10 Glamorous Gold Wedding Decorations To Dazzle Your Guests

Gold is surely one of the finest and most vibrant of colours, and gold wedding decoration is an excellent choice for your wedding decor! The colour gold represents divinity, majesty, prosperity and wealth. For centuries gold has be used for religious functions and traditional festivities – so much so that it has now become a symbol of celebrations and prosperity. Did you know that initially, gold was popular because it was bright and pleasing, a colour that could reflect and radiate light – back in the day when there was no electricity. The fact that it was a rare metal made it even more exclusive and a symbol of opulence. Well, now that you know why gold is a good choice for your wedding decor, let us now have a look at some of the interesting gold wedding decorations ideas that you could consider to make your wedding glitzy and glamorous.

1. Gold Everywhere

 Glamorous Gold Wedding Decorations 1

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One of the simplest ways for glitzy gold wedding decoration ideas, that stays true to the theme – gold everywhere! You could have gold plates, gold centrepieces, table cloths, seats, ceiling and even the lighting in gold. It’s as golden as you can get with your decor. A wedding decor theme that is colourful, glossy and definitely eye catching.

2. The Golden Bouquet


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You could have a gorgeous grouping of phalaenopsis orchids and garden roses, yellow tree peonies, blurry bunny tails, and millinery flowers for your bouquet. A stunning mishmash of flowers that feel like it has just been plucked from the field of dreams. The final touch of class is the golden satin ribbon that ties it all together. This is one of the gold wedding decorations that never looks to gaudy, but always classy.

3. Mesmerising Mercury Glass Candle Votives

 Glamorous Gold Wedding Decorations 3

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Gold wedding decoration isn’t just confined to flowers – mercury glass candle votives are an extremely beautiful and inimitable way to add elegance and a bit of glamour to your wedding. These mercury glass candle votives have so many uses, even after the wedding. It could even be a stunning addition to your home decor, once you’re done with the celebrations or could double up as giveaways to close friends.

4. Gold Centerpieces

Gold Centerpieces

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You can include these beautiful gold centerpieces for the guests at the table. You can add a personal touch by adding a picture or a personal message too.

5. Seating Cards In Gold

Seating Cards In Gold

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This is actually a DIY idea that you could use for your wedding. Manzanita branches attached with berry clusters are hand sprayed with gold colour and hung from ribbons. Threaded over these branches are wide ochre ribbons that hold the seating cards. The contrasting gold ribbon put in place with everyday-use fabric glue.

6. Mr And Mrs Golden Chair Signs

Mr And Mrs Golden Chair Signs

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These Mr and Mrs signs in gold are the perfect finishing touch to your gold themed wedding decor. They would also make a gorgeous prop for photos of your special day with family and friends in tow!

7. The Branch Centrepiece In Gold

Branch Centrepiece In Gold

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You wouldn’t want to gild the lily, but how about trying a leafy branch? It is a decor theme that takes the idea to another level. “Gold can add glamour, but it’s easy to go over the top with it,” says Matthew Robbins, the designer who created this stunning arrangement you see in the picture here. Decadent, yet simple centerpieces that will make your guests gleam.

8. Gold Wedding Escort Cards by Latte Decor

Gold Wedding Escort Cards by Latte Decor

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Here is another innovative idea in gold. You could have succulent escort card holders that have been spray painted in gold. This decor idea has been designed and executed by Latte Decor. An idea that is a perfect DIY project.

9. Handmade Gorgeous Glittery Gold Mason Jars

Handmade Gorgeous Glittery Gold Mason Jars

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Another DIY gold wedding decorations idea that is well worth the effort. You could pick up mason jars from the store down the street and hand paint them in gold. You could use metallic hues of gold and add a bit of sparkles to dazzle your guests. Shimmering gold centerpieces that complement the golden theme of your wedding brilliantly.

10. The Vintage Gold “Great Gatsby” Bottles

The Vintage Gold “Great Gatsby” Bottles

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You could spray paint the champagne and wine bottles at your wedding to give them the art deco, roaring twenties vintage “Great Gatsby” theme. A very popular DIY idea from the late 70s and 80s. Something you could consider having – as it completes the gold theme at your wedding.