7 Gold Wedding Rings For Men To Cherish

Gold is the standard metal picked for buying wedding rings for men. And why not? Its soft yellow hue, purity and lustre will make any girl want to buy it for her man. A wedding ring is more than an accessory to women. But men being men, if they are not comfortable wearing a ring or don’t like the way it looks, they will of course not wear it forever. Men today have become so picky and choosey. Don’t worry. We have carefully picked out seven gold wedding rings for men that they would love to wear!

1. Two-Tone Ring


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A two-tone wedding ring is made of two types of gold — yellow gold and white gold. This combination is very popular. This gold wedding ring for men is composed of metal bands embedded with diamonds. They look very contemporary and not at all flashy. Your man would never take it off as it is simple to look, and comfortable to wear.

2. Engraved Rings


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Within men’s gold wedding rings, engraved wedding rings are a growing trend in the country today. Indian brides like to engrave their initials or a short message in the ring that they buy for their man. These rings look simple, modern, and your man will absolutely love it if there’s a personal message engraved in it. Choose from the metals of your choice — White gold, titanium, rose gold or gold. Our choice is hand engraved rose gold and yellow gold ring. It looks very simple, yet very opulent. Not all men like a flashy diamond on their ring.

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3. Woven Wedding Rings

Woven wedding ring

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Depending on your budget, you can go for two-toned gold ring in which one of the metals is woven into a braid and put in the centre around the ring. You can either go for all yellow gold or yellow gold and rose/white gold.

4. Idols Sculpted Rings

Idols Sculpted Rings

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If your fiancé is a religious person, then you always have an option of picking a gold ring for him in which the idol of Lord Ganesha is sculpted. To make it look a little flashy, you can have a circle of diamonds around the idol. This ring looks very traditional and also symbolizes good luck and happiness for new beginnings, and is one of the best gold wedding rings for men.

5. Diamond Rings


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Diamond is just not for you ladies only. Men have grown a liking for this precious stone. Let the band of the gold ring look like the band of a metal watch, and choose to either go for one big stone embedded in the centre or nine little diamonds embedded in the shape of a square. Don’t overdo it by adding diamonds on the sides of the bands. Keep it simple and a little masculine, like a men’s gold wedding ring should be!

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6. Infinity Rings


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Although this concept of infinity ring hails from Turkey, but its meaning of faithfulness and eternal love has crossed seven oceans and have pleased many Indian men and women. This ring looks like several rings are connected and interwoven together (in the shape of 8). A simple infinity ring in yellow gold looks very chic and fashionable. It will not only be symbolic to your true love, but your man will also love to wear it everywhere he goes.

7. White Gold Wedding Rings For Men


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Not all men love the soft yellow hue of gold. You can go for any of the above designs in white gold. Even make it a little flashy with a diamond or two. White gold is shiny and looks very classy. And your man will love to wear it to work or even for his boy’s night out.