Gujarati Bridal Mehndi Designs: 19 Best Styles That Stand Out

Gujarati Bridal Mehndi Designs truly stand out in the plethora of mehndi designs that an Indian bride can choose from and here’s how. Every woman has heard this from some chachi or masi at a mehndi function. But to a bride, it is more than just a red tattoo on her hand. Mehndi ceremony is just not a colourful hue of a rich Indian culture, but a reflection of love and emotional bond. Gujarati bridal mehndi designs are known for their extravagance and elaborate motifs. Their intricate detailing demands a lot of patience and time. We have short-listed ten beautiful, intricate Gujarati bridal mehndi designs for blushing brides who will proudly unclasp their hands when the groom’s bua says, ”Beta, mehndi dikhana.”

1. Peacock Styled Gujarati Mehndi Designs

1 Pretty Peacock

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A dancing peacock is one of the most popular Gujarati bridal mehndi designs because of its elegance, intricacy, beautiful feathers, and the space it takes up on the hand — The coiled up crest on the peacock’s head, the intricate details of the feathers, the delicate lines for the beautiful eyes. And this magnificent bird is symbolic to new life, beauty and happiness.

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2. Good Luck Gujarati Mehndi Design

2 Good Luck Design

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Many brides go for a beautiful Ganesha design. Known as the God of new beginnings, Ganesha is worshipped on all auspicious occasions. And a drawing of him on a bride’s hand calls for good luck and his blessings for a new beginning.

3. Floral Gujarati Bridal Mehndi Designs

3 Celestial Flowers

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Flower patterns are very common in Gujarati bridal mehndi designs. Big, ornamental flower patterns are drawn on the palm and at the back, and decorated with intricate leaf motifs. These designs can either be clutter free or extremely cluttered with floral and leaf motifs covering every space on the palm.

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4. Mirror Design Gujarati Bridal Mehndi Designs

4 Mirror-Mirror design

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This bridal mehndi design is the mirror reflection of one hand on the other hand. And geometric patterns, like the patola of Patan, look the best.

5. Paisely Patterns Gujarati Mehndi Designs

5 Paisely Patterns

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For brides who don’t like the clustered look on their hands, the paisely patterned Gujarati bridal mehndi designs are a godsend. Featuring the mirror image of one big paisely pattern in the middle of the hand filled in with clouds of ornamental designs, fine meshwork on the fingers, and a broad bangle design around the wrist, detailed with floral and peacock designs looks simple, yet beautiful.

6. Rangoli Style Gujarati Mehndi Designs

6 Rangoli Design

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Gujaratis are known for the colourful rangoli designs. And a mehndi design that look just like a rangoli is beyond praise. It’s only less colourful. A rangoli design can be a combination of ornamental designs, geometric and floral patterns. It is the best design for brides who like mehndi up to their elbows.

7. The Ornamental Design

7 The Ornamental Design

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This is one of the favourite designs of most brides. This design is excessively ornamental and extremely elaborative. It takes hours to complete, but the end result is just beautiful. All the Gujarati mehndi designs are put together in harmony to give the bride detailed and full hands.

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8. The Bracelet Design: Traditional Gujarati Bridal Mehndi Designs

8 The Bracelet Design

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The bracelet design looks like a red ornamentation that the bride is wearing. It is an excessively elaborative and intricately detailed slave bracelet that starts around the wrist and is drawn up to the nails. Using floral patterns, geometric designs and paisely motifs, the bracelet is carefully drawn and filled in with shades and delicate lines.

9. The Flower Vine

9 The Flower Vine

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Perfect for brides who would like full hands up to their mid-arm. This design reflects the appearance of full grown vine flowers running from the tip of the fingers all the way close to the elbow. The use of flowers, spirals and leaf motifs makes the design look very elegant.

