50 Latest Hairstyle Trends Of 2019 – With Images

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Are you a true fashion-freak? Do you love to follow the latest trends in outfit, makeup and hairstyle? If yes, then you have landed the right page. In this article, we are going to discuss about top 50 latest hairstyle trends that will blow your mind for sure. Go ahead and explore the options:

1. Loose Twisted Side Waves:

Being one of the most common hairstyles, waves never go out of fashion. Here, the long loose dark reddish brown waves are gathered at one side and twisted to some extent for a soft, girly vibe.

2. Long Textured Waves with Puff:

Long Textured Waves with Puff
Image: S : Getty

Texture in waves has become quite popular these days. It not only defines tender wavy tresses, but also gives them a nice flowing structure. These sensational textured waves with an off-center part will help you get the idea.

3. Long Straight Pinned Hair:

Long Straight Pinned Hair
Image: S : Getty

The appeal of long super straight hair is simply ageless. From attending a casual event to spicing up the workplace fashion, it can serve all purposes perfectly. In this style, the straight locks are brushed back and pinned at one side for a graceful look.

4. Sleek Long Layers with Bangs:

Sleek Long Layers with Bangs
Image: S : Getty

Layers look the best on long straight hair. You can create a side part and keep your long straight and layered locks loose. A couple of face-contouring bangs and a smooth waxy finish will go just amazing with it.

5. Messy Feathered Bob with Fringes:

Messy Feathered Bob with Fringes
Image: S : Getty

A feather cut on a layered hair gives a light, fluffy appearance, which is absolutely in vogue nowadays. It suits both short and long locks. However, here we have shown a short messy feathered bob with random front fringes.

6. Asymmetric Bob with Side Sweep:

Asymmetric Bob with Side Sweep
Image: S : Getty

If you are a true fashion-freak, you will know how asymmetry is loved by today’s fashionistas. It goes excellent with almost all types of face shapes and gives them a whole new dimension. This sleek asymmetric bob with a deep side part and long side-swept bang is enough to prove it.

7. Stacked Inverted Bob:

Stacked Inverted Bob
Image: S : Getty

An inverted bob itself is quite chic and stylish for women with short hair. You can layer it up intensely for adding a stacked effect and thus, give it a trendier look. Well, the supermodel Victoria Beckham has jazzed up the style even more by opting for the asymmetry.

8. Smart Pixie Cut:

Smart Pixie Cut
Image: S : Getty

When it comes to the most up-to-the-minute cut for short hair, nothing can be edgier than a smart pixie. Just take a look at the hair with subtle highlights and textured wispy points. Perfect for a cool and smart look, no?

9. Honey Brown Mohawk:

Honey Brown Mohawk
Image: S : Getty

Those who love to stay trendy from every single aspect would definitely dare to give this exclusive Mohawk a try. An almost shaved head with thick voluminous hair lying across the middle section, what else do you need to create your own style statement?

10. Long High Hair-Wrapped Ponytail:

Long High Hair-Wrapped Ponytail
Image: S : Getty

A super high ponytail looks simply ‘wow’ when worn on thick, smooth and literally long tresses. Keep the top front hair flat and wrap up the base of the pony with a few hair strands. You can’t help but love the look!

11. High Ponytail with Loose Segments:

High Ponytail with Loose Segments
Image: S : Getty

Segmented ponytails can make you look effortlessly gorgeous in no time. Check out the above image to believe us. Here, a high ponytail is divided into several segments with simple elastic bands, which are also wrapped by thin sections of hair at certain distances.

12. Sleek High Pony with Flared Bottom:

Sleek High Pony with Flared Bottom
Image: S : Getty

You can make your simple high ponytail all the rage just by giving its lower portion a flared effect. Curl up the ends of your locks softly in an outward direction and texturize them. Adding a messy textured effect on the top will balance off the look nicely.

