14 Out Of The Box Handmade Wedding Invitations

While some couples prefer to go for the traditional wedding invites, others want something different and creative. If you and your would-be are more into personalized wedding invitations, then handmade cards are the way to go. When it comes to wedding invitations, there is nothing more heartfelt than a handmade wedding card. It’s the best way to welcome your guests. Sending a handmade card is like a gift for the guest, it makes them feel more special. Laser cut and printed cards can be very expensive, in this case handmade invitations can be your lifesaver. They are budget friendly and easy to make. The best part, is that handmade wedding invitations can be easily customized, you can make your own changes and add anything you like. In this post, we have added a bunch of handmade wedding invitations that will inspire you to make your own wedding card!

1. Rustic Burlap Lace

If you are planning on having a burlap rustic vintage wedding, this invitation is perfect for you. It is made of card stock paper, burlap and lace. To give it a more rustic finish, you can add more card stock paper decorations in different shades of brown. This will also make it look more elegant.

2. Your Own Wedding Chariot!

This beautiful wedding card is made up of multiple layers of decorative paper. This is a keepsake card that your guests will absolutely love. Its creative black and cream colour combination makes it look more old fashioned and authentic.

3. Baby Pink Wedding Invite

This luxurious wedding card is perfect for fall and autumn weddings. It has a baby pink lace at the bottom along with a satin ribbon. The hand-crafted flower piece makes it look more decorative and sophisticated.

4. Whimsical Invitation

This unique wedding card truly has an eye-catching design. What makes this card so different is that it comes with an itinerary of the events on the wedding day. It’s made out of regular card stock paper but the painting of the bride and groom on the invitation makes it more vibrant and colourful.

5. Crystals And Pearls

Wondering how to get started on making your very own wedding card? Well, you’re in the right place. This video tutorial will tell you all about the materials required along with step by step instructions on how to make a spectacular wedding card.

6. Wedding Cards With Belly Band

This hand-crafted custom wedding invitation is the perfect way to announce your special day. You can use different colour combinations depending on the theme of the wedding. The smudged corners give it a faded vintage look. It is also beautifully decorated with translucent yellow ribbons and a yellow and grey belly band.

7. Love Is In The Air…

Looking for something out of the ordinary? This is it! It’s a wedding invitation in a boarding pass design. The card has all the details of the wedding and it comes along with a RSVP luggage tag. Make your guests fly in the air with this blissful wedding invitation.

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8. Pull Out Wedding Surprise

Yet another creative, out of the box design. This little round box is full of surprises. When you open it there’s a series of pictures of the bride and groom and the wedding details are given behind each picture. Your guests will definitely be in for a surprise with this invitation.

9. Butterfly Fly Away!

Here’s another video tutorial on how make a simple wedding invitation. This one has a butterfly design with a golden bow and copper colour finishing. It’s very easy to make, the video says it all! And it also goes well with a matching butterfly wedding cake.

10. Secret Pocket Invitation

This is an envelope style wedding invitation with a special pocket inside that holds the card. Here they have used a combination of brown pink and cream, but you can go ahead and experiment with different colours and come up with your own colour scheme with the invitation.

11. Satin Silk Bow Invitation

This is a simple and elegant wedding invitation. The blue satin ribbon bows on the card elevate the presentation of the invitation. You can also add a few pearls or rhinestones of your choice to make it look more sophisticated.

12. Crinkle Handmade Paper

This invitation has a unique envelope design. The invitation card is more or less like the regular ones. But the envelope is the eye-catching element of this invitation. The envelope is a hand-crafted crinkled paper which is dark blue in colour. The studded brooch makes the invitation look more unique.

13. Floral Touches

This is an old fashioned rustic invitation with floral print. The invitation come in a card stock paper envelope and the invitation cards are in a combination of brown and cream. The floral print on the back of the envelope and the wedding card make it the perfect wedding invitation for a fall wedding.

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14. Laces And Ribbons

This invitation has a rather unusual colour pattern of greyish blue with pale pink, but they still manage to complement each other quite beautifully. The invitation has a combination of lace and ribbons. The RSVP card and name card come in a separate envelope. It is an elaborate invitation that will win the hearts of your guests.

So there you go. If you are not the artsy types or don’t have enough time, you can talk to wedding card designers who specialise in handmade work and you could have your own set of handmade wedding invitations customised according to your choice. Go ahead and try something different!