25 Flawless Indian Bridal Dresses For A ShowStopper Effect

The wedding season is just around the corner and it’s that time of the year when brides are frantically thinking about the kind of dresses they’d like to wear. After all, it is one of the most important days of their lives. Which woman doesn’t think about how she would look at her wedding at least once in her life? I’ve done it, you’ve done it, and we’ve all done it! At a time when the image of the modern, Indian woman is changing, bridal looks are changing too – making way for simpler and futuristic styles. Gone are the days when wedding dresses would all look the same. Today, you can pick from a variety of styles, colours and materials. Whether you like the good old designer dresses or would like to get your own made, here are 25 Indian bridal dresses you most definitely should take a look at for some inspiration:

1. Colourful Lehengas

Colorfull lehenga

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It’s the season of lehenga’s and also the season of colour blocking. These lehengas have made a huge comeback. The orange teamed with pink really adds a pop of colour to the outfit. Worn with a golden blouse, this look is perfect for someone that loves bright colours.

2. Black And Gold

Black and gold

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This combination of black and gold is extremely popular amongst brides today, and though not one of the classic Indian bridal dresses, as brides avoid wearing black on their wedding day, this is a perfect outfit for that post wedding reception or sangeet. With heavy zardosi work along with sequins, this lehenga is extremely elegant.

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3. Gujarati Look

Gujrati look

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If you’re a Gujarati bride looking for some inspiration, wait no further. This lehenga with contrasting colours of green and blue, teamed with zari, kundan and an embroidered patch border along with a sweetheart neckline, is the perfect Indian bridal dress.

4.Floor Length Gown

Floor Length Gown

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Another color popular among the bride is the colour red amongst Indian brides. Team the two together and you’re bound to get an amazing piece of work! This red, floor length gown with its heavily embroidered and flared skirt is the look of the season. Extremely comfortable and elegant, this dress can look gorgeous when paired with the right jewelry.

5. Some More Red

red lehenga

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A fitted lehenga with golden embroidery and a floor length chunni is a staple look at Indian weddings. I also like how this lehenga is body hugging till her knees and flares from there on.

6. Mughal Inspired Look

 Mughal Inspired Look

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This Mughal inspired dress looks nothing short of regal with its zardosi embroidery.

7. Green And Gold

green and gold

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This green and gold dressed made of net fabric is covered with heavy zari, diamond and gota work along the border. It looks effortlessly elegant.

8. Angelic Gowns

wedding gown

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One of the reasons I love Christian weddings so much is that the brides get to wear these lovely white gowns that look so angelic on them. I mean, just look at this dress!

9. Sharara


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Remember that time in the 90’s when Sharara’s were so popular and then they vanished? Well, lucky for us, they’ve made a comeback and in an oh-so-stylish avatar.

10. Traditional Tamilian Bride

Traditional Tamilian Bride

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Tamilian brides are known to wear traditional Kanjeevaram sarees or half sarees along with a golden waist belt, gold jewellery and flowers to complete the look.

11. Malayali Bride

Malayali Bride

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Malayali brides are often seen wearing these beautiful white and gold sarees along with lots of gold jewellery and flowers. I personally like how the simple white and gold saree is made to look so beautiful with the accessories.

12. Maharashtrian Bride


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When one thinks of Maharashtrian brides, one immediately thinks of Paithani green sarees, green bangles, a large nose ring and headgear. While traditionally they used to wear green sarees, today they experiment with different colours.

13. Kashmiri Bride

Kashmiri Bride

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Kashmiri brides wear a dress which is called Pheran along an elaborate headgear, also known as Taranga – which is like a cap with a white scarf.

14. Coorgi Bride


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Coorgi brides tie their sarees different from the traditional way. Their wedding sarees are generally ones that have been passed down through generations. Covering the head with a veil, they complete the look with lots of flowers.

15. Punjabi Bride

Punjabi bride

Image: Arjun Kartha photography

This one is my personal favourite, and one of the most popular Indian bridal dresses. I love Punjabi weddings and the elaborate dresses the bride wears. They generally wear bright coloured lehangas, which are heavily embroidered with phulkari work and also wear traditional embroidered juttis on their feet.

16. Rajasthani Bride

Rajasthani Bride

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Remember how all of India’s women were raving about Aishwarya Rai’s look in Jodhaa Akbar? Well, these lucky Rajasthani women get to wear dresses that are very similar for their weddings. Accessorized with heavy jewellery in the form of a kundan neck piece, dangling earrings and armlets, these brides look incredible!

17. Bengali Bride

Bengali Bride

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Bengali brides generally wear red and white Banarasi silk sarees with heavy work. They complete the look with a red bindi, a mukut – which is like a crown worn on the head.

18. Parsi bride

Parsi bride

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Parsi brides generally wear white saris with zari work on them. One of the simplest and most elegant Indian bridal dresses.

19. Pastels


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This mint green coloured Indian bridal dress is a must have this wedding season and can make every woman look absolutely graceful.

20. Maroon And Velvet

Maroon and Velvet

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Maroon is an Indian favourite during the wedding season and what better way than to experiment with the material of the dress. Velvet goes so well with the embroidered skirt.

21. Modern Day Blouse

Modern Day Blouse

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Crop tops and bralets are extremely popular today and this can be adapted to bridal wear as well. The bride looks extremely stylish in her bralet blouse.

22. Devil Is In The Details

Bridal wear

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Indian bridal dresses like this corset blouse with detailed work on it is a big hit this season. While the rest of the saree is elegant and simple, the blouse highlights this outfit.

23. Embroided Back

Embroided back

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It’s not just the front out of the outfit that all the work is put into. This coral choli with its interesting back and stone work makes for a stunning piece, and a perfect Indian bridal dress.

24. Keep It simple

Simple lehenga

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If you are someone that doesn’t like a lot of bling and would like something simple yet classy, this look is for you.

25. Play With Necklines

Play with necklines

Make your bridal outfit edgy by playing with necklines. This off-shoulder corset blouse with emphasizes on the jewelry around neck, makes for a perfect pick me up dress. Looking at all these pictures, I wish I were getting married now, just so I could wear all these wonderful clothes. I’m sure I’m not the only one. The thought crossed your mind too? Let us know in the comments below.