8 Novel Global Trends To Include In Your Wedding

Still using an iPhone? Or have you moved on to the iWatch? We’re sure you have. It’s the same with wedding trends. What was cool yesterday isn’t going to be cool tomorrow or for that matter today. In today’s world, things change at a rapid pace and we as a human race need to keep up the pace or we’ll be yesterday’s news. So, here are some global wedding trends to incorporate in your wedding; trends that’ll make sure that your wedding won’t be yesterday’s news.

1. Drone Photography

Cameramen are old news. In today’s world, you want a bird’s eye view of everything and we all know that a photograph from the top always gives you a more complete picture. So, equip some drones with a camera at your wedding and let them fly high. You’ll get some stunning shots.

2. Intimate Weddings

Gone are the days when you would invite a thousand guests for the wedding and a couple of thousand more for the reception. Keep it small. Keep it intimate. Close friends and immediate family will make your wedding worthwhile.

3. Do Some Good


Image: Shutterstock

Don’t spend a million bucks on a grand reception. Instead, sponsor a kid or ten. Be someone who’s going to make a difference in the world. You’ll be remembered for a long time.

4. Wedding Favours

Bridesmaids? You don’t need them to tie butterfly knots on wedding favours. Enlist the services of a wedding planner.

5. Music


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Out with a DJ mix, in with a live DJ mix. Expand your options when it comes to music. Make your wedding more fun.

6. Bridal Jumpsuits

Out with the new, in with the old. Who’d have ever thought that bridal jumpsuits would be a fashion statement? Well, they are. So try them out. You never know, you might be setting a trend.

7. Unexpected Venues



Surprise your guests. Tell them that you’ll arrange transport to the venue. Take them somewhere breathtaking and sweep them off their feet.

8. Bring Back The Old


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Make a grand entrance. Use plenty of white. Have a champagne tower. Have your honeymoon car waiting right outside so that you can drive off into the sunset right after you tie the knot. Make a grand exit. Bring back the old, add something new, make a statement, make a donation. The point is, do something different. And have a great wedding.

Happy New Year!