11 Emotional Goodbye Quotes For Her To Always Remember You By

Saying goodbye to your girlfriend for what seems like the last time is something that is immeasurably hard to do. If she’s soon going to become your ex because she is moving to the other side of the world, or because the both of you have decided that this is the next and best step to take in the course of your relationship – you are going to have to say goodbye.

What you are looking for could be just the right mix of memorable and melancholic, or it could be just plain sad. Here’s a heavy list of goodbye quotes for her, so you say bye:


Goodbye Quotes For Her - You Have The Key

If that’s just the way you feel about the situation, then that’s what you’re going to have to say. Sometimes you’re just not ready or willing for this major change in your life, but it comes any way, and there’s no way to sugar coat this – it really sucks. Tell her the same thing with this message.


Goodbye Quotes For Her - A Memory

Okay, so you’re going away and we’re not going to be seeing each other anymore, but that’ doesn’t mean that all of the moments we shared together have to become just a distant memory only to be forgotten – good times were had and they should be remembered for just that. So send her one of these goodbye quotes for her, so that she gets it.

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Goodbye Quotes For Her - All I Ever Wanted

If you truly believe that the cause for the split was not your stubbornness or some stupid mistake you created (though in most situations you cannot absolve yourself completely of the blame) then say so, unless you are sure you can swallow your pride and forever hold your peace while finding closure – most people can’t.


Goodbye Quotes For Her - Too Good To Be True

Really, this just happens to be the case sometimes. It’s not quite unexplainable, sometimes you miss some things that you should have caught and pass red flags that were glaring, but this is the reality of what it feels like when you thought everything was fine before it’s time to use goodbye quotes for her.


Goodbye Quotes For Her - You

If you feel your partner is being extremely selfish in their actions, then by all means, just tell them that.


Goodbye Quotes For Her - Lies

It hurts, and there’s no reason to feign being unhurt or not angry at being deceived. Let your girlfriend know exactly how you feel about the situation.

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Goodbye Quotes For Her - A Pity

There’s noting worse than being the one who’s holding on because they see potential, and being met with someone who doesn’t really see the bigger picture, or the point. Sure, this goodbye isn’t for everyone, but those who need it the most will relate the second they read what seems to be their story in this message.


Goodbye Quotes For Her - The Hangover

Some things are meant to not live too long, enjoy the memories and no need to get hung up about it.


Goodbye Quotes For Her - Walking Away

What I put into the relationship, I did not get in return. That’s why I’m walking, it’s that simple.


Goodbye Quotes For Her - Complicated

How often is this the case? Someone seemingly wonderful comes into your life out of nowhere, and a simple smile and hello leads to full on love. But you should have tread more carefully and not rushed in, because what’s left is a knotted web where every answer seems to lead to fresh questions. And know when it’s time to use goodbye quotes for her.

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Goodbye Quotes For Her - Until We Meet Again

No hard feeling, my unconditional apologies. Best wishes for the future.