20 Good Night Love Messages For That Special Someone

It is sweet, romantic and always special to receive a good night love messages from your loved one just as you’re going to bed. So, make your partner feel loved and special by sending him or her a beautiful and personal message of love. We have compiled a list of 20 of the most romantic goodnight love messages for delightful dreamers like you. Read, share and dream on!


Good Night Love Messages

An adorable message of love, this. What’s sweeter that telling your love that he or she is in your dreams and hoping that you will be in theirs? A short and sweet good night message that will put a smile on your partner’s face as they go to bed – happy that you are there and that you care. Share your love and wish your love a dreamy night full of joy with this simple good night message of love.


Good Night Love Messages - Sleep Tight

A message of love that is sublimely poetic and sweet. A good night message that is laced with love and served with care. The perfect love message that you would want to share with your partner, one that will blissfully make him or her go to bed thinking about you.

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Good Night Love Messages - Ibn Abbad

Abbad Allah Muhammad Ibn Abi Ishaq Ibrahim An-nafzi Al-himyari Ar-rundi, better known as Ibn Abbad, was a Ronda born Moroccan social and cultural theologist and a world renowned thinker who lived in the 14th century. He is widely considered one of the key influencers of thought in that era and also a precursor to St. John of the Cross. This is a beautiful quote of his which can also double up as a goodnight love message because of the hope and positivity it carries. A wonderful quote that your loved one will love to receive.


Good Night Love Messages - Wishing For The Moon

A beautiful love quote that is poetic and pure. A message of love, longing and care – tell you partner that you are always there and that you will always want him or her to have the best of everything. Wish your love a sugary good night with this poetic love message.


Good Night Love Messages - For Dreamers

A witty and romantic message of love that just shows how much you yearn to have your partner by your side. A simple message that’ll put a smile on your partner’s face, and hopefully he or she will actually come over! Try your luck with this sexy and sweet goodnight love message.


Good Night Love Messages - To Your Prince

This is the perfect goodnight message for your prince charming. Tell him he is on your mind and you wish he’s on yours with this simple and sweet goodnight message.


Good Night Love Messages - Sleepless In Seattle

A sincere one line goodnight message that conveys your feelings for your love. Tell him or her you miss your love and wish them a goodnight with this beautiful love message.


Good Night Love Messages - Make A Wish

A poetic goodnight love message that ticks all the right boxes. Wish your lover a wonderful goodnight by telling him or her to close their eyes, touch their heart and say goodnight. It ends beautifully wish a poetic line “sky so wide, stars so bright, off the lights and sleep so tight”, a message that will surely make your partner sleep with a smile on his on her face.

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Good Night Love Messages - Sleep Well

A romantic goodnight message that is heartfelt and personal. Express your deepest feelings for your partner with this sensual goodnight love message.


Good Night Love Messages - In My Heart You Will Stay

The perfect goodnight message for your handsome hunk. Tell him that you’ll always love him and express your eternal admiration for him with this romantic goodnight love message.


Good Night Love Messages - When We Are Apart

Share your innermost feelings with your partner with this personal and honest message of love. There’s nothing better than the feeling of knowing that he or she is the one for you, and you ought to share it with the one you one. A romantic goodnight love message that is straight from the heart.


Good Night Love Messages - May Tomorrow Bring Us Closer

A beautiful message of love that is sweet and sensual. Wish your love a goodnight and share your hope that you’ll be closer to each other tomorrow with this simple one line message of love.


Good Night Love Messages - I'm Thinking Of You

What better way to express love that share your feelings and thoughts. Tell him or her that they’ll be the last thing on your mind before you go to bed and the first thing when your wake up in the morning. Wish him or her goodnight with this perfect message of love.


Good Night Love Messages - Hugs And Kisses

A sweet, sexy and light hearted love message that is perfect to wish your love a good night. Give your hugs and kisses and tell him or her that he or she is your rainbow, your stars and your everything with this cute and sweet goodnight love message.

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Good Night Love Messages - You Are Sweet

Express your truest feelings for your lover and tell him or her that words fail you every time, with this beautiful and honest message of love and admiration. A perfect goodnight message you ought to share with your love.


Good Night Love Messages - Time For Bed

A positive message of love that tells your partner that tomorrow is a new day and a new start. Tell him or her to forget all their fears and worries and believe that the future is bright and beautiful with this inspirational goodnight love message.


Good Night Love Messages - 17

Wish your lover a goodnight while you thank him or her for giving you the best moments in life. Make yourselves relive all those beautiful and romantic moments while you go to bed with this endearing goodnight love message.


Good Night Love Messages - No Matter The Distance

The distant is just an illusion. Tell your love that you are always around with this romantic and personal goodnight love message.


Good Night Love Messages - I Can't Sleep Thinking Of You

A romantic and cute goodnight love message that tells your partner that he or she is always on your mind.

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Good Night Love Messages - Of Legends And Love

A beautiful and heart touching message that actually is an ancient proverb. Tell your lover how much you miss him or her and how you aren’t able to sleep because he or she is surely on your mind and surely, you are on his or hers.

There is nothing more romantic than wishing your partner well before you fall asleep and to let him or her know that they’re always on your mind. We hope you’ve liked our goodnight love messages and will share them with your love. You can share your thoughts by commenting on this post, we’d sure love to hear from you.