51 Good Night Love SMSes For The Perfect End To The Day

When in love, nothing in the world can hinder your desire to express your feelings, be it in the day or at night. It does not really matter what kind of relationship you are in (married, live-in or long distance), it is always great to end the day with a 160 character love note that you send to your amore through the ubiquitous mobile phone. If you seem to have some trouble figuring out your words for the best good night expression infused with love, then we are here to the rescue with 51 best good night love SMSes.

1. Good Night Love SMS - Sweet Dreams My Dear

An adorable good night love sms that communicates the point to your love that he/she is there in your mind even when you close your eyes, even when you dream.

2. Good Night Love SMS - The Sweetest KIss

A bonus point with this good night love sms is that it works great even as a romantic e-mail, if that is what is your preferred mode of communication. As an SMS, this one looks really cute and is surely going to leave your loved one smiling.

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3. Good Night Love SMS - 3

A nice message that borders between being cute and naughty. If sending a standard good night love SMS feels boring then this one will work great.

4. Good Night Love SMS - I May Be Sleepy

Works great for the love-birds that are having a long distance relationship. If your day feels incomplete without making the final expression of love for the day, then these are the words that you should use.

5. Good Night Love SMS - An Official Invitation

Before you send out the official invite to your wedding, it is quite likely you are going to indulge in some courting with the one you love. When in that phase, this message makes a great good night love SMS to ensure your sweetheart sleeps smiling.

6. Good Night Love SMS - My Beloved Pillow

Good one for those in a long distance relationship. Also works great for married couples when you have your partner go out of town, and miss him/her so badly that you just want to say it across.

7. Good Night Love SMS - The Dark Skies

This good night love sms is kind of poetic and blatantly romantic. It brings out the love that is deep in your heart and pours it out in the best words possible.

8. Good Night Love SMS - No Impossibilities

This good night love sms is actually a nice message to end an altercation you had in the day with your beloved. It is a good way to reinforce your love and remind your beloved that you will always have those amorous feelings, no matter what the situation.

9. Good Night Love SMS - As The Clock Ticks Away

Unable to sleep and quite sure your babe is struggling to sleep as well? Drop her this message, and you will leave her smiling even if she is half awake.

10. Good Night Love SMS - Mr McDreamy

When your beau means more than the world; he is the one who made your world wonderful, joyful and beautiful. A nice message to send as a good night greeting for the guy you love a lot.

11. Good Night Love SMS - Love Hate

Another adorable mushy good night love sms to be sent to the one whom you can’t live with, but can’t live without as well. Works great for those who are dating or those in long distance relationships.

12. Good Night Love SMS - Your Warrior

Even if you are married and want to add some zing to the monotony of sleeping together with your spouse, then just text them this to just make them smile.

13. Good Night Love SMS - Capturing Your Heart

An evergreen good night love sms that just works no matter what kind of romantic relationship you are in. In spite of having a simple tone, this one can surely work wonders.

14. Good Night Love SMS - I Ran Out Of Stars

It is an ‘I love you’ message in the guise of a good night SMS, but gets the job done of leaving your beloved smiling.

15. Good Night Love SMS - The Night Is Not Forever

Simple yet so sweepingly effective. You can send this to your partner if you have bickered in the day, and want to remind and rejuvenate your love at the end of the day with some nice words.

16. Good Night Love SMS - A Warm And Peaceful Sleep

A nice eternal good night love sms that works great to wish the one you love a warm good night.

17. Good Night Love SMS - The Tipping Point

Sometimes the mere thought of the one you love is enough to fill your mind with emotions that garner all the memories of the time you spent with your loved one. This one makes a nice good night love SMS to share that point across to your beloved.

18. Good Night Love SMS - As Long As You Love Me

Adorable good night love sms with the power to make the receiver break into a wide smile. These also make for some nice peppy words to replace the more generic ‘sweet dreams’ greeting.

19. Good Night Love SMS - A New Best Day Everyday

A good SMS for the ones who know their relationship will definitely lead to a wedlock. Makes a nice good night love SMS when you are officially engaged and are looking for some mushy words to share with your fiancé/fiancée.

20. Good Night Love SMS - Feels Like Eternity

For those who get to see their sweetheart for few hours a day. The sensation of living in the longest night is what the heart and mind feel when you are in love yet can’t spend the night together. Some nice words to capture that sentiment.

21. Good Night Love SMS - Here's To You My Darling

This good night love sms is cute and will make your babe/beau go ‘Aww…’

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22. Good Night Love SMS - You Are The One

A nice fusion of a good night message and an I love you message. It is also an indirect way of saying that you feel complete by the one you love, thus making this a nice message for married couples to share.

23. Good Night Love SMS - I Wish Upon A Shooting Star

Good ones for the love-birds living a long distance relationship who find every night to be yet another phase of boring loneliness.

24. Good Night Love SMS - Miss You

Some nice romantic words for the love-birds who get to meet only in the day. The words here are quite lucid, and work great when all you intend to do is simply share about your love.

25. Good Night Love SMS - No Formality My Dear

This one actually makes a great reply message to the response you have received for your original good night love SMS. If you are candidly quizzed by your beloved about your intentions to send a love message at night then this works great as a romantic reply/answer to the question.

