Top 5 Hair Colors For Dusky Beauties

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The color of your skin has a big impact on your hair color. Sporting the right hair color can make a huge difference to your appearance. It is very easy to walk into a salon and choose a hair color from the catalogue. However have you ever thought of your skin tone and whether or not the shade you choose will suit you in reality?

The biggest challenge in choosing the right hair color comes for people who are dusky. Most of the hair colors available in the market are rich and dark. As much as you may be tempted to sport a bright red, it can make you stand out like a sore thumb. It is important that you choose a shade that is subtle, and highlights your features without attracting unwanted attention to your mane. Check out our picks of the best hair color for dusky complexion.

Find the Best Hair Color for Dusky Complexion

1. Blonde:

The chances are high that a dusky skin tone beauty will have dark colored hair too. If you have a dark hair you will have to go through a chemical treatment to get your hair colored blonde. Blonde hair suits dark skinned people very well. Do not attempt to do it yourself and instead opt for professional salon treatment. A full blonde color brings out the rich dark texture of your skin. For a more sober yet elegant look, you can also opt for variations like caramel streaks, toffee or honey colored hues for your hair. For a bold look, experiment with various dark hues along with the blonde. Streaks of a darker shade on blonde can lend a chic look to your makeover.

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2. Brunette:

This is yet another option of hair colour for dusky skin people they can safely try, thanks to its lighter hue. This shade makes your hair shiny and bouncy and very attractive. Some of the undertones that you can use with Brunette are auburn, gold, ash brown, and mocha. These make a very good color combination for a dark skinned person. The hair is evenly colored with a brunette shade and does not need too many touch ups in between. This is, hands down, the best color option for people who are dark skinned and slightly older. It takes away years from your appearance and makes you look much younger.

3. Red:

Red is a very bold color, but when the right shade of red is chosen, it can accentuate the features of dusky complexion. The overall look can be amazing when you color your hair all red. There are different kinds of red shades available. For example, cherry red, dark red and auburn red are all well suited for dark skinned people. Your hair is chemically treated before it is colored red. Red hair color is also low maintenance. When the red color wears off, your natural hair color is restored without any damage.

4. Pink:

Pink is yet another attractive hair colour. As a dark skinned person, you should ask yourself if pink is the color for you. This is best suited for those who prefer a wild and bold look. If you wish to flaunt a less on-your-face color, mix your pink streaks or highlights with a touch of burgundy. The pink will accentuate your dark skin and the burgundy will draw attention away from the bright pink. The right combination of colors can give you the much desired sassy look.

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5. Auburn Brown:

Up your style quotient with auburn brown shade this season! This is another perfect choice of hair color for dusky complexion! Those who sport cooler skin undertones are bound to look ultra chic with a head full of auburn brown hair. The color subtly accentuates the features of your face without drawing too much attention to the head. Also, this is a color that you can safely try, irrespective of your age.

Coloring your hair as per your skin tone no longer has to be an arduous task. Many salons offer personalized attention and recommend the color that will go best with your skin tone. And if you are still wary about coloring all of your hair in a bright pink or red, opt for streaks instead. Not only are streaks more attractive, but can also be changed often.

So which color are you going for this summer? Hot pink or vivid red? Share your hair color ideas with us in the comments section below!

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