Sponsored: The Unique Gift Of Travel For The Couple Who Thrives On Wanderlust

The Unique Gift Of Travel For The Couple Who Thrives On Wanderlust

Big fat Indian weddings demand the perfect gift for the bride and the groom as nothing can express your love better than a thoughtfully curated gift. Be it your son, daughter, or favorite nephew/niece, planning the perfect gift for your loved one’s wedding demands a lot of contemplation and research. This is why we are here to make your job a little easier. Why get two separate gifts for the bride and the groom when you can get them something they can both use? Wondering what this gift can be that will easily certify you as the best gift planner in town? Well, it is the gift of travel. Give your loved ones the opportunity to spend time together, in beautiful locales, at amazing resorts, doing what they truly want to do. After all, what can be more precious than the joys of making new memories together?

Thinking where to start the search for the perfect holiday voucher? Club Mahindra GoZest Membership can be your best bet. With the option of this membership, selecting the perfect wedding gift for your loved one gets easier than you imagine! Read on to know more!

Club Mahindra GoZest Membership: What is it exactly?

There is nothing better than the Club Mahindra GoZest membership, a unique holiday membership for creating memorable moments. Weddings are lovely, but the option of a honeymoon in an offbeat location makes them lovelier. Leveraging the maximum fun out of the exciting vacations that come under this membership and that too for three years in a row sounds like a dream, doesn’t it? Well, we are happy to inform you that Club Mahindra GoZest membership is here to fulfill your dream! You can get your loved ones this exclusive 3-year holiday and lifestyle privileges membership as a wonderful start to their life together.

What does the membership comprise?

Three years of magical holidays, experiences and more….


No, this is not a pipe dream! The newlywed couple can indulge in 7-9 days of vacation extravagance every year for 3 years in a row, which will stay with them as a magical memory for years to come. Could there be a perfect wedding gift? This membership also covers exclusive offers on their partner hotels and cruises.

membership types:

GoZest Classic: Under this membership, 525 GoZest points will get credited to the GoZest Wallet every year. These points can be redeemed to vacay every year for 3 years (for up to 7 days) at any Club Mahindra resort across India.

GoZest Premium: Under this membership, 675 GoZest points will get credited to the GoZest Wallet annually. These points can be utilized to vacay every year for 3 years (for up to 9 days) at any Club Mahindra managed and affiliate resort in India and abroad. You also get a 1-week complimentary international holiday in Asia with RCI and access to 5 international Club Mahindra resorts.



Some couples like mountaineering, some prefer scuba diving, some others want to indulge in romantic experiences like a private dinner by a pool or a beach, while some just want to go on long hikes enjoying the marvels of nature. Wherever their preferences lie, Club Mahindra GoZest membership has something for everyone. It offers more than 2000+ magical experiences and adventure activities at the resorts, as well as outside, to choose from. For the adventurous couple, this is nothing less than their dream holiday experience!!


Club M Select Membership offers you excellent discounts and offers on unique in-city experiences, such as scuba diving, yacht sailing, rejuvenating spa therapies, fine dining, and more. After the hustle and bustle of the wedding, these activities allow the newlywed couple to relax, unwind, and know each other.

Why should you opt for this membership?

  • A big proof Club Mahindra membership is the extended access to a bunch of amazing places as they have resorts in almost every popular and stunning offbeat destination. The comfortable and cozy accommodations, adventure activities, and enticing dining options are part of Club Mahindra’s signature hospitality. It sounds like an ideal gift option, doesn’t it?
  • Club Mahindra GoZest Membership is as flexible as it can get. If you have just four days to spare and want to carry forward the remaining three days to your next trip, you can avail that choice. Want to split your one-year vacation quota to indulge in mini-vacations twice a year? GoZest lets you do that as well! What more could you ask for!
  • Another thing about GoZest Memberships – it is totally value for your money. With this membership, you can avail of a membership of one big holiday each year as and when you please. Club M Select Membership offers a plethora of unique experiences and perks. From amazing resorts to exquisite adventure activities, help your loved ones unlock their door to a perfect holiday!!

Why should you opt for this package

Weddings are a big deal and you can make it even more special by giving the couple something they can enjoy together. Travel is rejuvenating and if they start their journey together by holidaying at a place that is away from the hustle and bustle of city life, they will definitely have opportunities to make the start of their special journey even more special! So what are you waiting for? Get your special people the special gift of travel!

Happy Gifting!