15 Exquisite Wedding Centerpieces

Wedding centerpieces are an extension of your chosen theme and personal style. These miniature versions of you usher verve and elegance into the tables, adding volume, pop and accent – all excellent qualities when it comes to decor.

Choosing a centerpiece is fairly simple with just a few things to keep in mind: stay within the budget, choose your colors and get creative. The choices are boundless: designs that incorporate floral elements, towered designs, DIY pieces, crystal or rustic ensembles… there’s no limit, really. Here’s a list of centerpieces that we found most alluring:

1. Pastel Wedding Centerpieces

Pastel-Centerpiece-great wedding centerpieces

Different tones of pastel coloured roses in a svelte and shimmering vase makes for an exquisite choice of wedding centerpieces for both indoor and outdoor weddings. The sleek profile will not be a hindrance. The combination of tumbler vases, tea cup candles and roses – with satin bows tied to the body – is truly a royal choice.

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2. Tree Branch With Candles Centerpiece

Tree-Branch-With-Candles-Centerpiece-great wedding centerpieces

A spray painted tree branch with tea cup candle holders, ribbons and hanging crystals brings a very enchanting feel to every table. Add flowers of your choice or roses to camouflage the bottom of the branch. Works best for evening ceremonies and receptions.

3. The Flower Tower

The-Flower-Tower-great wedding centerpieces

This tower of flowers paints a very tasteful picture and brings quite a bit of elegance to the table.

4. Holiday Decor Wedding Centerpieces

Holiday-Decor-Centerpiece-great wedding centerpieces

No over the top glitter, shine and sparkle and works perfectly for winter weddings. Holiday inspired wedding centerpieces and accessories will start to feel a lot like christmas and why not? Brings warmth and good cheer to the table!

5. Candles And Flowers

Tapered-Candles-And-Flowers-Centerpiece-great wedding centerpieces

This chic-looking centerpiece is an impressive pick for morning or afternoon ceremonies. The pop from the base of the candle holder, splash of colours from the flower bunches and elegance from the tapered candles makes this an all-rounder.

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6. Floral And Crystal Monochrome Centerpiece

Floral-And-Crystal-Monochrome-Centerpiece-great wedding centerpieces

This white beauty is all about the details. Pearls, crystals, roses, candles and vases, these wedding centerpieces have a splendid little mix of everything.

7. Vintage Wedding Centerpieces

The-Vintage-Centerpiece-great wedding centerpieces

This vintage cupcake stand with roses, pearls and beads is a unique choice and will definitely have your guests taking notice.

8. Ivory Coloured Centerpiece

Ivory-Coloured-Centerpiece-great wedding centerpieces

Bring in some visual oomph to your table with this ivory colored centerpiece. White roses, hydrangeas, orchids, satin ribbons with a tinge of pink… just an excellent aesthetic choice for wedding centerpieces.

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9. The Christmas Heart Centerpiece

The-Christmas-Heart-Centerpiece-great wedding centerpieces

Another phenomenal choice for winter or holiday weddings. The goodness of festive decor, christmas accessories and roses.

10. Bonsai Branch Centerpiece

Bonsai-Branch-Centerpiece-great wedding centerpieces

A bonsai tree branch with a combination of origami birds is an eccentric choice. The contrast of a brown bark and white birds, is an artistic way of bringing nature into a table setting. Also great for resident Japanophiles and ikebana enthusiasts.

11. Floating Candles And Flowers Centerpiece

Floating-Candles-And-Flowers-Centerpiece-great wedding centerpieces

Flowers and candles are staples when it comes to wedding centerpieces. This particular take represents the best of both worlds.

12. Rustic And Wooden Centerpiece

Rustic-And-Wooden-Centerpiece-great wedding centerpieces

A lit up wooden base with simple tea cup candles, extending into a classic mason jar with sparkles, marries well into vintage or rustic wedding themes and make the perfect wedding centerpieces. It sets a very warm mood and the flowers are a refreshing addition.

13. Burlap Chic Centerpiece

Burlap-Chic-Centerpiece-great wedding centerpieces

Burlap is not going anywhere and will remain an evergreen option for a wedding theme. This plain, rustic yet sophisticated centerpiece that sits on a wooden base with wooden hearts – perfect for an outdoor, garden wedding. The flowers, of course, are always a desirable addition to any theme.

14. Creeper-Raised Centerpiece

Creeper-Raised-Centerpiece-great wedding centerpieces

A very uncommon and splendid option for a centerpiece. works for straight and lengthy tables much better than round ones. The flowers look exquisite, and the hanging candles are impeccable.

15. The Hanging Orchids Centerpiece

The-Hanging-Orchids-Centerpiece-great wedding centerpieces

A perfect choice for winter wonderland themes. The illusion of snowflakes falling from the hanging orchids gives them a magical quality. The candles and the crystal chains are the icing on this orchid cake.

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