15 Gold Engagement Rings For Men That Are Absolutely Unique

There are a zillion new metals, alloys and other materials that are being used to make modern jewellery today, but nothing has ever come close to the appeal, the glamor and the elegance that gold holds. So if you are a fan of gold, and wish to have a golden ring for your engagement, we have a list that is tailor-made just for you. Here are 15 of the finest modern interpretations of Gold engagement rings for men.

Beautiful Engagement Rings For Men In Gold

1. The Sand Blasted Mountain Gold Engagement Ring

A very solid, 14 kt gold engagement ring for men that is 10.8 mm wide and features a unique sandblasted rock texture that goes all the way around the ring. The irregular shape of the rock texture is inspired by a mountain range and gives this engagement ring a very bold look. It weighs 15 grams and can be made to a custom size, though it is readily available in size 12, the most popular size for men’s engagement rings.

2. The Phantom Gold And Diamond Engagement Ring

An 8+ mm wide Phantom inspired engagement ring with three rows of studded diamonds and two rows of black inlay work that make this piece of jewelry an awesome piece of art work. A ring that will get you noticed on your big day.

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3. The Rose Gold Engagement Ring With Koa Wood Inlay

An awesome engagement ring that is a fine blend of rose gold and aged virgin koa wood. This is an 8mm wide barrel shaped engagement ring with a brilliant koa wood inlay encased in pink hued gold paneling. A stunning engagement ring that is a culmination of contrasting materials and textures, something a stylish groom-to-be will love to wear.

4. The Double Groove Machine Finished Rose Gold Engagement Ring

A simplistically styled double groove, machine finished and high-gloss polished men’s engagement ring in rose gold. In recent times, rose gold which was only used for women’s jewellery is finding its way into men’s ornamental jewellery and styling accessories. An elegant wedding engagement ring option for a groom who wishes to try something different than the regular hues (yellow/white) of gold and other precious metals.

5. The Weathered Gold Rustic Engagement Ring

A beautifully weathered, 18 kt dark gold engagement ring by Metalsmiths. Something grungy, rustic and off-beat. A ring you can consider if you aren’t a fan of the high-gloss, smooth-finish engagement ring options available in the market.

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Charming Engagement Gold Rings For Men

6. The Metal Fusion Engagement Ring

A modern looking engagement ring that is a layered fusion of yellow gold, titanium and white gold. A ring that is unique and minimalistic in its design. Something a modern groom will love.

7. The Diamond Encrusted Versace Gold Engagement Ring

Versace is known for its style and finesse. This Versace branded 18 kt gold engagement ring for men is encrusted with diamonds and a captivating design. A perfect engagement ring for the brand conscious groom-to-be.

8. The Stauer Draco Engagement Ring

A stunning Stauer Draco engagement ring with a beautiful 14 kt gold motif all round. A striking piece of jewellery that will get you noticed on the biggest day of your life.

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9. The Hand Forged Vintage Rose Gold Engagement Ring

A very minimalistic 14 kt rose gold and sterling silver hand forged engagement ring that is 6 mm wide, with a curved outer surface giving it a very vintage aura. A ring that is off-beat and unique.

10. The Cartier Curb Link Vintage Engagement Ring

Cartier is one of the most iconic jewellers in the world. This is a pure gold, curb link vintage engagement ring from their hugely popular Paris range of jewellery. A ring that is a perfect blend of style and sophistication, something a brand conscious groom will truly appreciate.

Classy Engagement Rings For Men In Gold

11. The Aramis Diamond Engagement Ring

The Aramis diamond wedding ring with channel-set diamonds that are sandwiched between two machine polished bands of white and yellow gold. This is an engagement ring by Monroe Yorke Jewelers.

12. The Gemvara Infinity Rose Gold Engagement Ring

A 14 kt rose gold, infinity design engagement ring from the house of Gemvara. A beautiful gold engagement ring for men that is a symbolic expression of infinite love. A ring that will find many takers, and due to its unisex appeal, a to-be-wed couple can share a matching pair of this infinity engagement ring.

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13. The Celtic Eternity Knot Engagement Ring

A unique Celtic inspired infinity knot engagement ring with encrusted diamonds. A ring that is very elaborate, with its intricate infinity knot and encrusted diamond work below. A very gorgeously gleaming engagement ring for the handsome groom-to-be.

14. A Nature Inspired Diamond Engagement Ring

A subtly styled nature inspired rose gold engagement ring with a single diamond stud and a small engraved tree motif on its exterior. A machine finished matte textured engagement ring for men in gold, this has an extraordinary appeal.

15. The Classic Gold Engagement Ring

A semi-polished, classic half-rounded men’s wedding ring. The subtle difference being, the lesser amount of polish and the yellow gold used in its making, this ring has been blended with a small percentage of rose gold to give a not-so-flashy, yet gleaming finish. A classic 5mm x 1.5mm sized gold engagement ring for men with a subtle difference in its color and feel.

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