10 HABS And WAGS Of 2015 That Had Everybody Talking

The clock is ticking. Time’s flying by. In less than 36 hours, we’re all going to be in high spirits, ready to welcome the new year. However, we’re not there yet. We’re all stuck in this limbo, somewhere in the middle wondering how quickly the past 12 months have gone by and wondering how quickly or slowly the next 12 will pass on. Well, none of us really know. Now, we can’t quite predict the future but we sure can reflect upon the year that has been and that’s exactly what we’re going to be doing today. We’re going to take a look at the hottest HABS (Husbands and BoyFriends) and WAGS (Wives and GirlFriends) of 2015.

1. Dinesh Karthik

He’s a smart lad. Well read, well spoken and good looking with a mesmerizing smile. Not to forget, he’s been a crucial part of many Indian cricket team squads over the years. However, he’s going to be remembered mostly for his stunning catches, magnificent smile and for being the husband of India’s squash sensation, Dipika Pallikal.

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2. Anushka Sharma

She might be the hottest looking actress in India. However, she’s always going to be remembered as Virat Kohli’s girlfriend.

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3. Ranveer Singh

He’s a good actor. We aren’t arguing. But when you’re dating Deepika Padukone, you’re going to be known as Deepika’s boyfriend. It’s as simple as that.

4. Geeta Basra

She’s an actress all right. But she’s Harbhajan Singh’s wife and she makes our list of WAGS for that one reason.

5. Irina Shayk

We’ve got to hand it to her. She keeps dating one hot man after another. First Cristiano Ronaldo. Now, Bradley Cooper. She definitely knows how to catch her men. And these men, they know how to catch their women, I mean, to get to be with Irina Shayk is an accomplishment in itself.

6. Justin Theroux

Yes, we know that he’s an actor and a director and a screenwriter. He’s mighty successful. But can you compare his success to Jennifer Anniston? Not in a million years. Jen’s just on another level. So, Justin makes the HABS list.

7.  Jacqui Ainsley

She’s stunning. As stunning as Irina Shayk is. We completely agree. But she’s going to be known as the wife of Guy Ritchie after all.

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8. Christian Horner

He’s the team principal of Red Bull Racing, the formula one team. However, whatever Christian Horner does, it’s going to be overshadowed by the fact that he’s married to Geri Halliwell. The former Spice Girl.

9. Amber Heard

She might be the hottest young actress in hollywood but no one gives a damn about it. She’s going to be known as Mrs. Depp or Mrs. Captain Jack Sparrow. Whichever suits you better.

10. Benji Madden

He might be famous in his world. He’s a guitarist, vocalist, song writer and producer but he’s going to be known as Cameron Diaz’s husband. But this one’s more likely going to stick, Cameron Diaz’s *****.

Now, the final two are the most difficult ones. We can’t really call them HABS or WAGS. So, we’re just going to mention them and leave it at that.

The lucky couples are,

Sofia Vergara and Joe Manganiello

She’s famous for her looks. He’s famous for his body. And both of them are famous together as a couple.

Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher

She’s the most beautiful actress in hollywood today. He’s the hottest actor and has been among the top 5 ever since we first saw him. But does anyone remember That 70’s Show?  You would never have imagined that they’d be the most talked about couple in hollywood.

From the team at The Bridal Box, here’s wishing all the HABS and WAGS a Happy New Year and a great life together. Cheers!