Top 15 International Girl Names From Around The World

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Baby names are not restricted to a language or country. Some names turn out to be famous globally, loved by parents all over the world. So if you are looking for inspiration for global baby names, check out the list below. From Irish to English, we have rounded 15 of the best international girl names from around the world.

Best Baby Girl Names From Around The World:

1. Sophia:

Popping in Canada, Germany, and Malaysia, the name Sophia has gained acceptance with parents all over the world. It has been one of the top 50 names for girls in the UK for the past one decade, and the popularity is increasing with every passing year. Its variation Sofia is also doing quite well and it is one of the best baby girl name in the world.

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2. Emma:

This English name derived from an old German word meaning ‘universal’ has been famous since the 19th century. There are plenty well-known Emmas too – actresses Emma Watson and Emma Stone, and the titular character in Jane Austen’s novel Emma.

3. Ashling:

Irish baby names have a melodic ring and unique quality, but can be a tad tricky as they are spelled in different ways, most of which are unfamiliar to English-speaking people. Ashling does not have any spelling variation. Its meaning is also beautiful as it means ‘vision or dream’. The name was a part of the authentic Irish revival names in the 20th century and is being used sparingly by the US parents.

4. Mia:

Short and sweet baby girl names have been trending since the year 2014. One of the most famous short baby girl names on the international scene is Mia. Mia is the Scandinavian word for Maria or Mary and means ‘mine’. It has been riding on the wave of popularity since 2001 and even climbed from top 50 to top 20 in 2013.

5. Charlotte:

Charlotte, the feminine form of the name Charles, made it to the top names in 2015, even before Kate Middleton and Prince William named their daughter. Charlotte has some literary ties, royal roots, and pop culture influences, to fit a variety of personalities. If your child is a tomboy, you can call her Charlie.

6. Lily:

Lily is a name inspired by the classic flower. The term ‘lily’ comes from the Middle English lilie and Latin lilium. It may have declined in popularity over the last decade, but still has its position firm in the top 50 names for baby girls. Lily is a favorite with celebs too! Kate Beckinsale, Fred Savage, Chris O’Donnell and Vanessa Paradis chose it for their daughters.

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7. Chloe:

The name Chloe has been a firm favorite throughout the decade. In fact, it was the 11th most popular girl’s name in the world. Chloe is particularly popular in Ireland, the UK, Australia and the US. The name comes from a Greek word Khloe, which means ‘green shoot of a flower or plant’. Chloe is also the name of the Greek goddess of agriculture.

8. Adela:

From the romantic Seine River to the Eiffel Tower in Paris, France is all about fascination and French names are no different. One such name is Adela. Adela exudes poise, confidence, and determination. It sounds more feminine than its original form Adele. The meaning of Adela is ‘good humor’. Most popular namesake? Adela Quested from EM Foster’s ‘A Passage to India’.

9. Catalina:

Spanish names are easy to spell and sound extremely exotic and mysterious. Most of these world’s best baby girl names are rich in meaning too. Catalina is a stylish variation of the overused Caitlin and the classic Catherine. It has risen over 310 spots in the past five years to number 365. The meaning of Catalina is ‘pure’. Catalina is also the name of one of the most visited islands in Los Angeles. If you want a trendier spelling, you can go for Katalina.

10. Emily:

Whether you wish to raise a drama queen or an accomplished poet, Emily would just fit right. Emily is short and easy to spell, but these are not the reasons it skyrocketed from number 20 to number 1 in just a decade. This name will never go completely out of style. It did go out of fashion in the recent years, but do not expect it to disappear anytime soon.

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11. Olivia:

Pacifists and foodies are not the only ones who will love this olive-inspired name. What makes this Latin name popular is its versatility. Olivia could be a pink-obsessed girl or a tomboy. It did fall a few spots, but that in no way means this classic name is no longer popular. It sounds worldly and sophisticated and makes most of the people think instantly about actress Olivia Munn.

12. Isabella:

Hailing from Italy, Isabella has a European flair to it. It feels both modern and traditional and sounds way more romantic and feminine than Isabel. Isabella is also a name with old Hollywood flair, with Isabella Rossellini being its most famous bearer. You have two different nicknames, Izzy, and Bella.

13. Aadhya:

In India, religion is a primary inspiration for names. Who doesn’t want their little girl to be inspired by the wisdom of Goddess Saraswati or the courage and strength of Goddess Durga? Aadhya, a name of Goddess Durga, is one of the top Hindu names in India. It claimed the top spot in 2014, climbing two spots from the third position in 2013.

14. Frieda:

With over 23% Americans said to be having German roots, parents tapping their heritage to find meaningful names. Frieda is a feminine form of Frederick. The most famous bearer of this name is Frieda Lawrence, the German wife of writer DH Lawrence. You can even accredit Frida Kahlo, the American painter for its revival. Fritzi would make the best nickname for it.

15. Giulia:

Italian names are timeless and classic, making them perfect for your girl. Giulia is the number one baby girl name according to the National Institute of Statistics. It has also been adopted by modern American parents, including actress Debi Mazar. The meaning of this lovely name is ‘youthful’.

We hope you liked our compilation of the best international girl names in the world. Which is your favorite name from the list? Tell us by commenting below!

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