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Jennifer Aniston, one of the most coveted Hollywood stars has hardly ever seen a bad hair day. We all loved her hair style in Friends. And the layered cut came to be named as “The Rachael” cut after her character in the serial. Women at that time would carry photos of her to their hairdresser and ask them for the look. Such was the popularity of Jennifer’s hairstyle.

Over two years of her career, we see Jennifer Aniston’s hairstyles changed quite frequently. All the hairstyles being simple yet we all want to try them at one point of our life or other. Here are some simple hairstyles of Jennifer Aniston.

Long, short, layers, curls, she has tried her hand in all. And needless to say, she looks just amazing. Lets take a look at some popular hairstyles of Jennifer aniston.


Perfectly frames her face. Layers are cut around the front and sides to add texture and compliment the hair length.


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The alternate streaks of highlight on hair gives a very fashionable and chic style. She had first showcased her highlighted hair in Friends. She sure had the right job with Ralph Lauren in the show, didn’t she? Fits her best!

Loose beachy curls:

Loose beachy curls
Image: Getty

Waves or loose curls never seems to run out of fashion. This hairstyle have been in rage for quite a few decades now and who flaunts this hairstyle better than Jennifer. And she always chooses this hairstyle over a off shoulder or strappy little number, if you see. Adds such flair to the dress and the hairstyle. Don’t you think so?

Short hair:

Short hair
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Jennifer at one point of time had also chopped off her tresses for a just below the chin bob cut. When she went further short with her tresses, she tried some loose waves on it to give a casual look.

Short hair
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Jennifer is most of the time seen with her hair open. But quite a few times for a change, she has tied up her hair in a cute ponytail. Needless to say, she rocks here too. 

Short hair
Image: Getty

Whenever on the red carpet, Jennifer’s hairstyle is something to look out for. Here she has picked a hippie twist with a braid tied up as a headband and soft waves. 

When bangs are so very much in style, how can we expect this diva to not sport one which will make us want the bangs even more? So here’s a bang adorned hairstyle she sported for sometime.

Let us now have a glimpse of some more best hairstyles of Jennifer Aniston:

1. Formal Bun:

Formal Bun
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The gorgeous lady from Friends has lovely silky strands framing her beautiful face. Jennifer loves to leave her hair down mostly; but when it comes to formal evenings, the lovely muse sure doesn’t mind tying up her hair. The formal bun is an apt choice for uptown parties and dinner events where she need not worry about how to manage her loose hair strands.

2. Messy Curls:

Messy Curls
Image: Getty

The messy curls are quite a girl next door look and highlight the playful side. The otherwise prim and proper Jennifer chose to let her hair loose with subtle messy curls to look quite grungy.

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3. Side Braid:

Side Braid
Image: Getty

When not in the mood to let her hair loose, Jennifer opts for funky braid hairdos like in the picture which makes her look young and dapper. The side braid is a one side parting hairstyle that’s pulls up hair strands from one side to form a braid leaving the other part flowing. This Jennifer Aniston hairstyle has been rated as one of the top Afro American styles in the hairstyle trends.

4. Fringe:

Image: Getty

The fringe look got out dated with the use and abuse of it, but when Jennifer flaunted a fringe, she just made it look new. Her lovely smile and cuteness just got an added pump with those fringes. Fringes can give your face the best highlight as they enhance your natural features.

5. Side Parting Ponytail:

Side Parting Ponytail
Image: Getty

The evergreen actress looked marvelous in her side parting ponytail as she stepped out of the airport. It’s a known fact that during winters, its best to keep your hair tied as they may get moist and wet and Jennifer follows this rule strictly. This look is best for formal events and business meetings as it helps you to concentrate on your work.

6. Hair Roll Pony:

Hair Roll Pony
Image: Getty

The simple ponytail can be a plain and boring hairdo. Where’s the oomph factor? Well, Jennifer sports the hair rolled pony where she pulls few strands to form the ribbon of her high raised pony to add a glamorous touch to the hairstyle.

7. Cropped Bob:

The timid, cute and gorgeous Jennifer can be quite sportive and adventurous. Spotted while shooting for a magazine, Jennifer shocked everyone with her new cropped bob look. She looked fierce and sensual.

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 Out of these, which hairstyle do you think Jennifer looks best in?

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