Goodbye Love Quotes: 15 Quotes For When The Time Has Come To Part

Goodbye love quotes are an actual ‘thing’ in the 21st century, more so since the last big wave of globalization with the rise of new technologies and new industries. Moving around, mixing up, meeting people in strange places and falling in love is common. So if you thought loving and losing is hard, now you have to imagine how hard it would be to say goodbye to the love of your life. Life is challenging and takes unexpected turns when you least expect it. When you are in love, you can’t imagine a single minute away from your partner, but circumstances may lead you to grow apart – physically at least! Whether one of you is going away to study further, taking up a new job in a new city or going for ‘God knows how long!’, goodbyes are never easy. The simple small word – goodbye – has the power to bring up love and emotions you never even knew existed.

Here’s a list of some goodbye love quotes.

1. Goodbye Love Quotes - Chase Your Dreams

You wish the best for your partner but the fear of losing them along the way troubles you. Let them know you want the best for them and you want them to come back ‘home’, with these goodbye love quotes. Follow up with these romantic love messages for husband, or these I love you messages for wife.

2. Goodbye Love Quotes - The Cage Of Love

Might sound cheesy right now, but when you are going through it you’ll understand how caged you really do feel.

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3. Goodbye Love Quotes - Just A Memory

Let your partner know you want them to go beyond boundaries and limits as long as you are the pivot. May these goodbye love quotes help you out.

4. Goodbye Love Quotes - The Only Thing

Now that’s a positive thought. Instead of being sad about the ‘goodbye,’ be happy and excited for the ‘hello.’ It’s the best way to look at good byes and these bitter sweet goodbye love quotes.

5. Goodbye Love Quotes - The Hope

This is one of the most common ‘tests’ of a relationship, and one of the more hopeful goodbye love quotes on our list. A lot of people believe in that and hopefully that’s how it’ll work for you too. Being apart makes you realize how much you want to be together.

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6. Goodbye Love Quotes - Never Meant To Be

Seeing your love walk away is probably the most painful experience one can go through. But then, there’s nothing much you can do about it except hope against hope, right?

7. Goodbye Love Quotes - The Worst Goodbyes

When you don’t have a choice, it makes you feel even more helpless, and try as you might, you are unable to change the circumstances to your favour.

8. Goodbye Love Quotes - Now It Begins

Just like that, these goodbye love quotes give new hope. Living together is all fun and games, it’s when you live apart is when your love is truly tested.

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9. Goodbye Love Quotes - GoodByes Are Hard

Some people come and go and then there are others you can’t imagine going away from. It’s hard but that’s life!

10. Goodbye Love Quotes - A GoodBye Hug

Okay, it’s not like these goodbye love quotes are all sweet, some are salty. Imagine holding on to someone knowing you won’t be able to do that for a long long time… Ouch!

11. Goodbye Love Quotes - Time Is A Funny Thing

So true! When you are together, time seems to fly away. But when apart, every second seems like an eternity.

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12. Goodbye Love Quotes - Happiness

Only the one in true love can be happy for one’s partner even though it means the saddest and most painful thing for oneself. But sometime that’s not the end; no, seriously, goodbye love quotes or not, it’s definitely not the end for you. Here’s a few true love meanings so you know why.

13. Goodbye Love Quotes - It's Amazing

You never know how much you really love someone unless you grow apart or distance yourself from them.

14. Goodbye Love Quotes - All This Pain

Wish your partner luck, keep them in your prayers and hope for the better brighter future they will have (with or without you!).

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15. Goodbye Love Quotes - No Matter How Long

Already imagining a sweet reunion? Well, that’s what a lot of goodbye love quotes are about. Good bye is not ‘Farewell’. And that’s probably the best you’ve got right now. Look forward and hope for the positive and best that is yet to come.

So are you nursing a grieving heart too? Are you dreading the days of distance ahead of you? I know it’s hard but it’s more important to let your partner know how much it affects you; not because you want them to feel bad but because they deserve to know how much they mean to you. Share your story with us and help others on the same boat to sail through it. Till the, we sign off with this collection of goodbye love quotes.