10. The Bride-&-Groom Gujarati Bridal Mehndi Designs

10 The Bride-&-Groom Design

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It is one of those designs that every bride looks forward to seeing being drawn on her hand. The intricacy and beauty of this design just makes everybody smile with a fluttering heart. In this design the bride and groom are drawn on each hand, and the fingers are filled with meshwork or geometric patterns. To give it the ultimate look, a thick bracelet design is drawn around the wrist, and completed by a kalash on one hand and Ganesha on the other. Our favourite is bride-and-groom design in which the two exchange garlands.

11. Traditonal Gujarati Bridal Mehndi

 Gujarati Bridal Mehndi

This is the most common Gujarati bridal mehndi design you will find. Artisans have mastered the art and can effortlessly replicate this design. The intricacy of the design makes it stunning. There are a variety of bridal mehndi designs one can choose from and each of them are unique in their own way.

12. Arab Inspired Gurajati Bridal Mehndi

Gujarati Arab Mehndi

This design is a combination of Gujarati mehndi design and Arabic design. To give the art a complete new flavor, artisans had to blend their traditional design with other popular designs. The intricacy of the design compliments the Arabic pattern. Arabic patterns are usually broad and have significant spaces between them. Those squares in the design add much charm and beautify the design very well.

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13. Dulha-Dulhan Styled Gujarati Bridal Mehndi Designs

Dulha Dulhan Mehndi

This is the very famous Dulha-Dulhan design which depicts the rituals of a wedding. Both Gujarati and Rajasthani artisans are known for these designs. Most brides opt for this design, as it is considered holy and it looks the most alluring compared to the other bridal mehndi designs. These designs are very expensive because of the complexity and take a lot of time to be inked. So if you are the bride, and you are confused with which design to go for, this should be the best you can think of. So just ask your artisan for this design and see how beautiful your wedding mehndi turns out to be.

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14. Back Hand Gujarati Mehndi Designs

Gujarati Back Hand Mehndi

Mehndi designs are now not just meant for weddings and occasions, but are flaunted as a fashion trend. To cope up with this want of a new dimension to the traditional mehndi, Gujarati artisans have introduced these simple and beautiful mehndi designs. This back hand design looks elegant and extremely sophisticated. If traditional is on your mind, you can always sport this exquisite design without having any second thoughts.

15. Gujarati Feather Mehndi

Gujarati Feather Mehndi

This mehndi design is simple and easy to do. If you are looking for a quick Gujarati Mehndi design, this should be the one you should go for. Though it’s not that intricate, it will cover your hand and look really nice. This redefines Gujarati Mehndi design and sure is a pattern to watch out for.

16. Gujarati-Arab Back Hand Mehndi

Gujarati - Arab Back Hand Mehndi

This is one other beautiful Gujarati back hand mehndi design. This type of design has been inspired from the Arabic designs but has been personalised by our artisans, to give it the Indian touch. You can opt for this design even if you have a very simple design for the palm. It will compliment well.

17. Gujarati Bridal Feet Mehndi

Gujarati Bridal Feet Mehndi

Mehndi designs are not restricted to the hand anymore. Mehndi designs for the feet have been equally popular. This gujarati mehndi design for the feet looks beautiful and will adorn your feet further. If you want to get a bridal feet mehndi, this design will look simple yet stunning. Give it a try!

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18. Gujarati Rangoli Mehndi

Gujarati Rangoli Mehndi

If you believe in simplicity then you will go gaga over this rangoli design. The use of circles and dots makes the design look spectacular. A simple design yet an eye catchy one. You can flaunt this for a Sangeet party. It will compliment the occasion well.

19.Glittering Gujarati Bridal Mehndi Designs

Gujarati Glitter Mehndi

Black henna and glitter beads are the talk of the town now. Whenever we think of mehndi, dark brown colour strikes our mind. But to spice up the whole mehndi culture, gujarati artisans have adapted this new trend of using black henna with some glitter. These designs are different and look out of the box. So if you want to stand out with your mehndi design, you definitely should consider this. It will look wonderful.

We hope our collection of Gujarati bridal mehndi designs help you find what you desire. Happy Mehinding to you!

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