12 Of The Best Good Afternoon Love SMS To Send Your Special Someone

By Aditya Vachaspati G B KAditya Vachaspati G B K  • 

So you’re in love. You’ve found your Cary Grant or Audrey Hepburn. You can’t get enough of each other. 24 hours in a day? Too less! You can’t sleep coz you’re spending every wakeful moment in their thought. You can’t eat coz all you want to have is him or her. You can’t think coz your mind is filled with them. You close your eyes, you see them. You open your eyes, you want to see them. No morning is complete without kissing them. No night is full without embracing them. What about the afternoon’s though? Well, you know what they say. “A kiss in the morning, a message at noon, a hug in the night will keep you warm, cosy and tight”. Now, you take care of the morning kiss and the tight hug at night and let us take care of your afternoon needs with these 12 amazing good afternoon love sms messages.


Perfectly personified! Oxygen is to the brain what love is to the heart. You need it, you want it, and you can’t live without it.


The message speaks a thousand words. So, all I can say is Good Afternoon or should I? Coz I’m confused. If you’re greatest weakness makes you the strongest person, doesn’t your strongest quality make you the weakest person? I guess we can argue but at the end of the day, all we can say is, ‘love at its best is awesome and at its worst just simply sucks.’ Right?

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Whoever wrote this lovely message is a sure shot optimist. Looking at life for all the good things the future holds. Always looking at the glass as half full! Way to go my friend. Way to live life. Never give up. Never lose hope or faith or whatever her name is.


Dude, have you heard the term long distance relationship? I thought so. Try working it out and get back to us. You won’t. Challenge accepted!


Now, that’s just cute. Only lovers can call each other dumbo and get away with it. They’re actually the only ones who’ll even think of using the words ‘limbo’ and ‘dumbo’ in the same line.

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That’s love my friend. Love makes all kinds of dreams come true until it bites you in the *** and you wake up. So, don’t wait too long. Don’t sleep on it. Wake up when the alarm rings.


Nice thought. A very nice saying and an even better way of saying don’t leave me. If you do, you’re going to lose the best of you. Very subtle!


Dude! She’s already yours. Stop with the flirting and the cheesy one liner’s. But hey, it’s the flirting and the cheesy one liner’s that got you to where you are in the relationship. Don’t forget it. Keep the lanterns of love burning or you might have to find someone else to use the same lines on. Even worse, you might be burned and black listed.


Ahem! Confidence is a great quality to have but I think she’s going to kill you if you let her down after a build up like this one. Nice line though. But not everyone can pull it off, can they?


Now, that’s inspired. This person has the rhyme and rhythm of a poet, the imagination of an artist and the inspiration of a loved one. The question is, can such a pretty picture be painted?


That’s just awesome. If that’s what arrives in your message box, once thing is straight you are a darn good kisser. Hats off!


Wow. I like this girl. I mean, who wouldn’t? She’s got the confidence. And you know what you should be writing back- right? Honey, you’re the most beautiful girl in the world.

P.S: “Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder”. Now, remember that.

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