50 Good Morning Love SMS To Brighten Your Love’s Day

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How many times have you started your day by reading a beautiful good morning message sent by your loved one? How did it make you feel? The joy of having them wish you the first thing in the morning can totally brighten up your day and lift your spirits. It’s not just the receiving part but even typing and sending a silly, simple and heartfelt message to wish your love first thing in the morning has its upsides, like the fact that your phone will buzz a few moments later with a smile, kiss or personal good morning love sms just for you. And that’s what living is about, isn’t it?

Here are some of the best good morning love sms we have gathered for you:


The quintessential good morning love sms that will bring a smile to their face. If it’s a guy, you can also substitute beautiful with “handsome.” “Good morning, darling” works well for all scenarios as well.


10 words to say everything that your love would like to hear first thing in the morning – that they are loved, someone (you) wishes they have a nice day and they are remembered first thing in the morning!

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An excellent good morning love sms to read when you’re the party receiving this text. Makes you feel loved and wanted like few other things can.


Making sure that you do the most important things first thing in the morning!


This good morning love sms seems a little narcissistic but it’s not a backhanded compliment, it’s a fact. Being with your love makes waking up in the morning worthwhile, and you never thought you’d be saying that.


On my mind as I drift off to sleep, on my mind as I awake refreshed. It’s the only way I know.


If you’re sending your love a good morning love sms then that means you’re away from them – not the ideal scenario! But still, you can always let them know how much you care with a sincere message like this one.


A demanding and cutesy message like the above one is pretty damn endearing if you don’t do it every single day!


It’s like being mothered by the one you love; a damned good feeling all in all.


Set the tone for tonight’s rendezvous by letting your love know that you’re thinking about them from the time you have woken up, with this good morning love sms.

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There’s nothing like showering the one you love with a flurry of kisses; they wont have to second guess how you feel that very morning!


Go on, stroke their ego. You know they’re worth it, and you know you’ll reap the benefits later.


This good morning love sms is sure to make them feel like all is okay in the world even if they have a rough day.


There’s nothing like a bit of humour to start off the day. Any messages of clarification will have to be replied with kisses though!


Slightly formal towards the end, no? But sometimes that’s exactly how you feel and what you have to say.


Seriously, where would we be without them? Lost in some loveless existence, no doubt.


This good morning love sms is “I miss you” said in so many more words and in a much more charming way. And it is a pretty great text to receive from your beloved first thing in the morning.


That’s just the nature of love isn’t it… It can make something as incredibly annoying as your morning alarm seem not so terrible because it’s a new day to talk to and hopefully meet with your beloved!


Early morning honesty, we feel, is the best honesty there is of them all.


An excellent good morning love sms to send not only in general, but especially before a big date for your beloved – like an exam, meeting, job interview etc. It’s always nice to know that someone has your back.


This wonderful good morning love message makes a simple point that they have your heart and that you trust them to take good care of it.

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Not being physically present isn’t going to stop you from wishing your love a good morning with a kiss, and this message is proof.


She won’t be expecting that and it is a pretty darn funny way to kick off communications this morning! Just be sure that you can handle a similar jab that will no doubt be made!


If there ever was an endearing message to send to your beloved first thing in the morning then this good morning love sms must be it. They’ll stammer, they’ll blush and it’ll take some time before you get a reply.


That’s right, let them know that they are not only on your mind as you fall asleep, but also when you are asleep, and of course in the morning after you wake up too.


The message, of course, is that now your reality is better than even the sweetest dreams, and isn’t that just the perfect thing to say to your lover first thing in the morning?


Tell it like it is, and give your beloved an ego boost that they perhaps don’t need, but fully deserve! It’ll make the rest of their day for sure.


Nothing like invoking a bit of fairy tale when it comes to your good morning love sms. Disney and the morning seem to go hand-in-hand… Now go see what your Sleeping Beauty has to say about being woken up from her deep slumber.


Beware, this might backfire as your beloved demands that you be there the next morning to kiss them as the idea that they should kiss themselves for you is more than absurd!


There’s a fine line between confidence and cockiness and you’re just about toeing it with this SMS. Still, if you don’t mind living dangerously then by all means send your love this good morning love sms.


Because your love is a blanket hog, isn’t that right? Well, you’re just letting them know that you still love them despite these glaring faults.


Translation: Thank you for existing, for being you and for being mine. Now get off your lazy ass and call me soon! I miss you!


Elicit a long “awwwwww” from your partner in crime and let them know just how you feel about their presence in your life with this excellent good morning love SMS.


No soppy undertones to this one. Sometimes being demanding is the best way to be when you need your love to get in touch with you quick, and this good morning love sms sends that message loud and clear.

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So get to it fast, am I right? And make sure to include plenty of hugs and kisses as well. Or else…


An immature and petulant message to your love is often the best way to start your morning, even if he or she happens to disagree. There’s nothing like the threat of being completely unproductive as blackmail for getting prompt hugs and kisses, and we all need more of those, don’t we?


It’s mighty annoying to be mothered by your beloved in the morning, especially when the jokes are so poor. However, just one day without such a good morning love sms and we realise just how cute and endearing the messages really were.


Philosophy is made much more interesting with the presence of love and affection!


Nothing like a bit of morning sympathy to start off your day, just be sure to not overdo it. Every once in a while however, it’s nice to be attacked by the flurry of kisses that will be elicited by such a good morning love sms.


A little self serving but still sincere, texting your beloved is just a part of your calculated routine. Nothing much to say!


You might not even get a reply, but you can be sure that you will have made a lasting impression in the mind of your love that very morning. This is the kind of good morning love sms that can have far reaching consequences way after you have sent it.


This is one of those messages that you end up sending at five in the morning when you suddenly find yourself awake and sweating. And the feeling of getting that unexpected reply might be one of the greatest feelings in the world!


This is not a message to be taken lightly, both for the sender and the receiver. I mean, just look at the deep themes that are being tackled here… better than pancakes? You must truly be in love.


Hang on to your beloved by any and all means, eh? This is a most endearing good morning love sms to send and receive, and your love will surely adore it.


And this good morning love sms will surely brighten their day as well!


That’s right, tease them and leave them hot and bothered for the rest of the day because you’re cruel like that!

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A wonderful thought to share first thing in the morning; something your love will read and smile about for the rest of the day.


Make them squeal a little with delight every time they read this good morning love sms and be sure that they’ll read it more than once through the course of the day.


You’re already committed and helpless. Sure you’re vulnerable but it is that vulnerability that makes everything so much more special and memorable for the both of you.


This is simply one of the best good morning love sms you can send your love. Just be sure you have the time to describe this dream in excruciating detail afterwards!

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