40 Good Night Love Quotes To Tuck Your Beau In At Night

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The day has ended and it is time to go to bed, but of course not before wishing your sweetheart good night. No matter what kind of relationship you are in (married, live-in or long distance), it is always sweet to end the day with a message of love before you slip into your slumber. If you are having trouble figuring out what to say, here are some of our favourite good night love quotes.

  1. The New Best Day Of My Life

Good night love quotes work great when you are dating someone or are in a relationship where you get to see your loved one for just a few hours daily. No matter how brief that time, it is like at that very moment, time comes to a stand-still and all that seems to be there in the world is just you and your beloved.

2. In My Thoughts

Those in a long distance relationship will immediately relate to good night love quotes like this one. It is a weird feeling to sleep every night cuddling the pillow knowing that someone whom you love is somewhere else sleeping alone as well.

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3. A Day That Brings You Closer To Me

Share it with the one whom you are courting and their lips will break into a smile. After all, all you would love to do is get more closer to them, and have your love blossom.


With each day that passes by, all you hope and look forward to is to grow and develop a stronger bond with that one person who means the world to you.

5. You And Me Tonight

If you are married couple, then good night love quotes like this one works great in breaking the monotony of sleeping together every night and adds some zing to your life.

6. More Than Yesterday

If it is true love, then you can be sure that with each passing day, your relationship with your beloved will grow firm and stronger.

7. I Will Miss You

Another good quote that works as a great message for those stuck in those sort of relationships where the only time they get to see their beloved is for an hour or two (wee hours) in the day.

8. I Wish You Lovely Dreams

Lovely dreams in which you hope that you make an appearance an umpteen number of times! Good night love quotes help you be totally cute too!

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9. So You See

That is because when one is madly in love, all that stays in your mind is the lovely image of your beloved, which just keeps scrolling in front of your eyes even when they are shut tight.

10. In My Heart

Because your heart will turn into a cold deserted lonely place without the presence of your sweetheart, make sure you send good night love quotes every night to keep it warm.

11. Time Passes

No matter how hard you tried and even succeeded in letting the thought of your beloved stay out of your mind, in the night you are eventually going to miss the warmth and comfort of their lovely company. Telling him/her eases that feeling, so work your magic with good night love quotes.

12. A Thousand Miles

It won’t be surprising if you do so, if you had the means and time. But for the time being, this makes a great quote to share that no amount of distance is ever going to dilute your love towards the one whom you love.

13. That Moment When I Knew

It was the moment when you realised that you could mean and matter a lot to a beautiful soul out there. It is that moment of pure bliss and ecstasy, the reminder of that feeling, that makes for a great good text for him.

14. Dreams Come True

The yearning to spend time and live life with the one who you love reaches its peak when you are all alone in the night. It is then that you wish and dream that every night henceforth you spend in the arms of the love of your life, even if its just with good night love quotes.

15. Home Is In Your Arms

No matter how hard and tiring the day, when you are back home in the company of your beloved, it just relieves you of all the worries you had that day.

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16. I Can’t Wait

Every night is another moment to reflect on the time spent with the loved one and also to look forward to another exciting day.

17. My Prince My Love

Just make his day beautiful with these good night love quotes, which are surely going to make him smile even if he reads them half asleep.

18. I Need To Tell You

It is the heart’s pressing desire to share and communicate the love it has within. Make the best expression of the passion called love with this mushy love quote.

19. You Mean The World

This one has got some deep meaning and works great as a message of encouragement and reassurance of your bountiful love for that one person who means the world to you.

20. Tonight Tomorrow And Forever

No matter how far the distance, the love in your heart will never wither away and will always stay alive for the special person in your life.

21. I Wanna Be In Your Dreams

When saying ‘sweet dreams’ seems plain, then these good night love quotes will work great to break the routine and make things adorable.

22. Dreaming Is The Best

It is not a rosy thing to see your beloved all the time in your dreams. But those in long distance relationships will understand the power of it. Wonder why? Well, for them the dreams of their sweetheart is the fuel that drives them every day. That, and sweetly corny good night love quotes exchanged between them.

23. Me And My Pillow

Is he out of town? Send him this message and you will just make his day and night, all in one moment.

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24. All The Time

Great to capture the emotions of those who find it hard to sleep without the warm and caring company of their soul-mate.

25. There Are No Impossibilities

A great message if you want to wish good night along with good wishes for the day to come. This can also work great if you happen to have had an altercation with your beloved and want to end the matter, and the day, on an amicable note.

26. When I See You Smile

This is a good one to share when you are all set to cuddle in your partner’s arms and go to sleep.

27. I Hope Your Dreams Come True

Like they say, love is not just about receiving but a lot about how much you care and share. When you are madly in love, which is true love, you end up concentrating a lot on the caring and sharing aspect, and good night love quotes like this one aptly capture this sentiment.

28. I Want Your Heart

Share it with the one you love.

29. The Best Days Of My Life

Even the smallest amount of time spent with the one you love a lot can help you attain maximum happiness. End the day with this love quote and see how you smile together.

30. I Will Never Let A Day Pass Like That

If your love is true, then share it. If your love is timeless, then say it, say it with texts, msgs, silly songs, good night love quotes, mushy status updates, nothing is enough.

31. The Hours Feel Like Eternity

It would also be the longest night since you will be longing for that warm hug of your beloved when you meet him/her the next morning.

32. Sweet Dreams

Sweet, sweet, sweet.

33. Even As You Close Your Eyes

Words straight from the heart.


When you are deep in love, the mind becomes a never-ending image of the time spent with that loved one, every time you close your eyes. It is like your soul unites with the one who holds a special place in your heart. Nice good night love quotes capture this emotion.

35. You Are The One

There is no moment, no phase of the life that can be considered absolute without that one person who forms your other half. It is this person who becomes the source of your ceaseless strength, which helps make all your dreams come true.

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36. The Most Beautiful Flower

If she is next to you, then say this quote aloud while holding her hands and experience the ecstatic state of emotions that erupt in that moment.

37. To Cherish And To Love For All The Days Of Your Life

Makes for the sweetest of good night love quotes, doesn’t it?

38. The Laughter In Our Eyes

In fact, he/she could be the reason for your very existence and the reason why you look forward to every day. It is like you are brought alive by that one very special soul without whom you can’t imagine your life any more.

39. The Beanstalk Of Love

It is not just that your love will stay the same but will increase in intensity, every moment and every day that you get to know your beloved better.

40. My Dreams Are Fun

Simple and adorable message for your beloved.

Remember, it is not always about expressing your love. It is also about making the one you love feel special by letting them realise that for someone (you) they mean the world. When was the last time you sent someone you love good night love quotes or received one?

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