13. Side Ponytail with Textured Wavy Bang:

Side Ponytail with Textured Wavy Bang
Image: S : Getty

Move the position of your ponytail to any one side of your head and give your feminine confidence a boost in the most stylish way. Loose textured waves, wavy side bang and simple hair wrap are the USPs of this hairstyle.

14. Layered Bob with Side-Swept Bang:

Layered Bob with Side-Swept Bang
Image: S : Getty

Layers look quite good on short sleek bob too. Here, sharp frequent layers have made the bob hair attractive and elegant. Don’t skip that long side-swept bang as it has enhanced the look significantly.

15. Fringed Layers with Curly Ends:

Fringed Layers with Curly Ends
Image: S : Getty

This is a medium-length hair with dispersed front fringes, intense layers and curly ends. The best thing about this modish hairstyle is that it features inward curls at one side of the head and outward curls at the other.

16. Long Spiral Curls with Sexy Side Bang:

Long Spiral Curls with Sexy Side Bang
Image: S : Getty

Spiral curls are one of the most romantic hairstyles that remain in fashion all the time. In this picture, the long glossy reddish brown hair is turned into soft, luscious spiral curls and the curved side bang has beautified it graciously.

17. Textured Curls with Rolled Back Top:

Textured Curls with Rolled Back Top
Image: S : Getty

Adding texture to curls is mostly helpful for achieving classic looks, which never fade away with time. This retro layered bob with neatly rolled back top and highly textured curls is great to wear a vintage hairstyle in a fashionable way.

18. Super Curly Voluminous Red Bob:

Super Curly Voluminous Red Bob
Image: S : Getty

We really have no idea whether the fiery red shade or the ultimate volume has made this hairstyle hip and edgy. If you have super curly layered hair with extreme self-confidence, you will certainly be able to rock this distinctive look.

19. Flowy Layered Curls with Pouf:

Flowy Layered Curls with Pouf
Image: S : Getty

So you have long layered hair and you so very much want to ditch that super straight look this year. Well, go for this flowy curls with little pouf at the crown. All you need to do is create soft curls starting from the base of the neck and let them cascade your back in a classy manner.

20. Long Copper-Red Side Braid with Braided Wraparound:

Long Copper-Red Side Braid with Braided Wraparound
Image: S : Getty

Even though it is a regular braid, you will undoubtedly look every inch fashionable with it. Enviable length, elegant braided wraparound and eye-catching copper-red color have turned this style into the trendiest one.

21. Mohawk Braid with Small Pouf:

Mohawk Braid with Small Pouf
Image: S : Getty

After the smart short Mohawk, it is time for the equally stunning Mohawk braid. Start with a small pouf at the top and braid up rest of the hair in the super chic Mohawk style. Apply lots of hairspray to keep the hairdo intact for long.

22. Thick High Fishtail Braid with Nice Band:

Thick High Fishtail Braid with Nice Band
Image: S : Getty

Women’s love for fishtail braid is simply irreducible. That is the reason why you would never see this sophisticated hairstyle out of fashion. Smoothen and texturize the top hair and create a high ponytail with a nice elastic band. Then, turn the pony into a thick fishtail braid and wrap with hair.

23. Messy Hairdo with Bangs and Braided Headband:

Messy Hairdo with Bangs and Braided Headband
Image: S : Getty

Forget using funky accessories to enhance the beauty of your hairdo. Just braid up a certain section of your own hair and use it as a pretty headband. Here, the messy hairdo has been greatly complemented with a thick braided headband and simple side bangs.

24. Curly and Sexy Loose Side Braid:

Curly and Sexy Loose Side Braid
Image: S : Getty

Here is another regular side braid, which is quite unique in terms of appearance as well as glory. To sport this hairstyle perfectly, you have to curl up your locks and keep the braid loose enough all through its way.

