5 Green Wedding Decorations That Will Leave You Speechless

Green – a soft rich color is growing more and more popular as a color of choice for weddings. You may use it as an elementary color or accentuate details of your wedding décor with ascent of this shade. Green as a choice of color for wedding says a lot about the couples’ personalities. If you choose green color for your wedding, you are believed to be wise, thoughtful and level-headed just like this harmonized color.

Bringing in a ‘freshness’ to the overall space, green works well when used independently as well as when teamed up with ivory or white giving your wedding an elegant theme and setting the tone for the events. You may even team it up with a touch of gold for that sophisticated feel, if you want.

The exact shade of green should synchronize with the season. Pastel green or mint is perfect for springs as they would suggest freshness and bloom. While brighter bolder shades would add vibrancy to your summer wedding, a jewel toned luxurious emerald can be easily accented for the celebrations in winter.

These 5 amazing green wedding decorations are just some of the few examples of how to play well with the color and various options that you can explore.

Tips For Green Wedding Decorations


Venue - Green Wedding Decorations

It is important when you select a particular shade of green – whether it is emerald or mint or a pastel shade, you keep in mind the overall theme of the event and the location as well. For a light or a informal set of events – like a sangeet or a puja ceremony you can opt for lighter, playful shades, and reserve the more sombre colors for the major events like wedding. Similarly the decor of the location or the venue where your wedding will be held can also influence or understate the wedding decorations – like it’s wallpaper or the color of the carpet or even the artwork or the wall hangings.

Alternatively: While choosing a venue with a green decor on your mind, you may want to choose locations that naturally provide an emerald backdrop. May be a botanical garden or a golf course or any other outdoor place with healthy shrubs or trees which would make for a perfect backdrop.

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Invitations - Green Wedding Decorations

For the invitations, you may want to choose stationery with green ascent. A simple white laser cut invitation with a green ribbon for example. Looks very elegant.

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Wedding Ceremonies

Ceremonies - Green Wedding Decorations

There are tons of ideas you could think of incorporating green in your wedding ceremonies. From table cloth, floral arrangements, the food and cakes as well.

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Need More Green?

More Green - Green Wedding Decorations

You could use green linens with floral prints for your table cloth and runners. The centerpieces could be equally vibrant and done up entirely in green with a blend of other shades like ivory or gold or maybe even a purple. You may also add pebbles or marbles to them. Add some freshness to the table by using aromatic candles.

Don’t forget small details which will add dimensions to your wedding. Maybe a nature-inspired photo booth or candles hanging from tree branches. You may also use a bird’s cage painted white with lots of ferns and few crystals.

For wedding favors too, you could choose a green box with few goodies stuffed inside or how about lucky bamboo plant? These will be something that would be remembered by your guests.

Well if you are playing with green, make sure you don’t go overboard. You can keep a check by utilizing floral prints or patterns against a white background and avoid using ‘green’ as a primary color but rather green accents of fabrics and decorations. You can also pick a shade that teams up well with the other wedding details, providing you the perfect pitch for a beautiful wedding.

When you are going green all the way, why not do something eco-friendly too? Wonder how?

Here Are Some Ideas:

Idea - Green Wedding Decorations

Plant some trees with friends and family to celebrate the occasion.

Make sure you cut down on the excesses. Little can be a lot of fun too.

Send out evites (email invites) to your guests and save paper.

For the wedding ceremony and all things to do with the wedding, avoid the use of plastic as much as possible.

Go green!