4 Of The Greatest Love Poems That Got Lost In Time

There was a time when men and women expressed their feelings through words. They penned down sonnets and created celestial melodies to woo one another. Words reflected the depth of their souls. And they were delivered by little boys and girls with a bouquet of flowers, or recited under the moonlit sky. But over the period of time, the definition of romance has changed. And in that passage of time beautiful poetry that truly touched one’s heart got lost. To rekindle the old world charm of love and romance, we have shortlisted four lost love poems that will make you weak in your knees.

1. Meeting At Night By Robert Browning

One of the beautiful and simple lost love poems in which the poet expresses his one soul desire to reunite with his beloved. In the poem the poet describes how he rows his boat and comes ashore, crosses the farms and reaches the cottage, where he sees his beloved and their souls reunite as one. There is a sense of movement in this extremely picturesque poem. This poem is apt for the lovers who are miles apart and just hope to be reunited with one another under the shimmering silver light of the moon. Check out the poems here..

2. Bright Star, Would I Were Steadfast As Thou Art By John Keats

It is one of the loveliest and paradoxical lost love poems of John Keats. In this poem, Keats expresses his desire to be like the north star. In a melancholic tone he expresses to live in an unchanging state just like the north star; how the star is steadfast and committed to the Earth. Later he shifts his focus on comparing his love to the star who he wished was like that star in the sky. He beautifully links the eternity of the star with his love and makes one get lost in the darkness of the night and in his love. Check out the poems here..

3. I Carry Your Heart by E. E. Cummings

This heart rendering poem has a unique style and is highly visual. In few words Cummings expresses his deep, profound love for the woman he truly cherishes. He opens the poem by declaring, ”I carry your heart with me (I carry it in my heart).” He goes onto expressing his sense of unity he shares with her. He explains that everything he does, he does it for her. And that his fate and his world are hers alone. He emphasizes on the roots of true love and its reflection on limitless possibilities. Check out the poems here..

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4. My River By Emily Dickinson

This poem by Emily Dickinson beautifully captures the passion and the pandemonium of capitulating to love. Here Emily refers the river to feelings of love and passion for one man she truly cares for. My river runs to thee. Blue sea, wilt thou welcome me? Blue sea here is referred to the man she loves. Unsure of his feelings, she asks him, will he ever love her the way she does? She goes onto expressing that she has waited for so long for him to reciprocate her feelings. She asks him to look closely, how anxiously she awaits him. She continues to open and show him her heart where lies the willingness and patience to love him like the unstoppable river. In the end, Emily eagerly awaits him to express his love for her the same way she does. This poem shows us one things – love has no boundaries. Check out the poems here..