Sponsored - Gift A Newlywed Couple A Gift Of Love And Travel: The Club Mahindra GoZest Membership

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Congratulations! The day that you dreamt of for your child is finally here. In just a few days, she/he will take the vows and embark on a new life.

To see your child well-settled in life, not only financially but also with a person who you know will love them as much as you loved them, is every parent’s dream come true. You have probably been visualizing, planning, and saving for this day, maybe for years. And now that this day has come, you want to give your child something memorable, which will stay in their hearts forever.

But what can you give them? Traditional gifts like jewelry and artifacts or conventional gifts like appliances, smartwatches, etc. You know, they will appreciate anything that you give them. But what if you could give them something that would help them spend some amazing time with their partners and create beautiful memories?

Yes, why not give them a holiday? In India, traditionally, most parents do sponsor a honeymoon for their children. It helps the couple start on a new journey while discovering each other in a more unique way.

why not give them a holiday

Here are a few reasons as to why honeymoons/holidays are a beautiful gift for a newlywed couple:

Helps them know each other:

When you have no other chores to attend to, no other obligations to fulfill, or no work stress, it is the best way to discover each other. Add to that a beautiful locale, and the scene is practically set for the newlyweds to relish the attention and charm of their partners.

Lets them celebrate:

Yes, the wedding celebrations were there. But what about celebrating love in their own unique way? Showing small gestures of care and concern for each other or planning small surprises, holidays are a beautiful way for a newlywed couple to open up to each other and celebrate this new beginning of their lives.

Lets them explore:

They explore new places and a new life through each other. Even if they have known each other before, now they get to know each other as partners for life.

Helps them express love:

Of course, one can express love anywhere. But when on a holiday, one can express love, care, and concern for each other in a much-relaxed way without any external influence. Also, the atmosphere, ambiance, new place, and joys all add to completing the experience beautifully.

Benefits and Privileges of Club Mahindra’s GoZest Membership

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So, a honeymoon or holidays after a wedding are much required for the newlywed couple to get to know each other better and more importantly create memories that will last for a lifetime. But ever thought, what if you could give the newlyweds an opportunity to create beautiful memories over the next three years? Let’s say your  gift to them for their first and second anniversaries as well! But why is this important?

This is because, once the honeymoon is over, the couple quickly settles into their new routines and continues with daily work and chores. But by the time the year ends, they too feel the need for a break. After all, a year is a long time. It is then that your gift comes into the picture once again. Thanks to it, they can now plan a second honeymoon/ getaway to relive all the memories they had created during the first.

So, if you are not the kind who loves planning holidays and are not too sure what your children would like, or where they would want to go, you can give them the Club Mahindra GoZest Membership as a wedding present. The couple can use it to plan a 7-9 days vacation in a year across the country (or even abroad) for the next three years. From adventure trips to jungle safaris to pristine beaches, it has everything that they can choose from. Still not too sure? Read on to know why this Club Mahindra GoZest membership would make it a perfect gift for the newlywed couple:

  • You can enjoy holidays every year for 3 years, with up to 7-9 days each year of stay at Club Mahindra resorts!
  • You can choose from 70+  premium Club Mahindra Resorts in India and other Asian destinations like Bhutan, Phuket, Dubai, Singapore, Thailand, etc.
  • It offers the flexibility of planning short trips over weekends or longer ones at your convenience.
  • It includes 2000+ magical experiences and adventure activities
  • You can choose from exclusive offers that can be availed at partner hotels and cruises.
  • It has a flexible points-based system that gives you the option of topping up at any time.

And the best part? Club Mahindra offers several financing options which help you make the perfect choice without burning a hole in your pocket! So go ahead and give your child this beautiful wedding gift that they’ll remember for years to come!