12 Groom’s Gift Ideas To Make Your Man Smile From Ear To Ear

All things considered, the bride is invariably the centre of any wedding. Showered with gifts and appreciation from her man, family and friends – she gets plenty of attention and love, and that always makes the moment even more special. But what about the groom? Why not shower him with love and affection by gifting him something special – a fun and exciting goodie bag to be sent across before or on wedding day!


So, here are some evergreen gifting ideas that’ll be sure to put a wide smile on your man’s handsome face.

Idea 1: Shaving Kit In A Canvas Bag


Do you find yourself chasing your husband-to-be to get to get him to shave? If so, this little gift works as a gentle reminder, except this time it’s even more special since it’s coming from you as a wedding gift. Plus it also comes with a hidden message canvas, so go ahead and leave a special note in there too!

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Idea 2: Mini-Bar In A Jar


Every man could use a mini-bar in a jar – after all, a shot or two never hurt anyone. Pick a few sample bottles from any of your previous trips that you might have collected as a souvenir or chose some of his favourites, either will do. The souvenir is a great gesture to remind him about the good times you spent together, and a reminder that you’re looking forward to many more – over a toast, of course. Place in the jar a photo of your glamorous self to seal the deal!

Idea 3: Customized Cufflinks


Get a pair of silver cufflinks and you could have them engraved with both of your names, your wedding date, pictures or anything special that the two of you share. It’ll sweep him off his feet all over again. Use your intimate knowledge to give a really personal gift!

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Price: $152.00

Idea 4: Engraved Compass with Leather Case


Not everyone needs a beautiful compass with a personal engraving. Those who do, however, will likely be grinning from ear to ear upon opening their gift. This unique gift idea sets the mood for the big day and these little emotional gifts go a long way.

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Idea 5: The Secret Tie Patch


Get help from a groomsman and steal hubby-to-be’s tie. Then, stitch a personalized note or a patch on the back. It could have your names, the date of the wedding, the first time you met or a secret code that only the both of you understand. Be warned, you might have to also have a little bribe prepared for the groomsman!

Idea 6: A Time-Piece


If your man is the traditional type, get him a pocket vintage collectors watch. If he’s a watch lover, get him something he has been saving up for or that you know he admires. If he is a gadget lover, get him one of the latest Apple or smart watches that will make him jump out of bed and go for a run – if only. Still, a watch makes for a great gift – especially one with an engraving. Always leave a handwritten note too, and a “See you at 2, can’t wait to say I do” is great little way to make him think of you every time he looks at his watch.

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Idea 6: Customized Socks With A Wrapper


Any nerves he might have had will be gone. And in this instance, remember, the louder the socks, the better.

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Idea 7: Carved Heart Canvas


People in love have been carving their names out on tree trunks since tools and trees came to be. There’s a certain rustic and romantic charm to the whole thing.

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Idea 8: Tickets To His Favourite Concert or Game


The best case scenario is a ticket to a live event wherever you’re honeymooning. A future date for a concert, or game is rather excellent as well!

Idea 9: A Wine Kit


Nothing delights men who are connoisseurs of wine than gifts that can add to their curious collection. Get him one of those kits that is both dapper and functional.

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Idea 10: Wooden Plaque With The Family Name


Moving into a new home after the wedding? Snagged yourself a family man? Congratulations are due in both cases, and if so, you just have to get one of these.

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Idea 11: Make A Playlist


Make an album or a playlist with your personal favourites. Leave a note on the CD explaining how they always remind you of him and how much your cherish those moments. Make it handwritten. Detail the places you first heard the songs together. To a music lover, and perhaps someone who’s got pretty much all else – this is the ideal gift.

Idea 12: A Handwritten Letter


Nothing beats the feeling of receiving handwritten letters, and it can never go out of style. In our fast paced lives, we do not have too many chances like these. So make the most of the moment and take some time out to write one. A kiss and a spray of perfume will round out the letter. Do not underestimate the power of the written word, especially a handwritten letter, and one that comes from the person you’re imminently marrying.

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