9 Glitter Mehndi Designs That Promise You Shall Shine

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Glitter mehndi is the new henna art that has become popular in the recent times. Adding shiny and sparkling colours to beautiful brown mehndi designs makes them extremely attractive and alluring. The glitter makes the mehndi stand out and hence there is no surprise why it is becoming so popular. These designs are usually loud, elaborate and can be full of bling.These designs are same like the other mehndi designs but the addition of glitter drives all the attention towards them. The glitter adds sparkle to this body adornment and makes it look stunning. Have a look at our nine best glitter mehndi designs and choose your favourite.

1. Purple And Gold Henna

Sparkly purple and golden flowers adorning the top of your hand look marvelous with the black henna design. You can make this a little less loud by increasing the space between the design, and by reducing the length slightly. It will allow your skin to be revealed, which will in turn make the design a little less elaborate.

2. Blue And Green Henna

The combination of green and blue glitter usually looks beautiful when we have a peacock design. Peacocks are the most common birds used for mehndi design, they are considered holy and can be designed intricately on palms and forehand. Green and blue sparkles beautify the whole appearance of the mehndi and make it simply alluring.

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3. Black And Red Henna

This is a simple abstract design with black henna and glitter beads. These beads look very pretty and make the design a lot more feminine. The pattern is less complex and one can flaunt it on many occasions. The simplicity of the design makes the design one of a kind.

4. White Henna

Whenever we think of mehndi, we usually think of a deep brown and black colour. But off late henna artisans have chosen white for colour palette. It glitters beautifully and gives a shimmering look. In the dark, it tends to glow like other neon colours and shine to glory. White mehndi is modernized Indian art and its intricate designs can make it look out of the world.

5. Brown And Beads Henna

Arabic mehndi with a little glitter is the new design trending in henna art. These designs look spectacular with those glitter beads. The design gets an extra oomph in its whole appearance with the beads and the shimmer. Most bride nowadays opt for these designs, as they stand out compared to the old traditional mehndi pattern.

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6. Golden Henna

Metallic colour mehndi is something no woman would have imagined to ever come across. Mehndi has been always stereotyped to be of brown and black colour. But this golden mehndi breaks all stereotypes. Such a magnificent colour to have a mehndi design in. When opting for metallic colours, one should avoid intricate designs. These designs look better if they are broad; otherwise they may turn out to look shabby. Go gold and get glamorous!

7. Green And Gold Henna

Mehndi designs for feet is an age old tradition. Adding glitter to it adds more charm and beautifies the design. This is an ankle design made with black henna and glitters. This design is simple yet very sophisticated. One should keep the design minimal whenever they are applying mehndi to the feet. Loud designs make the mehndi look untidy. So opt for a simple and broad design.

8. Pink And Silver Henna

Most glitter designs are elaborate and well spaced. The reason behind this is the glitter filling between the designs. Use of beads with glitter compliments the design and makes the design look gorgeous. Silver and Pink in this mehndi design is such a beautiful combination to look at. So ensure you have spaces in the design, to do the glitter filling.

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9. Black And Purple Henna

This is a beautiful bridal mehndi design you can choose for your wedding. This design, though being so intricate looks stunning with the minimal glitter in it. Purple glitter makes the mehndi prettier – we say, a must try for all the girls.

Well now that you have a variety to choose from, I am sure these mehndi designs will add that shine and shimmer you are looking for.

Got some more interesting mehndi designs, share it in the comments section below.

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