Hair Styling When you Have Scanty Hair

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Some are born with the gift of lustrous thick hair but most of us not. We are genetically stuck with scanty and thin hair which very much tends to look like a rats tail once in a pony! It is even worse if you pull it into a braid. And the trouble of keeping it open is no less. All the damage and tangles that it sustains leads to hair loss.

Since we can’t change our genetics (hopefully such a day shall arrive :p), let’s see if there is something else we can do to give this type of hair some life. Good hair products for bounce and shine are obvious. Here are a few more ideas for you. And they revolve around the hairstyle for scanty hair that one picks.

Hairstyles for Scanty Hair:

Here are the tips to keep in mind while picking hairstyles for scanty hair

1. Hair Cut:

A good stylist is a must for you. He/she can only come up with the best haircuts for scanty hair. You will need a good number of layers and steps to give your hair the look of bounce and health. And we stress on a good stylist here simply because if this is not done right, then your hair will end up looking even worse than before!

2. Hair Partition:

The portioning that the style has the great influence on the look. A center partition invariably gives you a very flat look. Go for a side partition, especially a uneven one to give the hair a look of more volume. And make sure you switch it frequently to avoid the receding of hair from that portion over a period of time. Yeah keeping an eye out for receding hair line is something you cannot avoid if you have scanty hair.

3. Covering that Big Forehead:

This is one thing that invariably comes hand in hand with scanty hair. A huge fore head that can be spotted from miles away. So how to use your hair style to hide this. Bangs and fairly longer ones at that are a good option. Your hairstylist plays a huge role here too! This needs to be as close to near perfect as humanly possibly!

4. Styling:

Scanty hair has way of falling limp that just adds to the lack of voume. So here is what you do. When your hair is still damp, scrunch them up and add waves to them. This doesn’t need very much of styling products or heat. Avoid heat as much as possible and this will only add to the loss of hair woes and you already don’t have very much to lose!

5. Length:

This one thing you need to monitor at all times while picking hairstyle for scanty hair! Figure out what the right length for you is. For some people it is shoulder length and some can go up to their mid backs. You can decide on basis of from what length your hair has a thin and limp look to it, no matter what you do. The point where it begins to appear limp is the point which you ensure it doesn’t cross.

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Keep in mind these simple things while picking hairstyles for scanty hair for women and your hair will no longer be a dulling effect on your looks!!

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