26. Good Night Love SMS - Something Left To Do

Some great words to end the day on a romantic note. It also works great for couples who would like to add some flair to their married life.

27. Good Night Love SMS - No Matter How Far

Often, the person we love has influenced us to the point of littering our thoughts and dreams with their lovely image. In other words, when you close your eyes, you see your beloved as much as you see them with open eyes. A good night love sms to share across the point.

28. Good Night Love SMS - A Good Message

Trying to woo a girl and want to wish her good night? Then why not try this? A sweet message to share when you want to get a bit up-close with her without going overboard.

29. Good Night Love SMS - Your Lovely Tired Eyes

This good night love sms has a certain cheery tone to it with a guarantee to make the receiver break into a smile. It has that warm essence of love, which it captures with some catchy words.

30. Good Night Love SMS - Intense

You can suffix this message with an emoticon and the kind of it will determine the tone of it. Add a heart emoticon and it becomes a heart-warming good night love SMS. Add a winking smiley and the meaning takes a more naughty turn thanks to the highlight of the word ‘intense.’

31. Good Night Love SMS - Gearing Up To See You In LaLaLand

Cute good night message to make an adorable expression of love to the person who you love from the bottom of your heart.

32. Good Night Love SMS - If Only

It has certain poignant overtone to it, and along with a smile, it might leave your beloved a bit teary-eyed but in a heart-warming way. As the words of the message suggest, this good night love sms is a classic good night love message for the ones in a long distance relationship.

33. Good Night Love SMS - Good NIght My Prince

Once you get married, you can replace the ‘Prince’ with ‘King’ and ‘Princess’ with ‘Queen,’ thus making it an evergreen good night love message which works for any type of a relationship.

34. Good Night Love SMS - Can't Sleep

If that is how you feel every night then share it with the love of your life with this romantic message.

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35. Good Night Love SMS - That Cute One

Apart from being forthright, this one is a charming good night love sms to share with your beloved when you are unable to fall asleep and just want to check if he/she is asleep as well. This one even works great to initiate a late night chat when you both are unable to get any sleep.

36. Good Night Love SMS - You're My World

There could be days when your partner may feel low and dejected, and you would do everything to cheer them up. If you have spent the day bringing back the exuberance then give the day the rightful closure with this short yet effective good night love SMS.

37. Good Night Love SMS - I Wish I Could

Well, this one certainly has kept pace with the modern times. It is quite likely you might love to send this message on an instant message service but sending it across through SMS will also help share your true love and affection towards the love of your life.

38. Good Night Love SMS - A Great Day

Had an amazing date? Perfect way to end the day.

39. Good Night Love SMS - Instagram

Accept it. We all have stalked the social media accounts of that girl/guy on whom we have that indomitable crush. When you finally get into a relationship, but of the long distance type or the kind where the pair separates by night, then social media becomes a lifeline without which you can’t think of a life at all. Nice message to share and to subtly request them to upload new pics too!

40. Good Night Love SMS - Your Love Is My Fulfillment

Some adorable words to share when every day of your life brings you new opportunities and moments to grow closer to the one who stole your heart.

41. Good Night Love SMS - My Heart Will Never Be Far Away

Nice simple good night love SMS which has a conventional tone yet packs a certain romantic flavour that will surely leave a smile on the face of your sweetheart.

42. Good Night Love SMS - As I Lay On My Bed

This good night love sms has some poem-like touch to it, and if you don’t prefer sending a typical SMS then you can pep things up through the cadence of the wonderful words used in this charming good night love message.

43. Good Night Love SMS - Lonely Tonight

Missing someone so bad that you find it hard to sleep without them? Reveal those feeling to them with this romantic good night SMS that will ensure that he/she thinks of you as well.

44. Good Night Love SMS - Pillow Fight!

A great way of saying that you can’t wait to have the one you love by your side every night. It works great for the engaged love-birds who can’t wait to get into a wedlock to spend the rest of their days and nights together.

45. Good Night Love SMS - The Stars Shine Bright

Amazing and adorable good night love sms that will leave your beloved grinning with joy. This one also features some classic SMS style alphanumeric language that itself can make things wonderfully lively.

46. Good Night Love SMS - I Got The Good Stuff

It is adorably hilarious and thus makes a great way to help your beloved end their day on a light note. It is also a good one to cheer your beloved before they go to bed, which can help develop a sense of optimism for the day to come.

47. Good Night Love SMS - Someone's Thinking Of You Tonight

The mind becomes a roll of your sweetheart’s pictures that unwinds every night to relive every moment you spent with the person who means the world to you. An adorable good night love sms to capture that feeling.

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48. Good Night Love SMS - Cheery Moments Will Find You

Another good night love SMS featuring the simplest of words that effortlessly puts the message across.

49. Good Night Love SMS - Your Princess

Well, if he is going to dream of you then his dreams are definitely going to become sweet. This one is thus a great single line good night message that says it all in few words.

50. Good Night Love SMS - The Silence

It might sound a little sad, but the smiley at the end makes it a mushy good night love SMS :)

51. Good Night Love SMS - Every Night In My Dreams

This one has a mixed tone and therefore can work great for any kind of situation. It is a great one to reconcile with your beloved after a quarrel.

So, which one is it gonna be? Any favourites?