25. Smooth Twisted Topknot:

Smooth Twisted Topknot
Image: S : Getty

Be it a strenuous gym session or a dazzling party, a topknot can be worn almost anywhere. Pull all your hair back together, twist it up firmly and then turn it into a small neat bun right at your crown. Also, make sure that you give your top hair a smooth, polished effect.

26. Simple Semi-High Bun with Pouf:

Simple Semi-High Bun with Pouf
Image: S : Getty

This is a semi-high bun, which is known to be the easiest as well as the most convenient form of a bun hairstyle. But the textured pouf at the top front section has given it a classy finish. We loved the look totally. Did you?

27. Messy High Bun with Accessory:

Messy High Bun with Accessory
Image: S : Getty

No other hairstyle can flaunt your sexy back better than this angular high bun. It not only gives a modish look, but also helps in staying comfortable. A few attractive hair pins and a messy flair would add a zing to the hairstyle.

28. Double Braided Loose Locks:

Double Braided Loose Locks
Image: S : Getty

Doll up for your next party with this chic yet classy double braided hairstyle. At first, you have to create a center part and let your long wavy hair flow down your both of your shoulders. Then, braid up two thin sections of hair taken from two sides of the part and secure them at the back.

29. Low Flowery Braided Bun:

Low Flowery Braided Bun
Image: S : Getty

This is apparently a low flowery bun resting at the nape of the neck. However, you can give it an edgy finish by braiding up the front sections of your hair and securing them into the bun.

30. Twisted and Tucked In Low Hairdo:

Twisted and Tucked In Low Hairdo
Image: S : Getty

Twisted hairstyles are absolutely in vogue these days and here is a great choice for you to try out. Twist Fold up the ends of your tresses and tuck them in for a rounded look. Then, texturize the hair at both sides, twist them up and secure into the low hairdo with bobby pins.

31. Braided Pigtails with Thin Bangs:

Braided Pigtails with Thin Bangs (2)
Image: S : Getty

If you are trying to get a sweet and adorable look, these braided pigtails will be the best option for you. Keep a few thin hair strands loose around your face and make the style even cuter.

32. Rolled Up Bun with Bouffant at Crown:

Rolled Up Bun with Bouffant at Crown (2)
Image: S : Getty

Bouffant is one of the most sophisticated bun hairstyles that can be worn ever. In this specific look, the hair at the crown is teased up to a great extent in order to create a bouffant effect, while the lower portion is rolled up and secured underneath the volumized section perfectly.

33. Messy Twisted Donut Bun:

Messy Twisted Donut Bun
Image: S : Getty

Donut bun is basically a modified version of twisted bun, which is much appreciated by today’s women.  Here, it is created at the nape of the neck and given a messy flair for a casual look.

34. Simple Twisted Loop with Accessory:

Simple Twisted Loop
Image: Getty

From a bridal look to a prom hairstyle, a loop is just ideal for all those cases where you need to look supremely gorgeous. Add texture to your hair and twist it up carefully to come up with an exclusive loop hairdo. Accessorize it with a striking hair brooch.

35. Large High Bun with Polished Finish:

Large High Bun with Polished
Image: Getty

If you want to keep it all simple, this huge high bun can be your solution. Just give your hair a polished look by applying a good serum and turn it into a tidy bun at the crown. Don’t worry. You would never go out of fashion with this elegant hairstyle.

36. Low twisted Ponytail with Hair Wrap:

Low twisted Ponytail with Hair
Image: Getty

This low ponytail is simple, easy, less time-consuming and of course, trendy. Twist up the hair from both sides of your head and attach them together with an elastic band at the nape of your neck. Finally, wrap up the band with a thin section of hair. You’re done!

37. Long Pinned Waves with Layered Fringes:

Long Pinned Waves with Layered Fringes
Image: S : Getty

Graduated side bangs look great on all types of face shapes and hair of all length. Here, it has been paired with long wavy layers featuring deep side part and front hair pinned at the back.

