shared his ice cream with you. The feeling of making a loved one happy is surely unique and special.

35. Happy Love Quotes - It Shows

A nice happy love quote, which actually has a deep meaning. Sometimes the best way to decipher happiness is to take it as a state of mind. Once you decide to be happy, you start reflecting it in your love life, and the reverse is true as well.

36. Happy Love Quotes - As Happy As You Make Me

Happiness is a mutual feeling you share with the one whom you share your life with (or intend to). It is from that feeling that love in its purest form branches out.

37. Happy Love Quotes - The Thought Of Us Is Enough

Close your eyes and imagine yourself together with the one who makes your life complete. You would find yourself smiling involuntarily. You see, that is the power of happiness when you are in love.

38. Happy Love Quotes - I'm Wearing The Smile

Nice + cute + naughty happy love quote. Yes, that is how it is. Try sending this to them when they least expect it and wait for the reaction.

39. Happy Love Quotes - No Complaints

Most of us have felt this. You go out on a date, especially at one of those public places, and you just don’t want to return home. It is something about spending time with that person that makes everything worth the effort.

40. Happy Love Quotes - From A Distance

No surprises for the intended target of this happy love quote. It is for those who are in a long distance relationship. No matter how great the distance, there are always means and ways making the person at the other end happy.

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41. Happy Love Quotes - Wonderful Smiles And Loving Thoughts

Here is a simple happy love quote that sends out the message in a very subtle way. ‘Simple’ is sometimes the ‘best’, and this happy love quote proves that.

42. Happy Love Quotes - You Are The Bud To His Blossoms

This one is a bit poetic in nature but is a nice happy love quote. When love is part of your reality, all that you can expect from it is pure happiness.


Happy Love Quotes - You Came Along And Showed Me Happiness

This happy love quote is no wonder a sort of a ‘thank you’ message for the person who has brought not only love but also a positive change in your life.


Happy Love Quotes - A Joyous Fun Ride

It is one way of saying that your dreams have become reality, and you are saying that in a happy way. There are a good number of songs and poems dedicated to that feeling, and here we have a happy love quote as well.

45. Happy Love Quotes - An Unbreakable Bond

Differences are what make a relationship strong provided that you both appreciate each other to create a bond that is firm and long lasting. They say that opposites attract.


Happy Love Quotes - A Familiar Face

How nicely put, right? This one here is saying that when you understand the true essence of love, it won’t take much time for you to realise that it is the shortest route to reach eternal happiness. If you are in true love, this one would be relatable. (Thumbs up!)


Happy Love Quotes - You Give Me Thrills

If you read quote #13 (and remember it!) carefully then this happy love quote is an extension of the central thought in that one. It is not about loving a perfect person perfectly. It is about loving someone even for their imperfections.

48. Happy Love Quotes - When You Smile From Your Heart To Your Lips

It is like your smile will say it all, provided that is a whole-hearted smile, which only takes shape when you have been basking in the glory of true love.

49. Happy Love Quotes - My Life Is A Little Bit More Everyday

An adorable happy love quote that basically captures everything one feels when in love, in a single sentence. Doesn’t life become a bit different when you are in love? Suddenly the monotony of living your life is broken by the fetching rhythms of love. And yes, it feels truly amazing!

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50. Happy Love Quotes - Love Yourself First

What better of happy love quotes to close this article with than this one. They say that charity begins from home and I would say that love begins from within, for oneself, and then propagates out to the entire world.