6 Ideas For Gorgeous Tulle Wedding Decorations

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It is customary for the bride to look picture-perfect on her wedding day and if it is a non-traditional wedding (in India) then it is usually in a beautiful and flowing tulle wedding dress that was created especially for such an occasion. However, tulle, the fine material of which the wedding dress is made out of, can also be used to create some exquisite and charming decorations that can really add a dash of unique flavour to the ambience at your wedding.

Tulle wedding decorations come in all shapes and sizes, and the versatile material which is used to make wedding dresses and veils, can be fashioned into various highly pleasing decorations. We have selected for you some of the best ways in which tulle wedding decor can be used by you for your wedding, so without further ado, here’s how to decorate with tulle for a wedding:

1. Outdoorsy Delight

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For those of who are inclined towards having a beautiful outdoor wedding, this is one of the tulle wedding decorations that will be perfectly suited. If walking down the aisle in an outdoor venue with the beautiful trees and soft lights sounds appealing, you can use various lengths of tulle to beautifully decorate the entire walkway leading to an effect that is highly desirable and very beautiful.

2. Tulle Bows

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This beautifully worked tulle bow decoration should be in a “wedding decoration with tulle 101” book, especially given its wonderful double layering and long tail. Able to adapt to the setting, this bow can add a very rustic charm when paired with some wood as depicted above, or it can even be put up as a wedding chair decoration or just about anywhere else to add a very pleasing dimension to the entire wedding décor.

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3. Pompom Centrepiece

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Mason jars and weddings seem to go hand in hand. Their versatile nature means that they are used to hold anything from flowers to these beautiful pompom decorations. Fantastic as a centrepiece, these fluffy and beautiful creations are wholly unique in their cute charm, especially when dyed in the subtle and not too overpowering colours which represent the softness of the material itself.

4. Tulle Drapes

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If you are looking for tulle wedding decorations on a grander scale or if you’ve got a section of walls or areas that you want to neatly tuck away, while having a beautiful decoration in its place, this is just the thing for you! These gorgeous tulle drapes, when bunched together and hung over a length of wall and paired with a set of soft lights, can have quite the dramatic effect at your wedding; dramatic here meaning that they look absolutely stunning, of course.

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5. Tulle And Roses


Flower decoration for wedding is an age old tradition, and okay, so it doesn’t have to be just roses, but they do look rather pretty in that shade when paired with this beautifully crafted tulle bow. The subtlety of colours on display here makes this fabulous arrangement the perfect decoration to hang on the back of your wedding chairs, for example. If the look is entirely too subtle for you, experiment with other colour roses, or other types of flower entirely to get the effect you desire.

6. Tulle For Trees

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Trees don’t usually need much in terms of decoration, but then a beautiful wedding is not quite a usual occasion, is it? If you are having an outdoor wedding, and are looking to deck the trees with something other than (or in addition to) lights, these tulle balls or pompoms are just the right way to go about things. Not too flashy or distracting, these subtle decorations add just the right flavour to make the trees at the venue look like they’re right out of a fairy tale.

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