38. Twisted and Folded Half Hairdo:

Twisted and Folded Half Hairdo
Image: S : Getty

When it comes to listing the latest hair trends, half hairdos simply can’t be left out. Check out this straight medium-length hair with an exclusive half updo. Divide the upper hair into four sections, twist them up separately and fold them at the crown in the shape of a flat flowery bun. Voila!

39. Stylish Slicked Back Bob with Texture:

Stylish Slicked Back Bob with Texture
Image: S : Getty

This slicked back bob is just right for a cool, smart, boyish look. Add a little height to the top and texturize it properly in order to get a perfect hold. Also, opt for a glossy shade of hair color for the utmost flattering style.

40. Elegant French Twist with Puffy Top:

Elegant French Twist with Puffy Top
Image: S : Getty

French twist is considered among all those ageless hairstyles, which can make us look utterly elegant every single time. You can give the hairdo a considerable boost by volumizing the top section intensely.

41. Black Hair with Streaks and Highlights:

Black Hair with Streaks and Highlights
Image: S : Getty

Dark hair with light streaks is absolutely fashionable. Check out this long soft black hair with straight layers and side part. The silver streaks and subtle highlights of dark brown shade have taken it to a whole new level.

42. Red Wavy Long Bob with Red Bandana:

Red Wavy Long Bob with Red Bandana
Image: S : Getty

A bandana not only keeps hair away from the face or prevents flyaways, but it also creates a unique style statement. In this specific look, the red bandana has matched quite well with the true red wavy bob hair.

43. Straight Locks with Highlights and Lowlights:

Straight Locks with Highlights and Lowlights
Image: S : Getty

Get playful with your hair color by choosing right highlights and lowlights for it. If you are a fair-skinned beauty, you can take idea from this picture and go for golden blonde highlights and dark brown lowlights on your rich caramel hair.

44. Half-n-Half Fringed Bob with Curls:

Half-n-Half Fringed Bob with Curls
Image: S : Getty

You can be extremely innovative with your long curly layered bob having thick rounded fringes just by choosing two contrasting colors for it. Here, the shades of jet black and golden beige blonde have amped up the look significantly.

45. Wavy Ombre Hair with Center Part:

Wavy Ombre Hair with Center Part
Image: S : Getty

Ombre is one of the most recent hair color trends, which is characterized by the graduation of shades. This dark brown to golden blonde ombre is looking especially beautiful on those messy waves with middle part.

46. Monochromatic Smooth Bob:

Monochromatic Smooth Bob
Image: S : Getty

If monochromatic hair suits your personality the best, give this hairstyle a shot. It is a smooth bob with slightly curved edges and the uniform cobalt blue color has made it totally edgy.

47. Multicolored Vibrant Bob with Texture:

Multicolored Vibrant Bob with Texture
Image: S : Getty

Give yourself a funky makeover this year with this vibrant multicolored bob. Choose the shades as per your wish and add texture to the locks in order to keep them in place.

48. Purple Curls with Shaved Sides:

Purple Curls with Shaved Sides
Image: S : Getty

Shaved hairstyles are just going stronger with every passing year. Here, both sides of the head is shaved off, while the hair present at the middle of the head is curled up, textured and colored deep glossy purple for a true attention-grabbing look.

49. Half-Shaved Head with Wavy Locks:

Half-Shaved Head with Wavy Locks
Image: S : Getty

Be a bit braver and shave off half of your head to look daringly trendy. The rest half of your head would look highly gorgeous with long wavy golden blonde locks. Are you ready to give it a try?

50. Buzz Cut or Almost-Bald Hairstyle:

Buzz Cut or Almost-Bald Hairstyle
Image: S : Getty

If you don’t mind going bold, go bald. Take some inspiration from this buzz cut look of Natalie Portman and you would appear pretty confident and glamorous for sure. Which latest hairstyle has impressed you the most? Do let us know by commenting below.

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